Utah NBC Affiliate Will Not Air 'The New Normal'

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August 25th, 2012

KSL, the Salt Lake City NBC affiliate owned by the Mormon church, is opting not to air NBC's new comedy The New Normal. The show's premise involves a gay couple who hires a single mother to be to be their surrogate. The station deemed the show, "inappropriate on several dimensions", presumably referring to the show's gay relationship and politically incorrect dialogue. KSL also chooses not to air Saturday Night Live. Last season, it refused to broadcast The Playboy Club. Another Salt Lake City station, KUCW, will air The New Normal on the weekend.

  • Will


    “Since gay people make up 2% of the US population”

    Oh good, glad you’re pulling statistics out of your ass.

  • Tom

    If it does a 2.5 or better nationally, they’ll be airing it by the 1st of October. Guaranteed. Ratings, not political views, determine what is on tv.

    Bill, I love your response to our neighbor to the north.

  • Noname_Rex

    Oh, yes, I just want to get this clear: Noname_Rex (me) and Rex are two TOTALLY different people.

    Just sayin that now after I saw his name and glanced over his comment. Didn’t want people to think we were the same person.

  • Tom

    Noname_Rex: If you’re concerned about identity mixups, you should get an avatar. Just scroll up this page to see the instructions.

  • Ultima

    “Since gay people make up 2% of the US population”

    Oh good, glad you’re pulling statistics out of your ass.

    Last year, the Williams Institute, a UCLA-based LGBT think tank estimated the number of Americans that identify as LGBT is 9 million, or approximately 2.9% of the population.

  • Ron

    Why not ban shows that depict one of the commandments being broken like lying, stealing, cheating, committing adultery ..In other words every soap or cbs procedural. What about shows like big brother or survivor where contestants lie and cheat just to win money? Or suburgatory (divorced single dad)…big bang theory (anti creationism)…once upon a time (witchcraft )..and on and on

  • Brandon


    Because gays are the current “boogeymen” for religious conservatives, you see.

  • Sid

    Didn’t The Playboy Club, GCB and Work It all have the same problem and now look where they are.

  • Sid


    I meant to say that affiliates are just wasting their time with crap like this. If the show is meant to be a hit, it will be regardless of what you do.

    I find it rediculous though as I was a fan of The Playboy Club, GCB and Work It.

  • Coolio Jackson

    Whether “The New Normal” or “NBC” or “Ryan Murphy” suck is not the issue. The issue is that this network affiliate is forcing its narrow view on all of its viewers. If it was interested in doing the “right” thing, it would air the show and allow its viewers the right and personal choice as to whether to view it or not. Their actions are despicable because they are taking choice out of their viewers’ hands to further their own agenda. This is fascism.

  • Derek Vincent

    I really hope the rating for this show is golden just to piss off conservatives.

  • Cath

    Do people watch the Utah NBC affiliate anyway? If so, what kinds of shows do they watch? Is it just NBC that gets edited or do the other networks have affiliates in Salt Lake City do the same thing?

    NBC: If the title is the problem change the title.

  • Austin

    Hm, well why can’t they air a censored version? Please tell me a show that doesn’t have a gay person in it???

  • Ultima

    @Coolio Jackson
    This is fascism.

    No. It’s a private organization making a decision based on the views of its owners/operators; that has absolutely nothing to do with facism in any way. Your ignorance is astounding.

  • s0303

    well, i’m gay and i’m not going to watch it either…it look god awful.

  • Babygate

    Good for them! I am tired of the double standard against anything that is not deemed acceptable by the very people who claim to be the epitome of tolerance. Anyone who only tolerates those with their same point of view is obviously, and by their own definition, intolerant. If that affiliate wants to censor the program, they can. It’s their station. It’s their business. Just like if I owned a station and wanted to air The New Normal on a loop every day of the week I would have the right to do so. Besides, NBC shows are readily available on Demand, on Hulu and on the NBC website so anyone in that area who really wants to watch, can.

  • Babygate

    @Coolio Jackson

    If McDonalds doesn’t want to serve fried chicken, no one can force them. They have their own business model to follow. This affiliate is its own business entity, with their own business model and their own unique market to serve. If they don’t want to show a particular brand of program, they don’t have to. And btw, as they serve mostly the Mormon community, I very much doubt there will be any kind of outrage against the station.

  • JayTN

    Ultima…um, if the American public doesn’t own the airwaves, then who exactly does, Mr. Know-it-All?

  • Ultima

    if the American public doesn’t own the airwaves, then who exactly does

    In strict legal terms, the airwaves are public, administered by the Federal Communications Commission which licenses the use of parts of the spectrum to private entities without property rights (per the Radio Act of 1927, and Communications Acts of 1934 and 1996).

    For all practical purposes, however, the airwaves are owned by the networks, telecomms, and other licensees. For decades, property rights have been implied as both private entities and the government have bought and sold licenses.

    In any case, the “public” does not have the right to use any of the licensed airwaves nor any say in how those airwaves are used (except indirectly through elected officials which have authority over the FCC).

  • Michael

    BIll.. thanks for setting the canadian straight on what is and isn’t free speech. It seems in this political and politically correct climate sometimes the truth gets lost.

    The affiliate can air or not air whatever they want. And my guess is that they’ll only have to ban this show for about 1 to 2 weeks. No one is going to watch it. It will have the same fate as How to Be a Gentleman, or worse, that show about the two guys pretending to be women.. Working Men?. That was the worst show I’ve ever seen. I turned it off after the lame jokes about the sugar packets. And with this show it won’t have anything to do with whether or not it’s offensive to some people. It’s just not interesting. No one cares! They should have taken a clue from Rules of Engagement.. the main couple getting a surrogate and trying to get pregnant killed that show. Hollywood needs to learn that bringing new babies on to a hit show to breath life in to it is and always has been a horrible idea. Did I get off track.. oh yeah.. this show doesn’t have a chance.

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