Utah NBC Affiliate Will Not Air 'The New Normal'

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August 25th, 2012

KSL, the Salt Lake City NBC affiliate owned by the Mormon church, is opting not to air NBC's new comedy The New Normal. The show's premise involves a gay couple who hires a single mother to be to be their surrogate. The station deemed the show, "inappropriate on several dimensions", presumably referring to the show's gay relationship and politically incorrect dialogue. KSL also chooses not to air Saturday Night Live. Last season, it refused to broadcast The Playboy Club. Another Salt Lake City station, KUCW, will air The New Normal on the weekend.

  • Wow

    I can’t believe there are people here supporting the decision to not air it. This is discrimination plain and simple. And no I’m not gay.

    Could you imagine if an ABC affiliate refused to air Scandal because the lead actress is black? They would be ripped apart as being racist (as they rightfully should), well what the SLC NBC affiliate is doing is the same thing. It’s discrimination and there is no excuse.

    NBC should pull their affiliation and give it to someone else (perhaps the station willing to air The New Normal)

    By the way, it’s shocking that this website is even allowing comments that support discrimination. It gives these pathetic excuse for humans (like James) the delusion that their hateful opinions are okay

  • Alan

    How can you tell the show sucks if you haven’t seen the pilot yet? Jeez, anyway people can watch it online or download it on iTunes. I hope it has strong ratings for its pilot, so Utah can suck up their comments. I wonder if their ABC affiliate aired GCB LOL.

  • Richard Bauer

    ‘m not a fan of censorship whether it’s the politicians in DC or your state capitol the TV station in question. i’m also not a fan of shows of this nature, or of NBC for that matter (we stopped watching *anything* on NBC…including local programming…several years ago) and i will not invite this likely piece of trash masquerading as entertainment into my home. that’s my decision. but a better solution for KSL might have been to timeshift the program out of prime time and into a post-midnight slot. i presume the mgmt at KSL feels comfortable with their actions and that a majority of their viewers support the decision.

  • UMGuy423

    Who cares. Crappy rip off of Modern Family. Cancelled by the end of the season.

  • Wow

    Who cares about discrimination? The NBC affiliate is not airing the program because the characters are gay. If they came out and said that they pulled the show because they felt it was a rip off of Modern Family or something else along those lines then it would be fine, but that’s not the case, it’s total discrimination against gay people and it’s disgusting that some people here are making excuses.

  • sam8067

    I applaud the affiliate’s decision to not air the show. They have a better understanding of their audience than the networks, and should air what fits their market.

    My local NBC will show “New Normal” and I won’t be watching it. A different show in its place could get my viewership.

    I also wish my local CBS affiliate would put something else on Mondays this fall instead of the offensive “Partners” show. I already cringe at some of the vulgar dialogue of “Two Broke Girls” and it won’t take much to stop me from watching the entire CBS Monday lineup.

  • Wow

    sam8067, don’t worry, I know they say every viewer counts, but you are such a disgusting person i’m sure stations and advertisers would make an exception. They don’t need your viewership, and companies don’t want someone as disgusting as you using their products.

  • TakeMyBodyButLeaveMyJewelsAlone

    “Who cares about discrimination? The NBC affiliate is not airing the program because the characters are gay. If they came out and said that they pulled the show because they felt it was a rip off of Modern Family or something else along those lines then it would be fine, but that’s not the case, it’s total discrimination against gay people and it’s disgusting that some people here are making excuses.”

    That will always happen as long as people are basing their beliefs on 2000 year old magic and wizards.

  • Anon

    The show is available in the market. Where is the discrimination? Who is being deprived of an opportunity to watch it?

    NO ONE

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Their station their right not to air it.
    I have to say as a gay man though,
    not much of a religion and pretty poor parenting if 22 minutes of “comedy” is a sufficient threat to that faith or your kids, that you need to wipe it off your airwaves.

    *NBC didn’t help these matters by choosing a title for the show that either side could find offensive.

  • JJ

    Hey “WoW”, you oppose a station’s decision not to air a morally offensive show that promotes homosexuals raising children as “normal” because, according to you, it constitutes unjustifiable censorship, and yet you are outraged by the audacity of the webmasters’ decision not to censor comments on this website? Typical LGBT propagandist hypocrisy! Censorship is bad if it censors my agenda, good if it censors people who disagree with my agenda. Right…

    And for the guy who said heterosexual sex is gross, heterosexual sex is the reason we are all here and the reason society exists in the first place. I certainly don’t want to live in a society founded on homosexual sex, and neither would anyone else.

  • Nick

    Good for them. Show will not last a month. Why would you watch this show?

  • Wow

    JJ, i’m fine with censorship, i’m against discrimination. The NBC affiliate refusing to air the show is discrimination.

    I’m totally for censorship of your agenda because your agenda is EVIL. You are an evil person.

    I’m not a member of the LGBT community, i’m as straight as you can get. I just don’t hate people because of their sexual orientation to men/women of the same sex, and i’m against censorship if it discriminates against someone’s sexual orientation to members of the same sex. If a television network was idiotic enough to give you a TV show where you spewed your hateful views I would totally be for censorship, because your views are hateful and evil. You are against a Gay person raising kids because they are different, i’m against you raising kids because your a monster.

  • JJ

    WoW, you are clearly more judgmental than anyone else on here, so if anyone is an evil monster, it is you.

    I never said I hated gay people, I never said I support violence or repression against them, BUT I certainly disagree with everyone else constantly being exposed to their propaganda. NORMAL = heterosexual relationships, upon which all of us depend on for their existence. NOT NORMAL = homosexual relationships, which cannot result in reproduction and which are in the minority, and are therefore the exception that proves the rule that heterosexual relationships are NORMAL. You don’t need to consult religion to understand that homosexuality is not normal, you need only consult Darwin’s theory of evolution. Either way, every child has a RIGHT to be raised by a mother and a father in a NORMAL family. Period. And I and a lot of other people are sick of LGBT propaganda trying to manipulate public opinion.

  • Wow

    JJ, you say you don’t hate them yet then you go on to say that you don’t want to give them the right to raise a family.

    Let’s say you somehow find someone psychotic enough to reproduce with you, what if your child turns out to be gay, would you still be against him or her having a family of their own?

    There are millions of children out there who need a home, denying them loving parents just because they are gay just shows how disgusing some people (like you) can be.

  • Nadine

    Maybe folks will start to remember that this type of behavior isn’t and never has been ‘normal’
    (God help me for jumping into this mess, but…) James, things have changed. Your “never has been” doesn’t apply to the 21st century. It may not be something you’ve experienced in your circle or your region, but my neighbor’s daughter and her female partner and my best friend’s sister and her female partner are raising multiple happy, “normal” children. The earth is moving. I know you’re not comfortable with it, but it’s very much there, all the same.

  • ZmaX

    @JJ so single parents shouldn’t be allowed to raise children because they are not “normal” since there isn’t both a Mom & Dad?

    what about grandparents? being raised in a home with a grandmother and Mother? What about a father and Stay @ home Uncle?

    Just because something is in the minority does not mean it’s not “normal.” The important thing is that children are raised in a loving environment where they are cared for and supported, regardless of the number/gender of the care providers.

  • Marcus

    I’m gay and I always laugh when the ignorant talk about gay “agenda” or “propaganda” as though gays have some sinister plot to take over. Do you realize how dumb your conspiracy comments are? Why aren’t you people upset about all the horrible violence on TV. That’s the real tragedy on American TV today. Not a handful of shows with gay characters.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Marcus, you were not supposed to mention the secret sinister plot. Now they will know. Meeting is at 9pm tomorrow BTW. The password is idioticmormans ;-)

  • NCJeff

    Let me see if I can figure this out….

    NBC tries to rip-off Modern Family and gets millions in free publicity for their show at the expense of a single affiliate. The show looks like a bad rip-off and a lame attempt to be edgy.

    Superficial judgement from looking at the web info and cast, this stinker will make the freshman season of Whitney look like a smash hit.

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