Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Thursday

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September 4th, 2012

Continuing our night by night look at the Fall 2012 schedule we move to Thursday night.

Unlike Fall 2011, when The X Factor results show crashed into Thursday among a total of seven new shows, Fall 2012 scheduling changes seem minor, with the most noteworthy change being Two And A Half Men moving to 8:30.

At least early on I expect most interest will be for:

  • How does Two And A Half Men do at 8:30? Can it help put CBS on top the adults 18-49 ratings for the entire night?
  • How will the addition of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato change the ratings for The X Factor?
  • Will Last Resort be the next Lost? Or the next Missing / FlashForward?
  • Will Beauty And The Beast do better than The Secret Circle?
  • How will the other relocated veteran Glee do?
  • How low can NBC go on "The Night Formerly Known As Must See TV?"

For a trip down memory lane, check out 2011-12's Thursday Fall schedule:

  • Miles

    Can’t wait for POI – My favorite show ever!

  • Ultima

    How low can NBC Go On “The Night Formerly Known As Must See TV?”
    For a trip down memory lane…

    … check out NBC’s Fall 1997 line-up!

    8:00 – Friends (16.4 / 27, #4)
    8:30 – Union Square (13.6 / 21, #7)
    9:00 – Seinfeld (22.0 / 33, #1)
    9:30 – Veronica’s Closet (16.8 / 26, #3)
    10:00 – E.R. (20.7 / 34, #2)

    Rank is total viewership, ratings are households/share (NOT Adults 18-49).

    Never heard of Union Square? Yeah, it was the 7th most watch show on TV, yet didn’t even get a back-nine order. NBC could put anything in that timeslot and have a top ten show. That’s how ridiculous Must See TV used to be.

  • RG-X

    Hmmm – another nite of nothing keeping me watching from week to week – possibly what ever I’m in the mood for – a lot of “okay” shows – but again nothing that will lock me every week.

  • Kyle7

    The big night for me: BBT, 30 Rock, Last Resort, PoI, Parks&Rec, though technically it’s the same amount of time as my Mondays (3 10 pm shows and HIMYM). It pales in comparison to Erika, who has me, and probably everyone else, beat handily.

  • Ricky

    @Kyle7: This is gonna be my biggest night too! Got TBBT, 2.5 Men, Last Resort, 30R (may it rest in peace after the season ends), PoI, and Elementary, which I am counting on being a super-smash hit what with the most perfect combo of lead-ins over the course of the whole night.

  • RG-X

    Other than NBC’s comedy line-up – I think all shows have a good chance of returning next year

  • Petar

    @bob who said:
    CBS from 8-11….

    Yep. Thursday will be new best CBS day. They are all beast.

  • Petar

    My predictions for new monster CBS day:

    1 TBBT 5.5-6.0 demo

    2 TAHM 4.5-5.0 demo

    3 POI 3.5-4.0 demo

    4 Elementary 3.0-3.5 demo

    They will kill all competition.

  • Tom

    A fair amount of questions for the night.

    1) How much under is 2.5M vs. TBBT? A couple tenths? A half?

    2) How much of a boost does Glee get from XF? More importantly, is that boost big enough to counteract Fox not giving a boost to a new show, especially when their dramas are in such poor (or expensive) shape.

    3) How long does Last Resort last? I’m not sure it makes it out of Feb sweeps.

    4) Does P&R get any boost after The Office? Why wouldn’t NBC try to stick a new show there in Spring?

    Personal Disclaimer: Unlike the rest of the week, I actually watch multiple shows on Thursdays, almost across the dial. Last Resort is my most anticipated new show (though, again, I think it is doomed, and doomed fast), I’ll watch 30 Rock and P&R as long as they’re on the air, and I will catch up with PoI on my DVR eventually.

  • Old Man

    CBS will crush all the competition–GA toast–Elementary will improve 10PM hr

    BATB should work for the CW, at least a 1.0+

  • Gustavo

    Best night of the week…for far.Must watch:Live:Last Resort,Grey’s anatomy,Scandal.Dvr:Two and a half men,The Big Bang Theory and Person of Interest.Also:In November in cable:Burn Notice.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Awkward night for me. I’m watching Last Resort from 8 to 9, then waiting half an hour to watch Parks and Recreation, then waiting another half an hour to watch The League on FX.

  • Bee

    so excited for ABC thursdays! nervous about last resort. it looks SO good and has gotten great early feedback, but i feel like it isn’t being promoted enough when it goes against some big shows. hoping for the best though.

  • Raykov

    Crazy Thursdays. Every year the Thursday line-up is more and more competitive. NBC will take the biggest hit IMO. I’ll watch The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, The Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy – All of them are in my top list (love the Charlie-Sheen-free TAAHM). In the ratings I say:

    ABC – Last Resort – 1.9
    CBS – TBBT – 5.0/TAAHM – 4.5
    Fox – The X-factor – 3.0
    CW – TVD – 1.3
    NBC – 30 Rock – 1.5/Up All Night – 1.2

    ABC – Grey’s Anatomy – 4.2
    CBS – Persons of Interest – 2.4
    Fox – Glee – 2.7
    CW – Beauty & the Beast – 0.7
    NBC – The Office – 2.0/Parks & Rex – 1.7

    ABC – Scandal – 2.0
    CBS – Elementary – 2.7
    NBC – Rock Center – 1.0

  • MattM

    Last Resort followed by the Office and Parks and Rec. Nothing else really interests me.



    CBS will win the night but by less than most feel. I believe BBT will actually grow more thanks to the ever growing syndication exposure this summer (like 6.0) with Men getting 5.0. POI will grow to the mid 3’s while Elementary will get high 2’s…more than enough to take the night

    X-Factor will weaken on this night mainly because its results show but also due to the heavier CBS competition. Glee will continue to slide despite its lead-in and close its doors this season forever (thank God)

    ABC’s Greys Anatomy will drop like 20% as it has no support…Scandal will also fall and Last Resort looks like such a joke doesn’t it? Horrible night for this net

    CW’s VP will continue to slide and B&theB will be mediocre at best


    Sorry forgot about NBC…1.5 average for the night…YUCK!

  • rob60990

    Grey’s is the only show I’ll be watching on Thursdays. I look forward to Scandal bleeding a nice audience out of Grey’s. :D

    NBC is so DOA on this night it’s hysterical.

    “GA toast”

    Good to see you posting again Old Man but toast? Really? People kept saying POI would dominate Grey’s yet it only beat it once. :D

    “ABC’s Greys Anatomy will drop like 20% as it has no support”

    When has Grey’s ever needed or had support? ABC has been airing flop after flop before it. The show has its own audience. I’m guessing a drop but 20% seems a lot. Grey’s year to year declines have nothing to do with its lead-in.


    The difference is that Greys has been declining for years now and that should continue…support would help prop it up but Greys has none…ABC really did a dis-service to this show.

  • Ram510

    SCANDAL!!!!!! I can’t wait for it to return! I’ll also be watch Vampire Diaries and Last Resort. 9 o’clock I definitely be watching Parks and Recs and try to squeeze in some Impact Wrestling and maybe POI. As for cable I’ll be watch Always Sunny and The League

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