'True Blood' and 'The Newsroom' Finales Hit Viewership Highs

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August 27th, 2012



Deadline is reporting HBO’s True Blood and The Newsroom both had record viewership numbers for their finales last night. True Blood drew 5 million viewers for its season finale at 9 PM, down a touch from last year's 5.05 million viewers. For the combined two Sunday plays, the episode logged a season high 6.3 million total viewers.

The first season finale of The Newsroom drew 2.3 million viewers at 10PM, which is a new series high.

  • Jon717161

    How is that a record viewership for True Blood if it is down from last season’s finale?

  • TimsDale4ever

    I’m glad this season is over as it was just way too busy (complicated) to me. There were just too many far fetched stories going on even for this show. And they constantly are under utilizing the ‘fabulous’ Nelson Ellis — I’m so over Bill and Eric already.

  • E. Benz

    Nelson Ellis is a one-note actor (boring)….I’m glad they scaled back his scenes this year.

  • Bjm

    I actually enjoyed this season. It managed to keep everybody busy. I would like to see Nelson Ellis used more, though. He’s great. I liked the “buddy” scenes with Bill and Eric this season. Those were fun. And I really liked the season finale. BTW-Nelson Ellis is not a one note actor. Julliard doesn’t send out one note actors.

  • Jared

    Far fetched storylines??..this is True Blood were talking about. A series about vampires..werewolves and Fairies.

  • FatSlapOhFlabbyBottoms4

    I don’t even watch True Blood but it’s always pleasing to see it do better than Game of Thrones.

  • Christian

    This show sucks and we don’t even get to see peen. But of course we were subjected to Lilith’s hairy snatch every week!

  • Jared


    You just made my day with that comment..thank you!..

  • Chris

    fatslap why would you want it do better than game of thrones!!!???

    TB’s ratings don’t speak to it’s quality… At all

  • Cindy

    The season was funny at times and interesting at times. Most of the time there were too many story lines going and too many characters.

    Glad they killed some off. They could have killed off a few more.
    One thing though, there was no love story and no romance.

    That made it boring for me. All the books there is a romance in every book.

    This season was shock and awe and alot of nake women running around. For a woman watching it, not fun

  • Andy

    Wasn’t too happy with the season, but I have to say they really turned it around in the last few episodes. The finale was probably their best finale so far, very inventive, funny and clever. Glad they ditched Hoyt and Terry’s storylines, good call. Also pretty amazing that they made me like Tara again.

  • Nick

    Yay for The Newsroom! I don’t watch True Blood so I don’t really care.

  • Ray

    Loved True Blood last night the season has been iffy for me the sub plots with Terry and the fire monster was a waste. I’m not to excited with the werewolves either, Just keep Alcede . Jason is annoying but Love Tara and Pam together!! Pam is my favorite character! Loath Bill since he went all Lillith.Was nice to see Eric working with Nora and The birth scene was hilarious..Keep the fairies I actually enjoy them…

  • FatSlapOhFlabbyBottoms4


    I just despise Game of Thrones more than I do True Blood, so it’s comforting to see it come second to a show that so many claim is trashy fluff. That’s it. It’s petty, but I am in fact very petty.

  • Nadine

    Good goin’ The Newsroom!

  • geo

    You’re not petty. You’re a moronic cum guzzling worm.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I agree with Andy. Tara was one of the most uninteresting characters on TB for me, but since turning into a vampire she’s gotten a bit better. The big “L” finish for her and Pam was fun, along with Jessica’s “I knew it!” :-)

    This season was also fun due to much more Pam, who was underutilized in previous seasons.

    I’ll miss the hot Italian babe playing Salome. She was smokin’. :-)

    Pretty much everything going on with Andy Belfleur, his girlfriend, and Terry and Arlene totally disinterest me. They could kill all of them off and I couldn’t care less.

    The werewolf story line was OK, but I watch TB for the vampires.

    Nice to see Russell taken out, although Denis was one of the better and funnier actors on the show.

    All in all, I’d say this was a better season than last season’s “witch” stuff.

  • CrimTV


    I’m hoping that’s a quote from one of the shows?

  • FatSlapOhFlabbyBottoms4


    That’s the best GOT insult I’ve so far received to date! I shall log it.

  • j

    Despite the show being somewhat down this season, it’s still the #2 scripted cable show by a comfortable margin. Ever since the episode I Will Rise Up made the show jump up .8 million viewers in a week’s time, the show’s been pretty consistently outstanding in the ratings. But if the ratings declines at the same rate for next year, the show may settle for merely really great ratings, and likely still the #2.

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