Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Tuesday

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September 4th, 2012

Continuing our night by night look at the Fall 2012 schedule we move to Tuesday night.  Six new shows on the night: four comedies and two dramas. Along with Wednesday, the night with the most new shows.

ABC  doesn't have any rookie shows, but pushes Dancing With The Stars results show an hour earlier, and moves in a 2nd and 3rd year sitcom from other nights to 9pm, followed by Private Practice in the place of Body of Proof.

Fox launches a 2 hour live action sitcom block led by relative ratings weakling Raising Hope. I am not hopeful.

NBC brings The Voice results show into the Fall along with rookie sitcoms Go On (Matthew Perry vs. Happy Endings which was renewed over his last sitom, Mr. Sunshine) and The New Normal, joining Tuesday fixture Parenthood.

CBS launches new drama Vegas where Unforgettable failed last season. Les Moonves is predicting victory, but Les is always predicting victory.

The CW goes all medical on the night, as Hart Of Dixie moves to a new night and leads into the new series Emily Owens, M.D. Sadly, Emily is unlikely to be the traffic draw for us that Ringer was last season. Whether it will live longer or not, we'll have to wait and find out.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Tuesday Fall schedule:

  • Brian

    Will be watching The Voice, New Girl, Happy Endings, and will DVR to watch later in the week The Mindy Project and Go On


    FOX, NBC & ABC (to close to call)

    CBS will be down about 10% for the night but those declines will be mostly from the 8-10pm shows…Vegas will be a moderate hit (2.5ish)

    FOX’ comedies will struggle but be ahead of the other comedy players on this night…

    NBC’s Voice like Monday will slide (probably to DWTS levels) the comedies will suffer as they are horrible and Parenthood will be steady)

    CW will do well on this night, HOD will continue to grow and Emily Owens should match the success of HOD

    ABC’s DWTS will fall further while its comedies will die (no compatibility) PP will slowly die

  • MattM

    New Girl and Mindy while DVRing Don’t Trust the B. Watched the pilots for the new NBC shows, they have good enough stories but not very funny imo. Ben and Kate could be a dark horse if the second episode has Ben toned down a bit.

  • Ram510

    I’ll definitely be watching Happy Endings and Parenthood. 8 o’clock I guess I’ll just flip back and forth between the voice and DWTS. I’ll watch Go On until Happy Endings comes back then after that I’m not sure.

  • rob60990

    Will be watching Private Practice & DWTS Results. Why ABC & Shonda are being so stubborn and seriously considering keeping PP on after Kate Walsh leave, I haven’t got a clue. Hopefully they do the right thing and end the show when she leaves. I expect APT 23 replaced by January.

    CBS will likely win the night. Vegas I see skewing VERY old.

    This FOX comedy block seems a bit better than the mess from March so it could work out for FOX. I’m surprised critics are liking both Mindy & Ben & Kate. The previews look pretty awful.

  • Nick


    I guess I put HE a little low because I think it’s terrible. :-)


    Fox previews are terrible. Give Ben & Kate a try. It’s a nice silly family show.
    Actually, CBS, Fox, and NBC all have terrible promos. That’s why I’m watching Revolution and The Mob Doctor even though they seem full of clichès. ABC and the CW have good promos, though.

  • Julie

    I’ll DVR the DWTS results and then at 9pm watch that in about 20min. Rest of the night – nothing interests me at all, so I’ll use Tuesday to catch up on other DVR’d stuff. Or perhaps even spend a night not watching TV! What a concept!

  • Julie

    Oh…I forgot about Go On. I liked the pilot so I’ll probably DVR or watch that On Demand until I decide if I still like it or not.

  • Tyler


    In a sea of repeats against Idol, HE was a 1.7-2.0 show. You add that onto a solid 2.5+ lead-in, it’ll be fine. Apartment 23, I’m less sure of.

  • Ozone

    The good thing about this night is that all of those horrible single-cams will kill each other at 9pm.

  • Sid

    Just The Mindy Project for me.

  • Kevin

    Must watch: The Voice and Parenthood. On Demand: New Girl and Happy Endings. I’ll only tuned in for the premieres of Go On and The New Normal on September 11th for one night only.

  • Nick


    You dont get it. Modern Family repeats got 2.5+ as well. And it had a bigger audience overlap.

  • yeahboiii

    What an absolute blood bath this night is. I’ll be watching Happy Endings & New Girl for sure. Out of the four new comedys, I’ll probably pick up one for the night but will wait until I have an idea what is good/what isn’t going to get cancelled within 6 weeks.

  • Raf

    The Voice result 3.5-3.8
    Go On 4.0-4.5
    The new normal 3.0-3.5
    Parenthood 2.2-2.4(?! with a new and stronger lead in maybe it will rise to its last year level!)
    Hod 0.7-.8
    EMD 0.6-0.8

  • Networkman

    I do feel that Go On will be NBC’s #1 new comedy this season. But it will still be very close to ratings that New Girl will garner. Go On is in the perfect position following The Voice. ABC may have it a bit hard but the competition from NBC from 9:30pm-11pm won’t be that strong either.

    The Voice:results 3.7
    Go On 2.5
    New Normal 1.9
    Parenthood 1.7

    DWTS:results 2.6
    Happy Endings 2.1
    Don’t Trust the B… 2.0
    Private Practice 2.3

    Raising Hope 2.0
    Ben & Kate 1.8
    New Girl 2.3
    Mindy Project 2.1

    NCIS 3.4
    NCIS:LA 3.1
    Vegas 2.7

  • Justin121

    Difficult night to analyze.

    CBS will be steady vs. last fall. Vegas will improve on Unforgettable. I predict it to be the most successful of CBS new fare.

    The Voice will turn NBC’s fortunes on the night for a 2nd of 3rd place finish.

    ABC’s DWTSR is weaker than The Voice’s results but its 9pm and 10pm hours are a tad stronger than NBC’s.

    FOX’s weak comedy block will be fourth.

    CW’s onyl hope is if Hart of Dixie has gained enough fans over the summer to support this night. Afterall, it was the sleeper hit and the underdog over Secret Circle and Ringer. I think both HoD and Emily Owens will be future staples of the CW schedule.

  • Lena

    I will watch Go on and definetely Parenthood and will try The New Normal.

    September is always so exciting with the ratings:)

  • Dan S

    I wish Apt 23 all the good luck it’ll need in a killer timeslot. The most anticipated new show on Tues for me is Vegas. It has lightweight competition unless of course you count SOA over on FX. I’ll watch the new fox comedy block & my guilty pleasure is HOD on the CW.

  • TomSFBay

    Harder to predict than Monday, but here it goes:

    DWTS Results – 2.5
    Happy Endings – 2.1
    Don’t Trust – 1.8
    Private Prct – 1.8

    Voice – 2.9
    Go On – 1.7
    New Normal – 1.5
    Parenthood – 1.9

    NCIS – 3.4
    NCIS 2 – 2.9
    Vegas – 2.2

    Hope – 1.5
    Ben/Kate – 1.6
    New Girl – 2.5
    Mindy – 2.0

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