'Days of Our Lives' Equals Eight-Month Highs Among Women 18-49 and 18-34

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August 23rd, 2012

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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – August 23, 2012 – “Days of our Lives” has returned from its two-week Olympic break to match the show’s highest women 18-49 and women 18-34 ratings in more than eight months.


For the week of August 13-17, "Days of our Lives" averaged a 0.9 rating, 6 share among women 18-49 and a 0.6 rating among women 18-34, to tie for #4 among network daytime series in the women 18-49 demographic and tie for #2 in the week’s women 18-34 race. The only network daytime series to top “Days’” 0.6 rating in women 18-34 last week was NBC’s “Today Show II,” which averaged a 0.7 from 9-10 p.m. ET


For the August 13-17 week, “Days” equaled the show’s highest women 18-49 and women 18-34 ratings since the week of November 21-25, 2011 (1.1 in women 18-49, 0.8 in women 18-34).


Season to date, "Days of our Lives" is tied for #6 in the women 18-49 category and tied for #1 in the women 18-34 demo.


Ratings reflect “live plus same day” data from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise noted. Season-to-date figures are averages of “live plus seven day” data except for the two most recent weeks, which are “live plus same day.”





  • Sid Kaminsky

    Would love “The Edge of Night” from the beginning.

  • Carol

    Looks like EJ and Sami brought in the ratings again! Good job Days!

  • Rose

    I came back for EJ and Sami. Bring on more EJAMI and they’ll keep me!

  • sara

    Yes ! Ej and Sami ! Love it!

  • rob60990

    DAYS couldn’t even crack a 1.0 in W18-49 for such a big week. Not much worth celebrating.

  • TimsDale4ever

    I’ll take any good news for daytime drama however small the gain is. Congrats DAYS!

  • cj

    Well the last time ratings were this good was when Sami and EJ had grief sex and this week it featured EJ and Sami on the run and getting all hot and heavy I guess we know what brings in the ratings. EJAMI!

  • Kay

    So being tied for #4 is a good thing now LOL
    Also what’s the dailies…I’d like to see who tuned in what Days. That would be interesting.

  • Mitchapalooza

    Tied for #4 among all network shows, not just soaps. This includes shows like “The Chew” “Lets Make a Deal” “The Talk” “The View” “Good Afternoon America” “The Today Show” as well as the other 3 soaps.

    4th is pretty good considering.

  • Michelle

    Love love love me some EJ & Sami! Sad to see Jack go. Please put Brady & Nicole back together! So glad the missing link, I mean, Rafe was no where to be found.

  • julia

    the naysayers make me laugh…these ratings are at least far better than one year ago (with what a surprise the new/old incompetent writers on board again, i don’t praise them for this week it was not really their material) so yep Ej and Sami finally working together and not against each others, add that with some great drama and vet characters interactions can bring the ratings…sadly since this week and for the futur the writing and the stories seem totally awful and inconsistent once again ! Gary Tomlin if you are so dumb, lazy and bad writer just : GO AWAY and NBC, Sony, Corday wake up before your soap is cancelled for good, Gary Tomlin and his team are not the solution remember last year when you fire them ? Come on..To just keep character as boring, useless and awful like Rafe and Gaby Bornandzz and to kill characters like Jack Deveraux..insane, literally insane and dumb dumb dumb.

  • shannon

    EJAMI EJAMI EJAMI Still week is already losing viewers with boring Rafe, Gabi and chik filet Jenn. Bring back Jack and Philip. Keep Ejami strong. What are you doing with the writers that wrote the show into the ground???? Sami needs to declare her love for Ej. We already know Ej loves Sami. You have such potential for ratings Gold and you would rather blow it to keep Galen happy???

  • Marlee

    EJ and Sami were so hot last week. They really brought the palpable chemistry and and the girls and I were eating it up. The DiMera safehose scenes were amazing. Then Rafe walked in it was like somebody threw a bucket of ice water on me, and I’ve been disgusted every since, because Days never learns where that guy is concerned. Does that actor have blackmail pics on somebody in charge or what?

  • Deanne

    The show was great last week! I watched it all. I enjoyed EJ and Sami’s storyline the most, but Days really brought their “A” game. Too bad they’ve abruptly halted/changed course on most of the winning storylines since last week. Suddenly characters are acting out of character again. Why would Sami give Rafe the time of day when he wasn’t willing to work on their marriage when Carrie was still around? Why would Daniel suddenly want Jennifer again when he was so awesome with Nicole? Why would a gay man be sleeping with Gabi? Why is Gabi not in jail? The week of the return from the Cliffhanger was awesome. Since then? Epic fail.

  • Mary

    Oh please spare me the EJ and Sami bullcrap.They were hardly the focus of last week. Geez lets throw in Rafe too since he had his moment with Sami on Friday. Oh how about Lucas risking his to life find his beloved Sami. REally sick of this show just playing up all the fanbases. That is what is ruining the show. Remember people Days last week had an ensemble cast and lots of fan faves were on. There was a big boom and seems to me that if it bleeds its leads (at least that’s what they say in news) and DAys had a lot of explosions… people dying… you name it. Get over yourselves EJ and Sami fans. Lets wait a couple of weeks and see if the show sustains this tiny bump. Im sure they are still 3rd place or tied for 4th in overall soaps and I only really care how they compare to other soaps… because lets be real its only a matter of time before the lowest rated soap gets cancelled for another talk show.

  • realitycheck

    hey Mary lot’s of comments were about the fact that Ej and Sami being showcased bring ratings despite some contradictors want to believe not that they were the ONLY characters or stories to bring interest this week in question. Of course the drama, the events, the explosion, characters deaths were major important points to attract viewers but let’s not this time forget that when Ej and Sami share screen time and are written as getting along (which is rare) audience are interested so get over yourself YOURSELF !
    And for your info Sami did not share any scenes with Rafe this famous week except for TWO FREAKING SECONDS actually Rafe was not on-screen and it was so so so good. As for Lucas he is a dynamic character but he has minor screen time if you want the truth.

  • realitycheck

    And by the way majority of comments said they did not believe ratings will be good after this week Mary so learn to read before making silly statements, thank you.

  • Liza

    EJami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can’t wait to see more!!!

  • Kate

    Week of November 21st? That was when EJ and Sami had the infamous “grief sex”, wasn’t it? I tuned back in for EJ and Sami, and to see Jack’s last hurrah. I’ll definitely be sticking around if DOOL can manage to finally follow through with Sami and EJ. They’re amazing together. Capitalize on their chemistry. Don’t drop the ball this time around, DOOL.

  • diana

    I watched last week because of Jack&Jennifer Deveraux, and now that he’s been killed off I’m back to not watching again

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