Republican National Convention Night 2 Draws 22.3 Million Viewers, Up 800,000 From 2008

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August 30th, 2012

via nielsenwire

An estimated 22.3 million people tuned in to watch the opening night of the 2012 Republican National Convention on Tuesday, August 28, which was pushed back a day due to Hurricane Isaac. [...]

The 22 million plus viewers of last night’s RNC—which included three more networks than the comparable night in 2008—bested that night by 800,000 viewers.

2012 Republication National Convention
Sum of Networks Live + Same Day
Day 1-Aug 27, 2012 Day 2-Aug 28, 2012
Rating Number of Viewers Rating Number of Viewers
All Households

No common coverage due to Hurricane Isaac

14.7 16,920,000
Persons 2+ 7.7 22,301,000
Persons 18-34 2.2 1,483,000
Persons 35-54 6.7 5,414,000
Persons 55+ 18.8 14,661,000

Networks Included:

  • Silvio

    I speak in the name of 99% of the world population outside of the US….F*** the GOP!

  • SG

    Less than 10% of Americans cared to watch. Personally, Hurricane Isaac was much more interesting on the Weather Channel.

  • SG

    Go Silvio! –

    I speak in the name of 99% of the world population outside of the US….F*** the GOP!

  • AppleStinx


    Our existence is not predicated on what 99% of the world population outside of the US thinks of us. :wink:

  • Bill Gorman

    “I speak in the name of 99% of the world population outside of the US”

    BTW, the US population is closer to 4% of the world population, but your inferiority complex is duly noted.

  • Mr Mumble

    As someone outside the US I don’t mind the GOP at all *shrugs*. Guess this makes me part of the 1% according to Silvio and SG… but where’s my millions of dollars? :)

  • RJ

    GOP is not the 1%. Hell, I’m a college student and I’m a Republican struggling to get by with the costs.

  • Chris

    Boy, news programs skew EXTREMELY OLD!

  • Texan1

    Silvio: Get off the computer, and come mow my yard like you’re supposed to do…or I’ll sic ICE on you amigo.

  • Richard Donovan

    I’m with Silvio.As for the knuckle dragger from Texas same to him or her.

  • Lance

    Re: Texan1

    Spoken like a true Republican.

  • Hillbilly

    Richard Donovan & Silvio must be Germans. ;) At least give your country’s name so us nasty Americans can thank you for all you have done for us & the world.

  • Hartley news listener

    Silvio, if you dont like it, don’t watch and get out of this country. You are probably here and drawing your welfare check and food stamps that this1% is paying. Don’t forget the service men and women who are fighting for you to allow you to spew your hatred of the GOP. You are probably brain washed by listening to the Oboma lovers from MSNBC, NBC and other left wing unprofessional media represetatives.

  • Hartley news listener

    She is in this country and doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth because she doesn’t want to be recognized because she is afraid that the work rwquirement may go back into the welfare reform and he doesn’t to work harder than walkimg to the mailbox to get hr miney that most Americans are paying fo

  • Hartley news listener

    I am gun toten, bible thumping tennessean vietnam vet That still has faith in this country if we can get Oboma out of office and get this country back to being the strongest country in the world

  • Joe

    Yeah because your boy Bush did such a terrific job. The welfare garbage excuse. Looks like Hartley only watches Fox News. I guess you love non stop tax cuts for the rich. 12 years and counting. I’m sure the poor are just living it up in this country while the rich get screwed? Obama has not been a great President. But let’s remember who destroyed the country. Bush did. So Bush made this not the strongest country in the world.

  • Marma

    What do Republicans know that Democrats don’t?
    70% of Americans have a high school diploma – or less.
    When do you think Democrats will figure that out?

    How do you double the number of filibusters and then ask to be rewarded for it?

    Easy. 70% of Americans don’t know what filibuster means.

    Don’t blame the Republicans. It’s not their job to say “filibuster”, it’s their job to say “Failure to lead” and “Broken promises”. The Republicans are doing their job.

    70% of Americans have a high school diploma – or less.

    When, if ever, do you think Democrats will figure that out?

  • JBN

    Go Texan1. I’m neither party, but that dude from Brazil shows how ignorant he is by using bad language and partisan attacks. That is why North America is in trouble and is split 50/50. There should be no political parties (read about George Washington). With that being said Paul Ryan is just what this country needs. Joe Biden is a baffoon.

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