Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Sunday

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September 4th, 2012

Continuing our night-by-night look at the Fall 2012 Fall TV schedule, we move to Sunday.  The only changes on the night are two ABC shows, and one CBS show, but only one of those shows are new.  Desperate Housewives, long an ABC tentpole is gone, and hopeful sophomore Revenge takes its place at 9pm, followed by the only new show of the night, 666 Park Avenue.

Last spring there was some doubt about the NFL season, but there's no doubt this year. Sunday Night Football will, of course, dominate the night's ratings. ABC won't top football, but it may well top the night after football season.

Will The Good Wife finally be sold into syndication? Considering the tenacity of Les Moonves' salespeople, I'm going with yes, but it hasn't been an easy sell. The Mentalist takes the place of canceled CSI: Miami at 1opm. The Mentalist will have 116+ episodes at the end of next season (its 5th), and isn't owned by CBS. Next spring will be an interesting time for fans worried about the show's future.

No new shows for Fox's Sunday animation line up next season. The Cleveland Show will join the night at 7:30 after football season.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011's Sunday Fall schedule:

  • joss

  • Joe


    You are insane

  • addict

    OK .. sunday is by far my favorite night of television.
    1 you have OUAT. MY #2 faovirte new show of last season. with the magic being in the land and the queen smiling at the end it gets me really pumped for this next season. hopefully more people will tune in and see how great the show is.

    2 you have REVENGE!! my #1 favorite show of last season. i mean this is the best show on tv by far. everything about it is great.

    3 at 9oclock on cable you have THE WALKING DEAD .. i’m not gona know which one to dvr. ahh its going to be a toss up. i mean i will watch the dvr’d show before i go to bed but i dont know which one i want to see first

    4. you have 666 park ave. looks like a great show and the guy from lost is in it

    5. sunday night football. love me some foot ball. thank the Lord these shows dont premier next sunday because my lions are playing and that would have been devastating.

    5. animation domination. they all are so entertaining except bobs burgers..

    overall great day for television. very excited hopefully revenge can gain some momentum. and I SWEAR if we get 4 episodes then we have to wait a month for a new one i will hurt someone haha

    ps my #3 favorite new show of last season was RINGER. dont even get me started on that

  • Jase

    Like Tuesday, this is a tough night given there are a ton of shows I want to watch. I will (without question) watch AR live and maybe Revenge and 666 Park Ave.. This will be a night to also catch up on other shows.

  • Person of Interest – TV’S #1 NEW DRAMA

    CBS worst day, but ABC best. All in for ABC from me. Once, revenge and 666.

  • joss

  • joss

    666 looks amazing Terry looks like a devil him self haha

  • NJ Viewer

    Nothing but crap here. Maybe I’ll watch “666” just to see what it’s about. Watched a couple of episodes of OUAT last year just to see what all the buzz was about. Personally, I don’t know what people see in that show, but to each his own…

  • Mike

    OUAT, Revenge, Amazing Race, and maybe te Mentalist. I would hardly call OUAT overrated from reading all these comments, but personally I do not see it any season lows this season, like many of you think it will hit in the premiere.

  • rob60990

    @joss, thanks for posting that. I loved that ABC Sundays ad when it was shown during Bachelor Pad.

  • Mike S.

    The Cleveland Show is much better than Bob’s Burgers in my opinion.

  • danny94

    Screw everything I want Desperate Housewives Season 9!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Revenge but i think it should have of stayed in its wednesday slot as i think sunday 9pm is to competitive for an average rated serialised show, However i hope it suceeds!

  • Nick

    I love that Sundays promo! ABC always does the best promos. I can’t wait!

  • Derek

    Guess I’ll be jumping around a bit depending on how close the football games are :) But NFL, Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers & American Dad for me. Far and away my busiest TV night…

  • OUAT- The real #1 new drama

    So excited about Revenge and Once Upon a time airing back-to-back. I wonder how this will play out next fall season though…I could see Revenge finally setting on Thursday (if Grey’s is ending this year) with Scandal and Last Resort for a night of ‘high-octane drama’s. I also would not mind Scandal sticking with a 13 episode season each year for a tighter story-line and having another series that takes its place in the Spring.

  • Matthew

    Once Upon a Time will probably be the same from last season, around 3.4-3.8. Anyone who is suggesting anything lower then a 2.9 is crazy considering it only got under a 3.0 around two times. And 4.2+ is pretty generous considering the series high is a 4.0. But people need to remember that OUAT is a family drama compared to the more soapy shows Revenge and 666. So like how all of the more adult comedys at 9:30pm drop, I expect a drop at 9PM with Revenge but 666 and revenge should share the same audience.

    7PM: AFV 1.6-2.2
    8PM: OUAT (Premiere 4.0) 3.8-3.4
    9PM: Revenge 3.3-2.8
    10PM: 666 (Premiere 3.6) 3.1-2.7

  • Joan Correll


  • Chris Parker

    ABC, I am yours on Sunday 8-11 :-)

  • Another_hour

    TAR all the way, ABC moved Revenge so Im not watching it anymore, it’s Fu**ed against Family Guy so I don’t watch canceled shows and yes it’ll be canceled when it pulls a sad 1.9 rating

  • zapbob

    Live – Football


    8-9 Once Upon A Time, The Amazing Race

    9-10 Revenge, Boardwalk Empire

    9-10 666 Park Avenue (Love the Promo)

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