Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Monday

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September 4th, 2012

Recapping our night-by-night look at the fall 2012 schedule, we start on Monday night.  ABC is keeping the exact same lineup as Fall 2011 and CBS is close, with only the new comedy  Partners at 8:30p, and 2 Broke Girls moving to the tentpole 9pm spot after the Thursday move of Two And A Half Men.

NBC brings The Voice into the Fall, followed by new drama Revolution at 10pm. For NBC's sake, I hope it lasts longer than The Playboy Club did.

We can only hope we'll get a little Revolution fan chatter joining the Castle v. Hawaii Five-0 trash talk on Tuesday mornings.

The CW moves Gossip Girl an hour later than last Fall for its final season (not clear on the episode count) and brings 90210 into the night. The Carrie Diaries is scheduled to enter the night after Gossip Girl is done.

Nothing nearly as newsworthy on the night for Fox as Terra Nova was last Fall, but rookie The Mob Doctor will follow Bones.

Take a trip down memory land with 2011's Monday Fall schedule:

  • tv#1

    The CW for me on Mondays. At 10 I will watch Revolution. I also will watch HIMYM and Partners.

  • AustinGriffith

    I’m only watching Castle on this night

  • Ricky

    Oh wow. Three-way DVR conflict for me, thanks to H50, Castle, and Revolution all at once! I’m glad RVN gets to premiere a week earlier. That one is a must-see for me. :D


  • Nick

    Didn’t we do this in May?

    Anyway, I’ll be watching Switched at Birth, The Mob Doctor, Castle, and Revolution. I would like to be watching Mike & Molly, but the season 2 DVD hasn’t come out yet.

    I am planning to watch Revolution, but my DVR is recording two things all night, and Castle and H50 are two of them. If Revolution isn’t released on NBC.com I will be pissed!!

    Now, Ratings Predictions!!!!!

    DWTS: All-Stars: 2.9-3.5
    Castle: 2.2-2.6
    The All-Stars DWTS will stop Dancing’s fall and give Castle a nice boost.

    HIMYM: 3.9-4.7
    Partners: 3.6-4.2
    2BG: 4.0-5.1
    M&M: 3.8-4.7
    H50: 2.3-2.6
    CBS Monday comedies typically fall a lot between fall and spring, so there is a wide range. I think Partners will be hitting those mid-3s by November, though, and will not get a back-9 order (unless it got a full 22 already) .

    90210: 0.6-0.7
    GG: 0.4-0.5
    CW Mondays will do terrible. Period. GG will be up to 0.7/0.8 for its finale, but that’s it.

    Bones: 2.1-2.4
    Mob Doctor: 2.0-2.2
    TMD will do OK behind Bones, but its renewal will be solely based on how The Following does.

    The Voice: 3.2-3.8
    Revolution: 2.8-3.4
    The Voice will be down from last year, but won’t do terrible. Revolution will do great for NBC.

    CBS- 3.7
    NBC- 3.4
    ABC- 2.9
    Fox- 2.2
    CW- 0.6

  • Robert

    Five-0 and Revolution…can’t wait…not sure what ABC is showing in the 10pm slot..(wink wink)


  • Kyle7

    HIMYM and the three 10 pm shows. I gave 2BG a full season to get better, and it didn’t IMO, so its “Record Series” has been deleted from the DVR. I’ll figure out some way to watch 3 shows at the same time even though the DVR can only record 2. I’m actually happy that Alphas was moved to 8 pm, since otherwise I’d have had 4 shows airing at the same time for the first few weeks of the season.

  • RG-X

    The Voice & Revolution – wow – I’ll be watch NBC all nite for once.

    They have 3 shows I’ll be watching – Parenthood, Voice & Revolution.

    I hope Revolution will be good – the daylight scenes look like stage settings and not too realistic -looks more like old sets from “Land of The Lost” from the 70’s on Saturday mornings back in the day.

  • Ricky

    @RG-X: Really? I would think it looks more like a cross between Falling Skies and Jericho. All the desolation of the former, with the non-washed-out color of the latter.

    Of course, I still haven’t seen the pilot yet (will do that tonight!), but based on the many promotions that’s what it looks like to me. For once I’m glad for NBC-Universal and their dreaded overpromotion machine!

  • Mike

    Revolution :)

  • EatMorePez

    I’m looking forward to Revolution. I think the Mod Doctor will bomb. I also think this will be the last season for 90210. No shame in 5 seasons and 100+ episodes though.

  • USAmerica1st

    As a sci-fi fan I’ll give Revolution a long-term try, but it seems to have a Jericho-Terra Nova vibe which does not bode well for the long haul. On the other hand, Falling Skies with similar vibes is a hit on cable.

  • Juan

    Castle is the only sure thing, also stuff on cable and will see between the voice and DWTS ( love Shawn Johnson) and I’m still waiting for the last season of HIMYM on Netflix so I can start watching them live.

  • Tom

    One of the more stable nights, so not a lot of questions:

    1) How long until Partners makes way for RoE?
    2) How long until Mob Doctor makes way for Touch?
    3) Is there any way Bones keeps enough audience to get another season at their high price tag?
    4) Where does Revolution end up in the Spring?

    Personal Disclaimer: I will give Revolution a shot.. and probably drop it quickly. Not to enrage the cult of Kripke, but the only part of Supernatural I thought was any good were the meta episodes.

  • Brandy

    Ill also watch Switched at Birth,Bunheads,Carrie Diaries in Jan.

  • Nick


    1) 4-6 weeks
    2) I think TMD will do OK and its renewal has everything to do with if The Following does better.
    3) This is probably Bones’s last season. FOX Mondays next year will have one of Touch/ The Mob Doctor/ The Following, and two new shows.

  • Gustavo

    Must watch:HIMYM,The mob doctor and Mike & Molly.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I’ll give Revolution a few episodes for Giancarlo Esposito. Undecided after that. And I’ll still be watching Castle for Nathan Fillion, despite the fact that police procedurals bore me to tears.

  • Raykov

    I’ll watch HIMYM, 2 Broke Girls, 90210 and Revolution

  • Bee

    testing out partners, the mob docter, and revolution. hopefully one of em is good and sticks.

  • rob60990

    DWTS & Castle for me. DVR Switched at Birth.

    Can’t wait for Revolution to sink after its premiere. :D

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