FOX News Channel Beats Broadcast Again in Final Night of Coverage for RNC

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August 31st, 2012


FOX News Channel was once again  the top network during the final day of the RNC with 9.1 million total viewers, putting it ahead of broadcast coverage by wide margins during the 10-11PM hour in both total viewers and in adults 25-54.

FNC also only declined 2% in viewership from 2008's RNC, which is lower than the declines reported by all other broadcast/cable networks resulting from the overall lower viewership we've seen during this RNC. See more in the tables below.




10-11PM Coverage

FNC: 9,057,093 viewers (2,575,383 in 25-54)

  • Vs. ’08, only down 2% in P2+

ABC: 4,442,908,000 viewers (1,612,407 in 25-54)

  • Vs. ’08, down 26%

NBC: 3,847,498 viewers (1,463,902 in 25-54)

  • Vs. ’08, down 56%

CBS: 3,729,691 viewers (1,506,553 in 25-54)

  • Vs. ’08, down 30%

CNN: 2,327,376 viewers (903,838 in 25-54)

  • Vs. ’08, down 52%

MSNBC: 1,876,459 viewers (625,712 in 25-54)

  • Vs. ’08, down 25%


*Note: NBC went from 10-11:19PM, ABC from 10-11:22PM and CBS from 10-11:21PM


8-11PM Primetime Coverage

FNC: 6,609,548 viewers (1,627,349 in 25-54)

CNN: 1,657,584 viewers (580,648 in 25-54)

MSNBC: 1,567,633 viewers (464,809 in 25-54)



*FNC peaked at 10:45-11PM ET with 9.4 million viewers and 2.8 million in Adults 25-54

*MSNBC peaked from 11:15-11:30PM ET with 2.478 million viewers and 847,000 in Adults 25-54.

*CNN peaked from 10:45-11PM ET with 2.454 million viewers and during 10:30-10:45 with 980,000 in Adults 25-54.



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  • Snap Tie

    Lets hope that shows at the polls. Obama – One & Done

  • Coffee Steve

    Ohhhhhhhhhh APPLESTINX???

    I can still have my 15 cups Saturday :-)

    @Fox News Channel & Rupert and Robert Murdock

    Expect calls for raises next week

  • Coffee Steve

    NBC is the CNN of the Main Stream Media now

    Reminds me of an elevator operator of yars ago

    Gooooooooooing dowwwwwwwn!

  • jrc1978

    Poor Clint…forgot his meds. That was embarrassing for the republicans. It was like a slow motion plane crash. Or a bad infomercial.

  • TomSFBay

    This doesn’t come as a surprise, does it? My guess is MSNBC will lead when Obama speaks next week. Personally, I watched the 49ers dismantle the Chargers in their final preseason game, only switching back to the convention during commercial breaks. More of the same from the republicans. Next week we’ll hear more of the same from the democrats. Same old stupid politics; same old stupid people getting fired up over it.

  • bill

    @jrc1978 – it was meant to be light and goofy. It probably would have been funnier if Alec Bloatwin or Junkie Garafolo did it.

  • jrc1978

    @bill…I know…that’s the problem. The republicans are coming across as light and goofy. I just can’t take anything they say seriously so far…I’ve tried.

  • Sam

    As a moderate person politically, I disagree with an ABC analyst’s opinion about Mitt’s speech. Unlike him, I did believe that Romney did open himself up personally and showed a good amount of emotion and conviction, especially towards the end of the speech.

    It was also a very good move for Mitt to ask ‘Are we better off than we were four years ago?’

    Still not sure who I’m going to vote for, but definitely will be doing some fact checking for both sides.

  • duh


    you STINK of fear! It worked…barry tweeted last night after midnight…it was meant to hurt obama..and it did! :)))

  • jrc1978

    I’m WAY better off than I was 4 years ago. I work for an auto supplier. I speak from experience. And I think I smell pretty good, thanks.

  • Sam

    @jrc1978, good for you for being able to look at your last four years positively. The answer to that question for everyone, IMO, should be one of the top questions people ask themselves when they vote, whether the answers end up favoring Obama or not.

  • Steelers Sux

    No “surprise!”Seeing how the the “main stream media” has drifted so far in the gutter with their bipartisan views.” They don’t even try “hiding” it anymore.The crew at MSNBC shows complete lack of integrity. Comcast ,”what the hell can you thinking?” From Maddow (enough with the little girl act) – Matthew’s is just “unbelievable.”Maddow trying to come off as a Barbie doll,Sharpton sitting there looking as ‘stupid’ as ever,Hayes looking like a “little boy” and “clueless” as to why he’s even there,Matthews with his “the GOP party is the of racist”rants and GQ mag got it correct about Schultz.
    Hell! Watching re-runs of ‘The Brady bunch” would be more entertaining and informational,then this cast of “MISFITS”
    How can any CEO of a network put together such cast ‘misfits’ and hope to have any ‘type’ of commercial success?

  • Sam

    @ Steelers Sux, yeah as right wing as Fox is, no one who is able to look at the networks’ coverage objectively can refute that Fox is way more fair and balanced than NBC/MSNBC.

    And, I agree with your name as well lol.

  • tim

    Clint was hilarious, a night of talking about serious challenges America faces and scripted texts, with a little bit of Clint’s off the cuff shtick mixed in…Bravo Clint, fantastic!!!!

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Coffee Steve: Didn’t you predict Nine Million Viewers for Fox yesterday?

    @TomSFBay: >>> My guess is MSNBC will lead when Obama speaks next week <<<

    You couldn't be more wrong, Tom. Maybe it's that crazy SF atmosphere by The Bay that's gotten to you. The ratings you see now should be about the same next week. Remember, the conventions are not just watched by the Party Faithful hosting it. The loyal opposition will be looking in every speaker's orifice to find some "gotcha" juice to use against the Party.

    FNC is your King and Your Master. BOW before them, you knave!

  • Fischer

    Clint Eastwoods speech was Amazing!! I think it’ll get the seniors votes and the public responded well to the speech (democrats already have there opinions). We need Mitt Romney as the next President. We need a person who knows business, and he knows how to create jobs. A lot of people are doing worse then 4 years ago. People havnt seen the ‘change’ in jobs, economy, ect.. That Obama promised. He’s added 8 TRILLION dollars in just 4 years. More than any other Pres. And Obamacare won’t decrease that. Mitt Romney speaks such a true message that Americans create their companies without the government help.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @jrc1978: >>> I’m WAY better off than I was 4 years ago. I work for an auto supplier <<<

    I don't want to call you an idiot because you are either new or using a different handle. But, you answered your own question.

    Folks CAN'T AFFORD new cars, so they are fixing up their old cars. That's been in the news. I did not just make that up. Hence, you're higher income in auto supplies.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @jrc1978: >>> @bill…I know…that’s the problem. The republicans are coming across as light and goofy. I just can’t take anything they say seriously so far…I’ve tried. <<<

    If this had been eight years ago, folks like you would have said that the Republicans were too boring and stiff. So far, I can't take you seriously.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Roger Ailes (Fox News President) must feel like John Holmes today. LOL

  • Billy

    Bad news for Romney. He only got about 26 million viewers. McCain had 38.9 million in 2008.

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