Upcoming Ninth Season of 'The Office' Will Be Its Last; Series Finale to Air in May

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August 21st, 2012

The Office creator Greg Daniels announced, during a conference call with journalists,  that the show's upcoming ninth season will be its last. The series finale will air in May. We will publish more details as they become available.

  • Gregg

    The funniest episode they ever did was “Threat Level Midnight”; absolutely hilarious!

    I also liked the Michael Scott Paper Company story arc, because it felt like it was actually ABOUT something ( guy starting his own company and dealing with real problems). Otherwise, it was a pretty okay show over the years; nice to catch occasionally, but not a “Must-See-TV” kind of thing.

  • Jose

    Legendary show. It redifined comedy on TV. I will miss it inmensly, but it’s probably the best time to do it.

    And so it goes another hit show from the spectuacular season that gave birth to TV classics as Lost, House or Desperate Housewives…I guess the only one who will still be around for the 2013-14 season will be Grey’s Anatomy!

  • Ellie

    Jim and Pam didn’t kill anything; they weren’t even central last season. If anything, James Spader killed it the same way he killed The Practice years ago.

  • sdjk

    The show’s been going steadily downhill since Season 4; this last season was almost unwatchable at times. This decision was LONG overdue.

  • stvb

    Too bad. it was a great show STUPID JAMES SPADER you freaking killer!!!!

  • heidi

    :( nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • CrayZay

    In the very beginning, Michael Scott wasn’t a dumbas$, he just had foot-in-mouth syndrome partly due to nerves and being on camera. As the seasons progressed, I found myself cringing whenever Steve Carell had a scene. Someone that dumb can’t possibly function in society without a caregiver.

    The only thing to keep my attention through every season was the Jim & Pam storyline but after they got together and lived happily ever after, I had nothing in the show to look forward to. Jim was the slacker who worked at Dunder Mifflin because he needed a job, not because he liked it. Happily Ever After? Sorry, can’t relate.

    Then, they gave us Andy and Erin. It’s not the same as Jim and Pam. Besides, ever since Ed Helms did The Hangover, it seems they’ve been trying to give him a bigger part. He should’ve stayed in CT with Josh, Karen, and the fat guy, never to be heard from again.

    Dwight’s show will not be as funny without Jim pranking him, although there hasn’t been a whole lot of pranking going on since Jim became so serious about his job. I might watch a few episodes.

    I’m not surprised they aren’t renewing for a 10th season. Now, I can watch Greys without having to Tivo The Office on Thurs nights.

    If anyone is interested in watching The Office, when it was actually funny, you can catch the earlier seasons on TBS and CW.

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