Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Friday

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September 4th, 2012

Continuing with the night-by-night look at the fall 2012 schedule, we move to Friday night.  Friday is sometimes scoffed at as a wasteland night when nobody watches television. Less people watch television on Friday, but only around 15% less than the typical Thursday. That still leaves a lot of people, but most of them are usually watching something other than the English broadcast networks.

This Fall the night will initially include 8 hours of scripted television (same as last Fall) on the broadcast nets with one new scripted series. Last Man Standing and Malibu Country are scheduled to move into the ABC 8pm slot in November, upping the scripted total to 9 hours and two new shows.

The new series are CBS's Made In Jersey at 9pm and later ABC's Malibu Country at 8:30pm. Perhaps CBS learned their lesson with A Gifted Man that premiering a new drama on Friday at 8pm isn't such a good idea.

Fringe being in its final season, and the move of Supernatural to Wednesday will likely dampen interest around here on Saturday mornings in the Fall, but we may make up for a little bit of the traffic from anxious Community fans, and maybe a handful of Touch fans. A potential traffic windfall for us would be if Grimm ratings stumble early, it could become the next traffic Fringe or Chuck.

If you're looking for other nights of the week, be patient.  We'll post one per day through next Wednesday and then you'll have them all.  You can find them (including Thursday night) here.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011-12's Friday night schedule:

  • Andy

    Nikita of course.

  • Ryan Schwartz

    Prediction: Animal Practice and/or Guys or Kids will tank or both. Community will switch days with whichever flops harder and Whitney will be canned after 13. Community’s order will be extended to 17-22 for solely syndication purposes.

  • Percysowner

    Watch Grimm until Fringe and Nikita are both on then DVR Fringe and Nikita, catch Grimm On Demand until Fringe is over.

  • Brandy


  • Travis

    Skipping Whitney and going straight to Community/Grimm.

  • cc

    Grimm, only thing of interest for me. Nice to see Touch being given another chance.

  • Jared

    Will check out Made in Jersey..but have a feeling its gonna be cancelled as soon as it premieres.

  • bob

    Shark Tank….will try Made in Jersey and Blue Bloods.

  • Bern

    Watching: Nikita, Grimm, Malibu Country, and Cult (CW midseason)

    Fridays are going to be hard all of my shows are airing the same time slot Nikita and Grimm. Now I’m going to watch Grimm the next day on Hulu.

    Might try to see Made In Jersey if I have time.

  • Melanie

    Nikita and Grimm

  • Jason

    Shark Tank and ANTM for me. Shark Tank is such a guilty pleasure.

  • Erika

    Community 100%
    Not sure if I can handle Touch for season 2. I think it’ll get cancelled during the season.

  • Mark Wilkins

    Touch and Fringe FTW, can’t go wrong with Fox this Fall on Friday.

  • The Original J

    Count me among the anxious Community fans showing up every Saturday morning.

  • tv#1

    Definitely have to watch Fringe. Than probably Nikita, Grimm, and Touch. Maybe Community to?

  • AustinGriffith

    Shark Tank, Fringe and Blue Bloods.

  • A.


  • the_troubke_with_the_truth

    I’ll be on board for Last Man Standing and Malibu Country only. I’d watch Reba reading the phone book and so will millions of others. That’s why her show will be a Friday staple for years! Us country fans are if nothing but devoted!

  • RG-X

    Sat & Sun’s have nothing that will keep me from week to week except maybe a NY game…

    Fridays will be tough – I like CSI NY, Touch & Shark Tank – I will watch Touch or CSI-NY and then watch the other when on hiatus or repeats – I guess Fox doesn’t repeat much so Touch will probably win then I’ll catch CSI when Touch is a repeat.

  • Kyle7

    Community and Fringe.

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