Robert Sean Leonard and Gloria Reuben Join Cast of 'Falling Skies' Season 3

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August 23rd, 2012

Robert Sean Leonard, who played Wilson on House, and Gloria Reuben, best known for her role as a physician's assistant on ER have joined the cast of Falling Skies. Leonard will play an obsessive scientist who lives underground, while Reubens will play Noah Wyle's character, Tom Mason's, new assistant, Marina. Reubens and Wyle previously worked together on ER. More details are available on Deadline.



  • HG

    WHAT??? I thought RSL won’t be doing more TV after House, as he said repeatedly he wanted to do theater and was doing House only for the money :/

    Mmm maybe he ran out of all their House money

  • sc04

    I think RSL didn’t want to do network anymore since it’s such a more demanding schedule (22 episodes) vs cable (10 episodes in falling skies case). Either way excited to see him again. Don’t even know the other lady.

  • Robbie

    Big fan of Falling Skies. Did not watch the first season until I bought it on a whim on DVD. Loved it and have been hooked ever since. Great show!

  • Bob

    Congrats RSL….people can change their minds. lol. I am glad to see he is going to work. Yes 10 episodes is much better than 22. Plus RSL is probably not a main character so it is even less demanding. On House, he had quite a few scenes.

  • carla

    I thought RSL wanted to devote himself to his true love, legit theater. Oh, well, the call of cash, I guess. Of course he did play hardball to get a pay raise for the final season of House, so what can you expect. Won’t be watching Falling Skies.

  • sara

    First fun news in a long time. Understand the RSL arc is only five episodes, but still something to look forward to. One of the most under appreciated actors on TV, but not on Broadway where he won a Tony award.

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