'GMA' is #1 for Second Straight Week Beating 'Today' by 520,000 Total Viewers

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August 30th, 2012

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“GMA” is #1 for Second Straight Week – Beating “Today” by 520,000 Total Viewers


“GMA” on Top 7 of Last 9 Weeks


“GMA” in Virtual Tie for First Place with “Today” in A25-54 Demo -- 5,000 Viewers Separate Two Programs


“GMA” Grows Week-to-Week and Year-to-Year

While “Today” Declines by Double-Digits Versus Last Year


For the 2nd week in a row, ABC News’ “Good Morning America” stood as the No. 1 morning newscast in Total Viewers (4.837 million) for the week of August 20, 2012, according to Nielsen Media Research.  In fact, “GMA” has ranked No. 1 in Total Viewers in 7 of the last 9 weeks and in 11 of the last 20 weeks overall since first beating “Today” in April (w/o 4/9/12).  “GMA” outdrew NBC’s “Today” (4.317 million) by +520,000 Total Viewers, posting its 2nd-largest margin of victory over the NBC program since its first win in April. Additionally, Goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! is the dominant morning news website leading NBC’s Today.com by millions of pageviews and unique users.  In July 2012, 24 million people visited Goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo!.


In Adults 25-54, “Good Morning America” finished in a virtual-tie for No. 1 with NBC’s “Today” (1.778 million vs. 1.783 million), with only 5,000 demo viewers separating the two programs.   


For the 2nd straight week, “Good Morning America” posted week-to-week gains (4.654 million and 1.739 million, respectively, on w/o 8/13/12) in both Total Viewers (+4%) and Adults 25-54 (+2%).  “GMA” matched its largest overall audience in 3 months – since w/o 5/21/12.  


“GMA” outdelivered its year-ago mark in Total Viewers by +5%, while equaling its Adults 25-54 performance (4.621 million and 1.778 million, respectively, on w/o 8/22/11), as both NBC’s “Today” (-18%/-24%) and “CBS This Morning” (-11%/-15%) each suffered double-digit losses.


“GMA” dominated “Today” during the week in Total Viewers winning all 5 head-to-head telecasts (Mon: +578,000, Tues: +531,000, Wed: +655,000, Thurs: +713,000 and Fri: +127,000).  In fact “GMA” has beaten “Today” for 9 consecutive days (8/14 – 8/24/12).


In addition, “GMA” outdelivered “Today” in 4 of 5 days in Adults 25-54 (Mon: +9,000, Tues: +43,000, Wed: +12,000 and Thurs: +49,000), representing the most number of single-day demo wins during a week in more than 17 years – since w/o 4/24/95. Further, “Good Morning America” also owned the week’s No. 1 morning broadcast in both Total Viewers (4.944 million) and Adults 25-54 (1.857 million) with its Tuesday telecast (8/21/12).


Season to date, “GMA” has substantially cut its gaps with “Today” in both Total Viewers (-57%) and Adults 25-54 (-50%) versus its year-ago season gaps.  “GMA” is posting its smallest margins with “Today” in 17 years in Total Viewers (327,000) and Adult 25-54 (354,000) – since the 1994-95 season.


Season to date “GMA” is the only morning program to grow in Total Viewers (+4%) and Adults 25-54 (+6%) versus its year-ago averages (NBC’s “Today:” -5%/-10%, respectively; CBS’ “This Morning:” -6%/-8%, respectively).  “GMA” is seeing its largest overall season audience in 6 years, since 2005-06.


“GMA” more than doubled the performance of “CBS This Morning” in Total Viewers (+112%), while nearly doubling the performance in Adults 25-54 (+98%).




ABC                    4,837,000      1.5/12; 1,778,000     3.6/14

NBC                    4,317,000      1.5/12; 1,783,000     3.3/13

CBS                    2,286,000      0.7/ 6;   896,000     1.8/ 7

  • ohiogirl

    I’ve switched from ‘Today’ to ‘CBS Morning’. After their classless trashing of the stellar Ann Curry, I’ll not go back.
    CBS has a wonerful segment called ‘Your World in 90 Seconds’ that is on at the top of the show. You get every top story and immediately know what’s going on in the world…very handy if you have to head out the door! I hate watching the first 30 minutes of Today, and all I hear of is one headline story, (whatever is the most sensationalized), a bear in a swimming pool, or Rhyanna’a latest tear-jerk drama.

  • downesy

    I agree with Ohio girl. I switched from Today- but to GMA- which is now #1- after the way NBC asked Ann to leave her post as anchor. She was a class act and truly the most seasoned reporter. Savannah Guthrie is horrible. The show itself is also the problem. GMA has better reporting and storys. The team has a great connection and resonates a “feel the love” relationship among them all- Robin, Amy( formerly Today Saturday- she jumped ship for a better ride with GMA) Josh, Sam and Lara. It really outshines Today in everyway.

  • nick

    CBS This Morning is the best!! Right on, OhioGirl! So over the Today Show. Charlie rose and Gayle. king are class acts!

  • Pherrel

    Hopefully NBC is finally getting the message that they just can’t treat people the way they do without viewers reacting! Matt Lauer should take a huge pay cut to stay on the air. I have never been a big Today fan, but I actually enjoy the “vibe” at GMA. I watch NBC very little – even the previews for new fall shows look rediculous!!

  • joejohnson291

    CBS is dead last,didn’t you read the story?CBS has always been and will continue to be dead last in the morning show wars.Oprah’s life partner or Obama’s campaign manager Norah won’t make this show anything but last as always.CBS will give them a year and change it again.Moonves isn’t the brightest guy,paying Katie couric 75 million over 5 years to read a teleprompter,anything a high school kid could do. Today show is just as clueless paying Matt Lauer 25 million a year. David Letterman is sure not worth 30 million a year either on his show.CBS just throws their money away for non talent.

  • Steffanie Gibbons

    After watching the Today show for more than 20 years, I turned it off when Ann Curry was canned. I now watch CBS Morning News, which is the best! I don’t want to see anchors in Halloween costumes again.

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