Upcoming Ninth Season of 'The Office' Will Be Its Last; Series Finale to Air in May

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August 21st, 2012

The Office creator Greg Daniels announced, during a conference call with journalists,  that the show's upcoming ninth season will be its last. The series finale will air in May. We will publish more details as they become available.

  • kill00

    Thats too bad. Its a great show and i will missit but i hope that the spinoff with dwight will be cool and sucsesful

  • bBop

    kinda glad, i think it’s time and i hope they get steve carrell back in some capacity for the final few episodes

  • rob60990

    Surprise they’re announcing it so soon but it does need to end.

  • Greg

    Thank God!

  • Fischer

    Makes sense why the gal in Office left show to star in her own. “The Mindy Project”

  • Jeff (Canada)

    It’s time. I think the world, and the cast, are ready to move on.

  • Magnitude

    Praise Lilith !

  • Allen

    I’m sad that it leaving, but I also realize that it’s time. No need to stretch in for more seasons.

  • SJ

    Well it’s time. NBC better hope one of the new shows can take the ratings reins or they’re screwed. Not that The Office is what it once was, though…

    So with 30 Rock and The Office officially ending this season and Community sent off to die on Fridays, it looks like Parks and Rec is the only “old school” NBC comedy that has a chance to make it out of next upfronts alive, when it will probably be sent to Fridays for a short wrap-up season.

  • Tom

    Makes sense – there’s no indication the show’s ratings will suddenly rebound enough to cover the increasing budget of future seasons, and it avoids a zombie season with a mostly swapped cast.

    The real question is what takes the timeslot in 13/14. I have a hard time imagining Parks gains enough permanent audience to warrant that slot, so what does that leave? The Michael J Fox project? The Dwight spinoff? Yeesh.

  • Alex

    Not a huge surprise in the grand scheme of things. And the timing feels right.

    The decision to go all out and get the new Michael J Fox show makes more sense now as well. Clearly they knew they’d need a new comedy flagship for 2013-2014.

  • Jim

    Well i guess NBC is now betting Comedy night on Michael J. Fox

  • Name

    It just makes sense. I can understand them trying to continue it without Carrell (even if it did suck afterward) but with a ton of other people expected to leave after this season, and with Dwight’s spinoff, there’s no way they could really continue it without a complete reboot. I wasn’t really planning on watching this season, but I’ll do so now.

  • Sam

    I love the show, but it’s time. Season 8 was pretty lousy, and 6 and 7 weren’t as strong as the previous five. Still one of my Top 10 sitcoms of all time (maybe even Top 5), but the last few seasons have knocked it down some pegs for me.

    I really hope the Michael J. Fox sitcom is a quality, single-cam, no laugh track sitcom, and not something derivative and conventional like all of CBS’s sitcoms. Fox would’ve been great on Arrested Development as Michael Bluth had Jason Bateman turned down the role. I’m pulling for him.

  • Nick

    Oh, thank the TV gods. This is the worst show on TV.

  • joel

    At least two seasons too late.

    It’s not all about MJF. There are other sitcoms NBC is counting heavily on, like 1600 Penn and 1313 Mockingbird Lane, plus Go On and AP look promising, but Parks & Rec is well positioned to take over the Thursday anchor position after this season anyway.

  • Monkey Man

    Thank god! This show was terrible’

  • Networkman

    I guess it is time to clean house. With The Office and 30 Rock ending, NBC is really hoping one of their new comedies hit. Airing after The Voice, Go On has the most chance of becoming a moderate success. I don’t see Up All Night sticking around after season 2. NBC loves Amy Poehler but are not to big on Community. Yet Parks & Rec can not stand on its own anchoring an entire night. So I can see the Micheal J. Fox show coming to Thursday followed by Go On. Maybe NBC will end comedies on Thursday night all together and put the Micheal J. Fox sitcom after The Voice.

  • Christian

    @joel Mockingbird Lane is not a sitcom.

  • joel

    @ Christian, a dramedy, perfect for the Thursday 10pm slot.

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