GSN's 'The American Bible Challenge' Debuts as the Network's Number 1 Program of All Time Delivering 2.3 Million Total Viewers

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August 24th, 2012

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Santa Monica, CA – August 24, 2012 – GSN’s highly anticipated original series THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE garnered the network’s highest delivery in its 17-year history with 2.3 million total viewers for the night and 1.7 million total viewers for its series premiere at 8 pm ET on Thursday, August 23rd.


THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE outperformed the previous record by over half a million viewers and solidified itself as a destination program by posting triple digit gains from its strong lead-in across all demos (“Family Feud” hosted by Steve Harvey). The GSN original series ranked among the Top 5 cable networks in total viewers, women 25-54 and viewers 25-54 in its time period.


“The best-selling book of all time is now GSN’s most viewed program of all time, which proves that consumers are yearning for fun, family- friendly entertainment,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, Executive Vice President of Programming and Development, GSN. “We are incredibly proud of this show and are happy that it connected with so many viewers.”


Comedian and author Jeff Foxworthy hosts THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE, a one-hour game show in which contestants compete based on their knowledge of the Bible. Utilizing current as well as historical references, questions are drawn from the rich, dense narrative found in the world's best-selling book. The contestants share their compelling back-stories and each team plays for a charitable organization.


THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE is produced by RelativityREAL for GSN, with RelativityREAL’s Tom Forman (“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”) and Embassy Row’s Michael Davies ("The Newlywed Game," "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire") serving as Executive Producers on the project. Nick Stuart and Maura Dunbar of Odyssey Networks are Consulting Producers. Odyssey Networks is the country’s largest multi-faith coalition dedicated to producing and distributing media that creates understanding among people of different beliefs and perspectives. Jeff Foxworthy also serves as Producer with J.P. Williams and Jennifer Novak as Executive Producers.


About GSN

GSN is a multimedia entertainment company that offers original and classic game programming and competitive entertainment via its 75-million subscriber television network and online game sites. GSN’s cross-platform content gives game lovers the opportunity to win cash and prizes, whether through GSN’s popular TV game shows or through GSN Digital’s free casual games, mobile and social games, and cash competitions. GSN is distributed throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Canada by all major cable operators, satellite providers and telcos. GSN and its subsidiary,, Inc., are owned by DIRECTV and Sony Pictures Entertainment. For further information, visit GSN at


  • TV Gord

    First of all, some full disclosure: I was raised Roman Catholic but left the church of a number of issues, but mostly because of my doubts that there is a higher power. I have always envied others their faith. I wish I could believe, but my gut tells me I’m not a believer and never will be.

    I really enjoyed this show. I was looking forward to it and made sure to watch the first show when it premiered last Thursday. Purely as a game show, I think it works great. I was astounded by how many answers I knew (although that Final Revelation round is a killer!

    Once the new shows begin, I probably won’t watch it in prime time, but I will keep an eye out for it in the multiple airings that follow. I think this is a new and unexplored audience being tapped by GSN here, and that alone has me interested. Even though I doubt the existence of God, I am pretty disgusted by the small-minded bigots who won’t watch just because of its religious theme. It always makes me laugh when those are the types of people who claim that they aren’t judgmental. Bahahahahaa!

    I like the idea that this might inspire more programs of a non-secular nature. There’s room for all thoughts and beliefs on TV, even those that don’t jibe with “mine”. And if you don’t like it, don’t watch. There’s plenty of non-religious stuff to watch. It’s called everything else.

  • Tessa

    @Travis27 in Virginia!

    Too bad it’s not the same joke.

  • E. Benz

    I bet these viewers are Romney supporters. I just hope they’ll get up off their sofas on vote for him this November :-)

  • Angela

    Judging isn’t the way to be. I pray for the ones who may doubt our lord God. This show isnt dumb at all. I’m thankful God is working through GSN. God is good, the closer you are to God the more strength you are given. The only thing God desires is you nothing else matters to him. He will change your life, he did mine.

  • Sharon Becker

    The 8/30/12 program was a little upsetting until I saw that the people who should have won, did win–Hunter’s Hope. When Jeff Foxworthy was asking them their questions, it was noticeable that he took too much time asking the questions of them as he got nearer the end of the questions. Then the next group–the 3 ladies’ questions were given very quickly from beginning to end. It was so close, that had Jeff asked questions of the Hunter’s Hope group as quickly as he asked the 3 ladies afterwards, they would have had time to answer at least one, and possibly two more questions. There needs to be more consistency in the speed of asking the questions and saying “correct.” The difference in the speed of asking the questions and saying that’s “correct” was noticeably faster for the last group. I am not sure, but the questions seemed longer, thus taking more time, for the Hunter’s Hope group.

  • Sharon Becker

    By the way, I do love the program and am learning some things I’ve never heard before. Keep up the good work, just be as fair as possible in the question timing. Thanks, and I hope you stay on the TV a long, long time.

  • linda burleson

    I have enjoyed both episodes. It once again is a revelation how people who disagree these days want you quelled. Isn’t there room for this show among the others? There are many of us who are enjoying it and are testing our own Bible knowledge against that of the contestants. The Bible has history, poetry, proverbs, prophecy, etc. Lots of room for quiz questions.

  • HD

    GSN fn sucks! This network will be off the air in the next year.

  • gtmike14

    Thank the Good Lord the show got good ratings! We need more good programming like this instead of the garbage on the ‘big’ networks and their filth.

  • joshua boyd

    The great American Bible challenge is no doubt the best game shoe I’ve seen on TV
    It leaves me anticipating and thinking about the questions. The only set back I disagree with is the money goes to charitess and they need single player contestants. Other than tht the show is great and I love it
    I wish I just could go on and challenge some of them and put them to the test and my wits to the test. Good Jon foxworthy keep up the good work.

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