Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Saturday

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September 4th, 2012

Our night-by-night Fall 2012 TV schedule looks continue with Saturday.  Saturday night would've been omitted from any night-by-night look except for the fact that I'm a completionist nutcase.

Last year there was some goofy TV media chatter that CBS was trying to breathe life into Saturday nights when it scheduled Rules Of Engagement there. That was nonsense, it was a warehousing move that didn't happen since How To Be A Gentleman cratered so quickly, RoE never aired on Saturday, and premiered on Thursday instead.

The big change on Saturday night next Fall (although it's already underway), and one I'm certain will get zero attention from the entertainment media, is the fact that Fox has given over the night to FOX Sports who'll program various seasonal sports (baseball, college football, NASCAR) during the year with some new episodes of Cops sprinkled in from time to time. That extra money spent will likely give FOX a nice ratings margin over the competition (with the possible exception of ABC Saturday Night College Football in the Fall).

For a trip down memory lane, check out 2011's Saturday schedule:

  • Ryan Schwartz

    Unfortunately, ROE might end up on Saturdays in mid season, no? If Partners tanks, it’ll surely return to Mondays, but if it doesn’t, where do you put it? Summer? There’s not a chance in hell that 2.5 Men is put on a winter hiatus for 13 weeks just so ROE to make its grand return for season 7. Maybe if Made in Jersey tanks, Fridays at 8 followed by another comedy and CSI:NY at 9? I doubt it would do worse than what ABC has planned for November.

  • Joseph

    Fox can probably run sports most Saturday nights of the year by:

    (1) Moving all of their Saturday baseball telecasts from April through the end of August to night games (I think Fox is already going to do this in 2013).

    (2) Have the Saturday night Pac-12 college football package.

    (3) Have the first several weeks of NASCAR (including next February’s Daytona “500”) from mid-February until the start of baseball’s regular-season be raced under the lights on Saturday nights, and,

    (4) Perhaps convince the NFL to have an NFC semifinal game and the NFC Championship game both be on consecutive Saturday nights in January.

    Along with a few UFC or pother sports specials, Fox probably can fill 42 or 43 of the 52 Saturday nights each year with live sports.

  • cc

    The networks don’t even make an effort on Saturdays. Not everyone wants to see sports.

  • bob

    Netflix Night

  • Joseph

    I also think that within the next couple of years, there could be four broadcast networks carrying prime-time college football on Saturday nights.

    Besides ABC’s Big-10/Big-12/ACC/Big East package and Fox’s Pac-12 package, I expect that NBC will move it’s Notre Dame package from Saturday afternoons to Saturday nights with a 7:35 P.M. ET kickoff (as to prevent “Saturday Night Live” from starting late) and CBS will likely move it’s SEC package to Saturday nights as well.

    If that happens, it will be very interesting to see if four Saturday night prime-time college football games on broadcast network TV may cannibalize each other.

    My guest is that the “most important” (in terms of BCS rankings) game each week will win out.

  • Erika

    I watch X Factor UK during the day and if a good game is on then of course I’ll watch.

  • tv#1

    Saturday will be a DVR catch up/movie night for me. Really there is nothing new or original that is worth watching that airs on Saturday nights.

  • RG-X

    Waste nite.

    This night is easy – all shows on Sat, will return for 2013-14

  • Tom

    It’ll be interesting to see how well Fox does on the night, probably ending up #1 on most weekends.

    Personal Disclaimer: I won’t watch anything here.

  • Old Man

    Battle between 2 sports programming, CBS & NBC no chance (aside from orig programming here) but they’d still get trounced


    no one cares

  • Julie

    If I’m home on Saturdays it will be either catch up on other DVR’d stuff (since I will also be recording various cable shows that I can’t watch live throughout the week), or movie night.

  • Nick

    I’m watching How the States Got Their Shapes on History 2.

  • Kevin

    Just Saturday Night Live. I already plan to watch Nickelodeon shows with the final episodes of iCarly, Victorious and How to Rock.

  • AC

    I can at least watch MY FAIR WEDDING on SATUrdays!! YA WETV

  • TomKH

    @Joseph, ND will never agree to move to an all night game home schedule, and they are the ones calling the shots.

  • Ultima

    I expect that NBC will move it’s Notre Dame package from Saturday afternoons to Saturday nights with a 7:35 P.M. ET kickoff (as to prevent “Saturday Night Live” from starting late) and CBS will likely move it’s SEC package to Saturday nights as well.

    You come up with the most asinine predictions.

    Notre Dame playing night games at home is very rare and is unlikely to exceed one game a season.

    ESPN has the exclusive rights to the SEC during primetime and CBS already has the highest rated college football broadcast. If they spent a bunch of money moving their games into primetime, it would likely be a net loss. It’s worth it when they have a huge matchup (e.g. #1 vs #2), but that’s it.

  • xhp24

    I guess no more AMW specials?

  • Stephen

    Saturday=screw the big 4…

    Dr. Who!

  • stefan

    I remember when Saturday night was a top night, especially on NBC. Now it’s a dump. What happened? In fact, there is f***-all on TV Saturday nights.

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