Upcoming Ninth Season of 'The Office' Will Be Its Last; Series Finale to Air in May

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August 21st, 2012

The Office creator Greg Daniels announced, during a conference call with journalists,  that the show's upcoming ninth season will be its last. The series finale will air in May. We will publish more details as they become available.

  • K

    Office started declining when Steve Carrell left. Then, they had to ruin what was left by adding characters that aren’t funny (lady boss in the warehouse, her boyfriend, ie). It should have ended last season.

  • K

    Office, 30 Rock and hopefully Community. Ridding the landscape of past their prime shows. Now, if only How I Met Your Mother can join the group

  • Walker

    ONE new comedy better have good ratings, or NBC’s screwed.

  • Tom

    Thank you baby Jesus

  • Nik

    NBC ,needs a new hit other than TO

  • Dan

    So 3 veterans ending this year, The Office, 30 Rock and likely Community. Wow looks like Parks and Recreation is left.

  • iggy

    8pm The Michael J. Fox Show
    8:30 The Show with the Monkey In It
    9pm Go On
    9:30 Up All Night
    10pm Rock Center


  • Justin


    The show with the monkey is Animal Practice, Which I see failing after about 10 episodes.

  • harsh reality

    Had a good run…but it’s time ran out years ago

    Jim and Pam officially killed this show

  • Freddy Arrow

    I appear to be the last person on earth that still enjoys The Office.

  • Hugh

    Reminded me of all the fantastic Michael Scott moments. When it’s over I may have to watch it all again.

  • Oliver

    NBC’s chronic shortage of shows gets worse. NBC’s new crop need to perform much better than their last couple of seasons given they need to replace their two established ending sitcoms, plus up to three other returning struggling sitcoms (Community, Up All Night, Whitney). It wouldn’t surprise me if NBC end up in a worse position in 2012-13 than 2011-12.

    This is also symbolic as it signals the end of the “Comedy Night Done Right” era, since 30 Rock and The Office were are the iconic anchor shows.

  • Even Steven

    What really annoys me is that once The Office is done, it will consist of 198 episodes. That’s two off 200! Why did it have to only get a 22 episode order instead of 24 like last season! I really hope that they will add on an additional 2 episodes, since it is the final season and NBC’s highest-rated scripted series, to close it out at an even 200.

    Seriously, they must make this right!

  • Networkman

    @Even Steven, I do agree that it would be stupid to end at 198 episodes. The Office is NBC’s highest rated comedy and should be rewarded with an additional 2 episodes to bring the count to 200. It is doing ok in syndication so why not add 2 more episodes to its count.

  • Networkman

    I love that viewers are made aware that this is the last season of The Office. Hopefully Law & Order:SVU gets the same treatment.I have a feeling that viewers will dwindle even more this year with it being back in the 9pm slot facing Criminal Minds, X-Factor and Modern Family. Also it is going to follow Guys with Kids with will not be that strong.

  • KevinY

    No surprise at all coming a day after they landed Michael J. Fox. I’d bet the house that the new MJF show goes into the 9 pm Thursday slot in 2013-2014.

    It is sad to see The Office ending though. I would’ve liked to see it go 10 seasons, a nice round number. It’s viewership decline can’t all be because of Carell leaving. NBC’s low-rated schedule as a whole really effected it. I thought the writing was still pretty strong this year. I would’ve liked to see more of Lindsey Broad (Pam’s replacement). Hopefully she’ll get a really good show of her own soon.

    And speaking of talent becoming available, the slate of actors that just became available for 2013-2014 pilots just opened up big! Krasinski, Fischer, Kinsey, Baumgartner, Robinson and more…

  • Kissan

    I also think it’s time to end. But I just have a problem with something: Why can’t they just give it a 10th season as well? At least a 13 episode 10th season. And when The Office is done it’s goin to end at 198 episodes. If it’s doin well in syndication and it’s NBC’s highest rated scripted show, why can’t they give it two more episodes to get it to 200 episodes?

  • Ryne

    At least The Office was a top ten show and was able to sustain very good ratings for a long period of time. What has Parks and Rec done to earn them the 9pm anchor spot? Maybe it has kind of a cult following but it has very sub-par ratings (and that is being kind) no matter where it has placed on the NBC schedule.

  • intexor

    The best and only good decision that could be made. But, it’s not an exit in grace that they could have had if they called it quits when Carrell left the show.

  • a p garcia

    It has really gone downhill so I am glad

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