FOX News Leads Day 1 RNC Coverage

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August 29th, 2012


FOX News Channel was the top network providing RNC coverage last night with 6.9 million viewers, putting it ahead of all of the cable and  broadcast networks during the 10-11PM hour in total viewers.  It was the only cable network to beat the broadcast networks last night.

FNC also beat CNN and MSNBC combined during the 10PM hour and in all of Primetime (8-11PM) in both total viewers and in the 25-54 demo.

10-11PM Coverage

FNC: 6,878,804 viewers (1,679,763 in 25-54)

NBC: 4,770,050 viewers (1,725,282 in 25-54)

CBS: 3,118,927 viewers (938,237 in 25-54)

ABC: 2,862,656 viewers (920,346 in 25-54)

CNN: 1,473,885 viewers (413,467 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 1,468,348 viewers (411,738 in 25-54)


*Note: NBC went from 10-11:05PM and ABC and CBS went from 10-11:03PM


8-11PM Primetime Coverage

FNC: 5,150,407 viewers (1,174,242 in 25-54)

CNN: 1,200,690 viewers (368,811 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 1,316,619 viewers (337,562 in 25-54)



*FNC peaked at 10:45-11PM ET with 7.2 million viewers and 1.8 million Adults 25-54

*CNN peaked from 10:15-10:30PM ET with 1.5 million viewers and 451,000 Adults 25-54.

*MSNBC peaked from 11-11:15PM ET with 1.8 million viewers and 555,000 Adults 25-54.


  • XYZ

    The primary media arm of the GOP got the highest ratings?

    In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.



  • Former CNN Fan

    I’m not surprised MSNBC was way back in the pack since they are the progressive network covering the RNC but what the hell is CNN’s excuse. MSNBC actually beat CNN in their peak. CNN has officially lost its mojo.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @XYZ: Sorry, xyz. I’ll bet FOX will lead next week when the Dems hit Charlotte, as well.

    “Yawn” SOUR GRAPES!

  • Ralph Hahn

    Or, maybe more people watched FOX News because they’ll have a balanced program of Republican and Democrat members, so that BOTH sides will have a say. Very few people cared to watch the convention just to hear Matthews, Cooper, Maddow and Tingles bloviate.

  • UpAndOver

    FOX: A Bunch…

    MSNBC – CNN – LameStream Media: 0…

  • Coffee Steve

    Fox Numbers-More than impressive, I’d even say possible game changing numbers

  • j

    NBC: 1,725,282 in 25-54
    FNC: 1,679,763 in 25-54

  • Ratboy

    @ Ralph Hahn
    Posted August 29, 2012 at 1:40 PM
    Or, maybe more people watched FOX News because they’ll have a balanced program

    Well apparently the people that watched MSDNC and CNN MISSED most of the convention anyway!! :lol: :lol:

  • Coffee Steve

    I wonder, if fox put the entire convention (s) on their national brpoadcast channels, what kind of impact that would bring for them?

    With these numbers theres an obvious intrest for the coverage.

  • Coffee Steve


    That was a good point J, but still overall big night for Fox

  • UpAndOver

    NBC (25-54) +45,519 over FNC…

    NBC (television) has been on the air since July 1, 1938…

    FNC has been on Cable since October 7, 1996

    Not good numbers for NBC with a 58 year head start on FNC…

  • merraanga


    that would make sense, IF viewership numbers for anything grew steadily every year without decreasing.

    no good logic.

  • Chris

    @Coffee Steve

    The main FOX network isn’t covering the Republican (or Democratic, for that matter) National Convention because the 10 pm hour is outside of that network’s regular primetime hours. The only time zone in which it would actually air in the network’s regular primetime window is the Mountain Time Zone, which is home to only 7% of the nation’s population.

  • Alan

    What’s most interesting is how very, very old the viewership is. Less than 25% of FNC viewers are between 25-54, about 36% for NBC and so forth. Is it because the GOP skews old or a general lack of interest in conventions from young and even middle-aged people?

  • Rob R

    Glad to know that 20 million people saw Ann Romney’s incredible speech.

  • Marcus

    @Ralph..I watched some of FNC and I did not see any balance at all. Fox and balanced are complete opposites.

    Ann Romney’s speech seemed so contrived and phoney.

  • Sia

    Marcus- Contrived and phony you would know right ? Ann seems like the sweetest and sincerest person to hit tv so please hate shut up with your liberal hate !

  • Sia

    Don’t be jealous ! At least ABC, CBS and NBC will get their ratings up with the DNC because their so leftist only nut cases are going to watch and MSNBC will be lucky to hit 4 million with all their hate and stupid commentators. Good luck CNN you’ll need it !

  • fred

    Fox”News” audience is straight up geriatric. i bet most of them are watching this because its the only thing on and they lack the motor skills to reach for the remote or are won’t get up and change the channel for fear of a catastrophic hip injury.

    Its true, who would actually turn on fox news? seriously? (other to than to goof on it) scientific surveys have proven that watching fox news makes you MORE uninformed than people who don’t watch ANY news. Serious. Cant argue with science… oh wait. foxnews viewers can and do :D

  • Ryan

    Wow. Fred is a complete and total idiot. At least that is what my scientific survey proved.

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