Summer Glau Returns to 'Alphas' Tonight at 8PM

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August 27th, 2012

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Summer Glau (Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) guest stars in tonight’s all-new episode of Alphas at 8pm ET/PT returning as Alpha Skylar Adams. Skylar possesses an uncanny genius and mastery of electronics allowing her to create complex devices from random objects in a short amount of time.  In the episode titled “Alphaville,” Dr. Rosen (David Strathairn) and the team seek Skylar’s help to decode Stanton Parish’s (John Pyper-Ferguson) Alpha-enhancing technology.


Alphas follows a clandestine group of ordinary people with superhuman mental and physical abilities. Led by preeminent neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen (Emmy Award-winner and Academy Award-nominee David Strathairn), the unlikely team takes on cases the CIA, FBI and Pentagon are unwilling or unable to solve going head-to-head with many of the criminal Alphas hiding among the normal population. The series also stars Malik Yoba, Ryan Cartwright, Warren Christie, Azita Ghanizada, Laura Mennell and Erin Way.

  • panda22

    I await the ratings to see if the Summer Glau curse strikes again!! :D

  • Observer

    I wonder if she actually misses out on gigs due to this purported curse?

  • Ike

    @Observer — doesn’t look that way, does it? She gets a lot of work compared to some actors.

    I’m not that big of a fan of her work (except on Firefly) but the “curse” meme is ridiculous since she’s been on Angel, CSI, and Cold Case. Cold Case lasted seven seasons, Angel five, and CSI is still on.

  • Steven Leitner

    @Ike And the Big Bang Theory.

  • davie

    I love Glau, enjoyed her on many shows. easy to see where people would think she’s “cursed”

    Firefly canceled. TSCC canceled. Dollhouse canceled. The Cape canceled. just a stream of bad luck there, though. She’s great.

  • USAmerica1st

    Summer Glau is a talented young actress who is great ‘eye candy’. She’s not the reason for the implosion of FireFly (which starred Nathan Fillion of Castle fame and featured a much publicized dustup between Fox and Joss Whedon that began with episode 1) and the very unfocused Sarah Connor Chronicles (which starred Lena Heady of Game of Thrones) and Doll House. Don’t blame her: field a good show and the viewers will come. If she’s there, I’m watching!

  • Tom

    I predicted on Tuesday that Alphas’ rating would go up. Prepare to be awed.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Summer’s problem is simply that she likes doing genre shows and those shows tend to do poorly on broadcast networks, as opposed to cable networks. It’s that simple.

    She was up for a search-and-rescue show called “Scent of the Missing” on TNT (co-star with Tricia Helfer), but it wasn’t picked up. It would have been a good change of pace for her, being on what would nominally be a “cop show” (although I don’t think this particular premise would have made it in the ratings either.)

    She’ll get a break sooner or later since it seems almost every producer wants to work with her.

    Summer will be in episodes 12 and 13 – the finale – of Alphas, too. Looking forward to that.

    The show itself is the best sci-fi on TV right now. Makes Falling Skies look like The Simpsons…

  • Tom

    Richard: I thought Scent of the Missing is in production as a television movie. I predict Summer Glau will boost the ratings of Alphas simply because her character, Skylar Adams, is arguably the most interesting one to appear on the series to date. Her celebrity among geeks is well recognized and, if that’s her strong suit, she appears sage for wanting to stick with genre shows. However, I suspect her contribution to Alphas will be limited because the show is otherwise inhabited by some of the most mundane characters that I’ve ever seen inhabit a syfi show. I know you disagree, but I suspect that this will be the last season for Alphas.

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