'Days of our Lives' Scores Nine-Month High Among Women 18-49

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August 30th, 2012

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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – August 30, 2012 – “Days of our Lives” has delivered a nine-month high in women 18-49 and matched its best women 18-34 rating in nine months to tie for #1 among network daytime programs in the latter category.

For the week of August 20-24, "Days of our Lives" averaged a 1.0 rating, 6 share among women 18-49 and a 0.6 rating among women 18-34, to tie for #2 among network daytime series in the women 18-49 demographic and tie for #1 in the week’s women 18-34 race.

For the August 20-24 week, “Days” scored its highest women 18-49 rating since the week of November 21-25, 2011 (1.1) and equaled its highest women 18-34 result since that same week (0.8).

Season to date, "Days of our Lives" is tied for #6 in the women 18-49 category and tied for #4 in the women 18-34 demo.

Ratings reflect “live plus same day” data from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise noted. Season-to-date figures are averages of “live plus seven day” data except for the two most recent weeks, which are “live plus same day.”

  • Richard

    Poor Forreal and Lili,

    Someone insulted their favorite actress. Now go cry and tell you mama to change your diaper and give you a new bottle.

    Who cares what you think or whether my viewing is missed. That is the reason I don’t watch and it doesn’t change my opinion of that skanky Alison Sweeney. She sucks — get over it.

  • Lili

    Richard you reply to my post is so pathetic…to trash an actress you don’t know what’s so ever is so silly, i pity you maybe one day you will have a life…sad sad guy..and yep your viewing and silly opinion don’t matter and that at the end of the day is WHAT IS REALLY TRUELY MATTER.
    As for my life : everything is very good thank you, not my fault you can’t own your sad reality..pitiful..

  • Eddie

    Also DOOL fans are preparing for the return of Eileen Davidson who will play Kristen/Susan Dimera. If you watched D

  • diana

    looks like the Ejamis have spoken .. lol .. I hate them myself, I’m a Lumi fan. But the common denominator in high ratings last November and last week is: Ejami.

  • Richard

    Oh wow I have been put in my place by an Internet cry baby. My life is so complete now.

    My life is fine thank you. I am not the one who can’t live without getting so bent out of shape over an actress that you don’t even know. Poor baby.

    I don’t care what your opinion is of her or me. My opinion is the one that matters to me. And I say she still sucks as an actress. So there.

    And that is the opinion that to me really truely matters. Yours amounts to nothing.

    Remembers opinions are like butts — we all have one.

    Mine matters to me and that is the only one I am concerned about. Your opinion means absolutely nothing to me.

  • Eddie

    Fans are also preparing for the return of Eilen Davidson who will play Kristen/Susan. Anyone who watched DOOL in the 1990’s remembers the awesome storyline that played and involved many characters including Marlena, John and many others. In addition Sami and EJ also are helping those ratings. Eileen Davdison though help deliver some of DAYS highest ratings ever and I can hardly wait to watch and see what is going to happen when these episodes start airing in October!!!

  • Lili

    Richard last time i will respond to your pathetic egostistical posts and last time because guess what: you are so not worth it..so NOT.
    Yep your opinion matter to YOU and only you it seems it is the only quite rants from you which make sense but new flash for you : as well as your opinion matter to you mine matter to me therefore i have the right to tell it and finally stating a fact : that you are pathetic to trash an actress who doesn’t know and will never know and don’t freaking care (like people with brain by the way too) that you even exist on an internet board…and to call me a ‘cry baby’ if that makes you feel better pathetic guy more power to you..you make a fool of yourself that’s all and in a way it gave a little laugh so i guess thank you..That being said it is the end of ‘our’ discussion you are so not worth of more…can’t waste my time anymore answering to your pitiful trashy nasty rants sorry.

  • DryedMangoez

    Maybe people tuned in to see all the Will/Sonny stuff?

    Honestly though, I don’t get the all the hype for EJ and Sami, having not watched Days in the last few years. Can any Days fans who’ve been so diligent over the last few years enlighten me?

  • Richard

    Diana, From reading boards and as an outsider – it just seems to me that for the first time in a long time Days fans have reasons to tune in and it is numerous reasons – not just one couple.

    From studying and following the ratings this couple as well as other couples have been featured heavily in the past and the ratings didn’t stay up like they are now.

    I read on boards people enjoying the whole show and not just one part of it. That has been a long time to where you read that about the show.

    If Days can continue that it will be very interesting to see what happens when GH moves timeslots as it will be going head to head with Days in many areas across the country — as Days airs in that timeslot in many affiliate areas.

  • Chrisann

    Days is not my favorite soap…GH is.But I watch Days and enjoy it. One thing for sure NBC is behind this show 100%. That is wonderful as ABC dosen’t give a rats a$$ about doing some real promoting for GH.This is a really good sign for Days fans!!

  • Mel

    That’s fantastic I really enjoyed the Daysaster and also loved the Ejami story line I am really iam Hoping that the writers realize by now that Ejami is the reason why so many viewers are hooked back to Dool I just hope that the writers won’t put Sami back with rafe coz I literally FF and really feel sick when I watch them together in a scene I would even prefer lucas than that duck head rafe Write more storyline for Ejami and u’ll have more and more viewers

  • Sophie

    I don’t like Days at all anymore. I too can’t stand Sami, and think she is the worst actress on daytime. To think she is what makes the ratings go up is complete rubbish. The ratings were the same form Last Nov. till March. GH is my favorite, and I can’t wait to see who wins, once the time changes. GO GH, it’s getting so good!

  • hmmm

    Ejami fans are so freaking annoying almost as annoying as bieber fans.: f I have to base the rating in evidence I say people tuned in for will and sonny. 1. The guy that play sonny did a lot of press the week before talking about his bully storyline and trust it was lot of interviews and he say that they all were suppose to happen the week of 20. 2nd last week was big for the gay storyline 3rd even on you tube the gay story gain like three thousand viewer sorry to burst ya bubbles but I comment based on fact not wishful thinking. If it was really about Ejami the ratings would of goup the week of the days aster since it was their week and the had another week for their lust and guess what the ratings didn’t go up. So ejamites go sit down somewhere not everything is about Ewwjami.

  • hmmm

    Or if I had to add something that would be the return of Stefano. I.all wait for day by day ratings

  • BG

    @hmmm I’m sure people tuned in for the Will/Sonny storyline. I enjoy the entire show, but I do LOVE Ejami.

    @Mel, I agree!!! I’ll take Lumi over Safe :)Rafe should be paired with someone else.

    I know everyone is looking forward to the return of Eilen Davidson, but I can’t wait for Greg Vaughan!!! I loved him on GH!!

  • tj

    I have to defend Richard. All he said was he stopped watching the show because of Sami. He didn’t bash the show or even the actress but ya’ll jumped on him and made unnecessary coments. Anyway I did at one point think it was too much Sami but I did like the character though I don’t find her to be the strongest actress on daytime. Also I am a fan of her and Lucas together. I would have kept up with the show if every bad thing that happened in Salem wasn’t Dimera related. Sad, but I stopped watching when the original Philip left the 1st time. I liked the original Shawn, Belle, Philip and Chloe days. It was good then.

  • TimsDale4ever

    For whatever reason, congrats DAYS. GREAT to hear good news about ANY soap doing better in the ratings.

  • sam

    Sophie you just lie : November had a bump in ratings and after that ratings dropped..They got better in April, May and again dropped in June/first weeks of July to get up again end of July (Daysaster) but like this site explained the last time it really got up in demos was in end of november and last week.

  • Kayla Rae

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. As for myself, I think Allison Sweeney is a very accomplished actress. In fact, I cannot picture anyone else portraying the role of Sami so effectively.

    I am really drawn in by the Will/Sonny/T gay storyline and look forward to watching this progress.

    I don’t really care for Safe one way or the other. Ejami are far more interesting. Lumi are a bit boring as well.

    Glad to see Nick returning. And, Stefano’s return is most wonderful news as I cannot imagine Salem without Stefano!

  • donald

    way to go days yes take that gh days is the best yes!!

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