Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Sunday

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September 4th, 2012

Continuing our night-by-night look at the Fall 2012 Fall TV schedule, we move to Sunday.  The only changes on the night are two ABC shows, and one CBS show, but only one of those shows are new.  Desperate Housewives, long an ABC tentpole is gone, and hopeful sophomore Revenge takes its place at 9pm, followed by the only new show of the night, 666 Park Avenue.

Last spring there was some doubt about the NFL season, but there's no doubt this year. Sunday Night Football will, of course, dominate the night's ratings. ABC won't top football, but it may well top the night after football season.

Will The Good Wife finally be sold into syndication? Considering the tenacity of Les Moonves' salespeople, I'm going with yes, but it hasn't been an easy sell. The Mentalist takes the place of canceled CSI: Miami at 1opm. The Mentalist will have 116+ episodes at the end of next season (its 5th), and isn't owned by CBS. Next spring will be an interesting time for fans worried about the show's future.

No new shows for Fox's Sunday animation line up next season. The Cleveland Show will join the night at 7:30 after football season.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011's Sunday Fall schedule:

  • me

    I am looking forward to a new season of OUAT!! yeay! and I really like the Mentalist too. but I am a little worried that it will be delayed because of football.

  • Justin121

    It’s amazing how ABC went into Sundays last season with a waning, extended-beyond-its-years Desperate Housewives, and some new unproven shows, and this year they’re going into Sundays with the most successful hits of the season, Revenge and Once Upon A Time.

    666 Park Ave. is just the cherry on the pire, as it’s one of the most anticipated shows of the Fall. ABC Sundays rule.

    The Good Wife is there to ensure there’s at least 3 must-see TV shows on Sundays.

    1- Revenge / The Good Wife
    2- Nashville / 666 Park Ave.
    3- Grey’s Anatomy
    4- Once Upon A Time / Parenthood

    Creme of the crop.

    Shows that might join the above:

    Last Resort, Vegas, Made in Jersey, Emily Owens, Arrow, Scandal.

  • Ricky

    Here’s hoping The Mentalist does as well as it can possibly do in the worst timeslot CBS has to offer. Hopefully by this time next year TGW will have been axed (and, if it is indeed sold into syndication, for abysmally low prices so CBS can live to regret keeping it alive for so long) and The Mentalist will have taken the 9pm timeslot so it won’t have to suffer another year in the death zone. After all, it took only two years in that timeslot to do in CSI: Miami.

  • Ultima

    No new shows for Fox’s Sunday animation line up next season. The Cleveland Show will join the night at 7:30 after football season.

    The Cleveland Show will be on during the fall, when FOX doesn’t have the NFL doubleheader or baseball; so five, maybe six, episodes.

    At this point it looks like they aren’t doing the silly American Dad/Cleveland Show shuffle, which should help American Dad’s numbers and probably kill the spin off.

  • Kyle7

    Once, possibly 666 Park Ave., and a rotation of cable dramas (Walking Dead, Homeland, etc.) SNF on the two occasions (possibly more because of flex scheduling) the Texans are playing.

  • RG-X

    I won’t watch anything on Sundays – but it looks like All shows new and old will survive the upcoming season – 666 maybe the one that fails – not sure.

    My prediction: All Sunday shows return next year.

  • Ultima

    Sundays are going to be tough for CBS with the football overrun

    Tough for people with very full DVR schedules? Yes.

    Tough for a network having the highest rated show of the week overrun into primetime? Not so much.

  • CrimTV

    Let’s hope ABC actually are not insane this season and air originals while the Grammy’s are on or other award shows. Yes last season OUAT did great but DH and Pan Am did terribly, and Revenge and maybe 666 will share the same audience! It would be a shame if ABC ruined their night as they actually have a really strong Sunday lineup!

  • Tom

    All the questions are focused on ABC. (Well, and if The Mentalist ends up on Friday or is axed.)

    1) How well does Revenge fill in here? I’m personally not hopeful – I think DH’s strength was in the older end of W18-49, and who knows if they will migrate to GW or not.

    2) Does 666 run out the year? Personally, I see it doing just poorly enough that ABC will constantly be asking themselves whether they should yank it or not.

    Personal Disclaimer: I won’t watch anything on the night.

  • Old Man

    Will be watching OUAT, TGW & 666, ABC should place second for night thru Dec

    @ Justin 121–no arguments here!

  • Concerned Citizen

    As always, Sunday will be dominated by cable. Boardwalk Empire and Homeland are flat-out better than anything the networks can offer on any night drama-wise.

  • Gustavo

    Must watch:Revenge and The good wife.

  • Bee

    beyond excited about ABC sundays! hopefully revenge rocks it and 666 is good.

  • The Situation Room with Barf Witzer

    I am so excited for ABC’s lineup. i’m not an OUAT person, but I’d love to try it. Will stay with my one true love Revenge, and try 666. Also am excited for more American Dad and Family Guy.

  • Brian

    Will be watching the classic Simpsons, Amazing Race, Revenge live and Family Guy for DVR!

  • rob60990

    Revenge will be the only show I’m watching on Sundays. Hope it does well.

  • Raykov

    I’ll watch Once Upon A Time & The Good Wife from the broadcasts and Dexter & The Walking Dead from the cable.

  • The Hafk

    Nice to see Bob’s Burgers sitting nice in it’s 7:30 timeslot. Since there isn’t a hiatus this year, hopefully Bob’s can gain some momentum.


    ABC & CBS

    SNF…no brainer, NBC wins

    FOX’ animation-domination will hold steady for 2nd

    ABC’s OUAT will slip while Revenge should hold 100% of its Spring numbers (like 2.2-2.4)

    CBS will slide slightly from 8-10 but The Mentalist will help them catch-up…expect Revenge and The Good Wife to feed off eachother with Revenge having a slightl lead….not good…not good at all

  • Ram510

    ABC all night! Most excited for OUAT though. I’ll also check in on American Dad to see if it gets any better and then on cable there’s Dexter/Homeland and Boardwalk Empire

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