Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Brother' Adjusted Up, 'Rookie Blue', 'Wipeout', 'Rock Center' Adjusted Down

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August 24th, 2012

Big Brother was adjusted up a tenth, Rookie Blue and  Rock Center were adjusted down a tenth, and both episodes of Wipeout  were adjusted down two tenths among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. The large volume of adjustments to programming is likely due to numerous f local market football pre-emptions.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, August 23, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 2.0/7 7.44
ABC Wipeout 1.3/5 4.80
NBC The Office - R 0.7/3 2.17
FOX Rasing Hope -R 0.7/3 2.05
CW Oh Sit! 0.4/1 0.87
8:30 CBS Two and a Half Men - R 1.7/6 5.95
FOX New Girl - R 0.8/3 1.96
NBC Parks and Recreation - R 0.6/2 1.75
9:00 CBS Big Brother 2.3/7 6.28
ABC Wipeout 1.5/4 4.59
FOX Glee - R 0.7/2 1.93
NBC Saving Hope 0.6/2 2.87
CW The Next 0.3/1 0.81
10:00 CBS Person of Interest - R 1.1/3 5.27
NBC Rock Center With Brian Williams 1.1/3 5.18
ABC Rookie Blue 1.0/4 4.23

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  • John A

    Rock Center didnt do that bad.

  • CrimTV

    Ouch at Wipeout!

  • Greg

    Rookie Blue is doing very poorly this season. When Rock Center is actually starting to beat something, it’s time to cut the cord.

  • Andy

    Wipeout really died… wow.

  • Greg

    On the other hand, Oh Sit! is doing surprisingly well, for a CW summer show.

  • Saskwatcher

    That Rock Center piece “exposing” Romney’s Mormon cult was a laugh riot and nothing but an ad selling the wonders of that thing. Is this the usual puff piece you get from NBC News these days? I bet phone calls to the local Mormon outfit must have increased since yesterday with all that praise.

  • William

    Wow Rookie Blue fell pretty hard. Is that a low?

  • Hod

    Oh Sit! gets more viewers on Wednesdays. The Next really crashed and burned. It’s sad because the show is actually good.

  • capslocke

    Just when you think Rock Centre wins its timeslot… That’s still impressive though, hopefully it can match it or beat it during the fall.

  • K

    Wipeout needs Jill Wagner back. Vanessa is not cutting it.

  • tv_viewer


    1.0 is Rookie Blue’s lowest rating. It hit 1.0 2 times in season 2 (once against Big Brother 13 and the other time against two repeats).

  • Oliver

    Rock Center’s ratings should keep ramping up until the election November. The election is likely a major reason why it hasn’t been axed.

  • Jim

    Come election time rock center might be 1.5 or higher.

  • Nick

    Saving Hope was also adjusted down.

  • CrazedNovelist

    The Next is even… the demo is what matters, not total viewers. It’s doing as well as Breaking Pointe. I’m sure The Next, Breaking Pointe, and Oh Sit! will definitely be renewed for midseason/spring/summer next year.

  • se7en

    I think Rookie Blue is 1.1 not 1.0 because in the paragraph it said Rookie Blue adjusted a tenth, in the previous post Rookie Blue has 1.2

  • Ultima

    I think Rookie Blue is 1.1 not 1.0 because in the paragraph it said Rookie Blue adjusted a tenth, in the previous post Rookie Blue has 1.2

    General rule of thumb is that the numbers in the table are right and the description is wrong when they don’t sync up.

  • Juan

    Well in my area I couldn’t watch rookie blue because of stupid football, and not only that but I though it was a repeat

  • Norman Charles


    The major reason Rock Center hasn’t been axed is because everyone at NBC is falling all over themselves to kiss Brian Williams’s ass. Cancelling Rock Center would be a major humiliation for Brian–and at NBC you don’t humiliate King Brian. NBC News toady/president Steve Capus lets Brian do whatever he wants. If he wants to keep moderating a low-rated quasi-news show, he gets to do that. It’s a small price to pay to keep NBC’s golden boy happy. Of course, there’s no doubt Brian and his producers have a bag of sleazy tricks at the ready to artificially inflate the “Rock Center” ratings–just like they do with NBC Nightly News (when Brian doesn’t anchor Nightly News on a weekday, his producers submit the show to Nielsen intentionally misspelled as “Nitely News”. That way, the lower-rated “Nitely News” broadcasts are counted in a separate category and don’t detract from the higher-rated “Nightly News” broadcasts). Remember back in January when a Republican debate was folded into Rock Center? That was just a sleazy way to artificially boost the ratings. As the election nears, Brian and his producers will undoubtedly pull more stunts like that in their desperate grab for ratings. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aired a “special edition” of Rock Center on election night so it can benefit from NBC’s election coverage. That’s how they roll at NBC News.

  • USAmerica1st

    Too much Wipeout. ABC! I was surprised when the first show ended and they cranked up another ‘family-themed’ show. Back-to-back shows on one day doesn’t work. The only thing worst was the twice a week Wipeout shows on Tuesday and Thursday, which also imploded ratings. Listen up, ABC!

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