FOX News Leads Day 1 RNC Coverage

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August 29th, 2012


FOX News Channel was the top network providing RNC coverage last night with 6.9 million viewers, putting it ahead of all of the cable and  broadcast networks during the 10-11PM hour in total viewers.  It was the only cable network to beat the broadcast networks last night.

FNC also beat CNN and MSNBC combined during the 10PM hour and in all of Primetime (8-11PM) in both total viewers and in the 25-54 demo.

10-11PM Coverage

FNC: 6,878,804 viewers (1,679,763 in 25-54)

NBC: 4,770,050 viewers (1,725,282 in 25-54)

CBS: 3,118,927 viewers (938,237 in 25-54)

ABC: 2,862,656 viewers (920,346 in 25-54)

CNN: 1,473,885 viewers (413,467 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 1,468,348 viewers (411,738 in 25-54)


*Note: NBC went from 10-11:05PM and ABC and CBS went from 10-11:03PM


8-11PM Primetime Coverage

FNC: 5,150,407 viewers (1,174,242 in 25-54)

CNN: 1,200,690 viewers (368,811 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 1,316,619 viewers (337,562 in 25-54)



*FNC peaked at 10:45-11PM ET with 7.2 million viewers and 1.8 million Adults 25-54

*CNN peaked from 10:15-10:30PM ET with 1.5 million viewers and 451,000 Adults 25-54.

*MSNBC peaked from 11-11:15PM ET with 1.8 million viewers and 555,000 Adults 25-54.


  • Dreamer

    Call me geriatric because I like Shep Smith. Good program.

  • Cam

    27 year old here Fred. Plenty of motor skills, so many that i work and sweat and strive for what I get. I don’t take hand outs unlike 80% of your party. And I was unemployed for a year. Never got one welfare check but lived on my own and did odd jobs to survive. Oh and supported a wife and kid. America is about dreaming and striving for those dreams. Not waiting for the gov to put some cheese on your plate that it stole from another persons. But you and all the other socialist idiot democrats who love “spreading the wealth” continue to destroy my county you piece of worthless garbage.

  • Matt

    Hey Fred. When you move out of your moms house and get a job, and stop taking advantage of that free welfare from our government you might start meeting some people who watch Fox News. Until then keep watching your idol olberman and “hope for change”

  • Laurel

    Way to go Fox !! I predict that FNC will dominate with the Democratic convention as well. That will say it all.

  • Jenny G

    @Cam….True Dat!

  • Raz

    Fox”News” audience is straight up geriatric

    Yo Fred, and what the heck is wrong with being older? Considering you are going to be there some day yourself think about what you are saying. Big mistake to dis old people.

  • Michael-60

    who says that the other 75% aren’t UNDER 25?

  • Karin_A

    Fred, if that’s all you got, you’ve lost the argument. As well as hearts and minds.

  • debsafan

    Doesn’t surprise me. The other networks were putting their spin on every thing.

  • Joe Bloe

    “Fox”News” audience is straight up geriatric.”

    “What’s most interesting is how very, very old the viewership is. Less than 25% of FNC viewers are between 25-54, about 36% for NBC and so forth…”

    This is certainly a case where using percentages vs actual headcount is misleading.

    FOX had 49,000 fewer 25-54s than NBC for the RNC coverage. That’s about 4.3%.

  • nick

    Did Fox cover Romney’s acceptance speech? I notice they aren’t covering Obama’s. Not surprised.

  • 1966

    how old are you? 13

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