Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Tuesday

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September 4th, 2012

Continuing our night by night look at the Fall 2012 schedule we move to Tuesday night.  Six new shows on the night: four comedies and two dramas. Along with Wednesday, the night with the most new shows.

ABC  doesn't have any rookie shows, but pushes Dancing With The Stars results show an hour earlier, and moves in a 2nd and 3rd year sitcom from other nights to 9pm, followed by Private Practice in the place of Body of Proof.

Fox launches a 2 hour live action sitcom block led by relative ratings weakling Raising Hope. I am not hopeful.

NBC brings The Voice results show into the Fall along with rookie sitcoms Go On (Matthew Perry vs. Happy Endings which was renewed over his last sitom, Mr. Sunshine) and The New Normal, joining Tuesday fixture Parenthood.

CBS launches new drama Vegas where Unforgettable failed last season. Les Moonves is predicting victory, but Les is always predicting victory.

The CW goes all medical on the night, as Hart Of Dixie moves to a new night and leads into the new series Emily Owens, M.D. Sadly, Emily is unlikely to be the traffic draw for us that Ringer was last season. Whether it will live longer or not, we'll have to wait and find out.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Tuesday Fall schedule:

  • Flame

    Hart of Dixie and Happy Endings for me, Go on will get a 4 week trial

  • buffnbeefy

    Emily Owens MD, what’s that all about

  • Nick


    Go On – 1.7
    New Normal – 1.5

    Please explain to me how a show that starts with a 6.x dwindles down to a 1.7? And tNN will do much better too.

    Hope – 1.5
    Ben/Kate – 1.6

    Raising Hope was getting higher than that when it was up against the similar Last Man Standing and had the dud IHMTD as a buddy. Both it and critical darling will get 1.8+ easily.

  • Nick

    Sorry it posted early. I meant, it and new critical darling Ben & Kate will get 1.8+, easily.

  • Nick

    Raising Hope, Ben & Kate, Happy Endings, Apartment 23 & dvr new girl

  • david

    I will be watching the Voice, Go On and Apartment 23, and parenthood. and i will give Emily Owens a try to see if it is good.

  • capslocke

    Raising Hope- 2.4
    Ben & Kate- 1.9
    New Girl- 3.4
    The Mindy Project- 2.6

    The Voice- 3.4
    Go On- 3.1
    The New Normal- 2.6
    Parenthood- 2.3

    DWTS- 2.7
    Apt. 23- 2.4
    Happy Endings- 2.5
    Private Practice- 2.6

    NCIS- 4.1
    NCIS: L. A.- 3.8
    Vegas- 3.2

    Hart Of Dixie- 0.4
    EOMD- 0.4

  • xhp24

    Vegas sounds more like a show that would do better on cable. Hope it does well enough to get a back 9, some great actors in a great setting.

  • snoot

    Will be watching Fox on Tuesdays

  • Dima

    Ratings Predictions for the season:

    Raising Hope- 1.9
    Ben & Kate- 2.1
    New Girl- 3.0
    The Mindy Project- 2.8

    The Voice- 3.5 (for the fall season)
    Go On- 2.7
    The New Normal- 2.4
    Parenthood- 2.1

    DWTS- 2.5
    Happy Endings- 2.0
    Apt.23- 1.8
    Private Practice- 1.8

    NCIS- 3.7
    NCIS: L.A.- 3.3
    Vegas- 2.7

  • Rebecca

    Busy night for me – I like RH (actually, LOVE that one), HE, NG, Go On, A23 (although maybe I’ll stop watching after the rumored Dawson’s Creek cast reunion – I never watched that show much but I think that would be funny), and I adored the B&K pilot. The Mindy Project was okay but I like everything else I’ve mentioned more. Saw The New Normal on hulu today and thought it was okay, mostly because of Ellen Barkin. And I guess midseason shows for this night might be The Goodwin Games, How To Live with Your Parents (if it made it), and The Family Tools (unless that’s a goner or it’s renamed).

  • Mark

    Premiere ratings guess:

    DWTS Results – 2.7
    Happy Endings – 2.4
    Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 – 2.2
    Private Practice – 2.3

    NCIS – 3.8
    NCIS LA – 3.2
    Vegas – 2.8

    Raising Hope – 2.1
    Ben and Kate – 2.3
    New Girl – 3.3
    The Mindy Project – 2.9

    The Voice – 3.7
    Go On – 3.4
    The New Normal – 2.6
    Parenthood – 2.1

    Hart of Dixie – .9
    Emily Owens, M.D. – 1.0

  • omabin

    Will watch:
    Hart of Dixie, The New Girl, Happy Endings, Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, Go On, Private Practice, Vegas (maybe Ben and Kate)

    Returning Shows Rating Directions Predictions:
    Raising Hope: down from last year, unless the whole comedy block is a sucess and its ratings go a bit up as a result, but I dont see this happening
    The New Girl: higher than last spring by some, but not on par with its debut levels
    Hart of Dixie: slighly higher than last season
    Happy Endings: lower than last season
    Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23: lower than last season
    Private Practice: on par with its spring ratings from last season
    Parenthood: on par with last year’s ratings
    NCIS: only a bit lower than last year’s ratings
    NCSI LA: may be a bit higher, but most likely on par

    Renewals Predictions:
    Raising Hope: Renewed (syndication)
    Ben and Kate: hard to tell… I will say canceled, but might be a sucess
    The New Girl: renewed
    The Mindy Project: renewed
    Happy Endings: unfortunately, canceled
    Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23: same fate as Happy Endings
    Private Practice: i still say this is the final season and they are just being stubborn by not announcing it. Otherwise, canceled
    Go On: renewed
    The New Normal: renewed
    Parenthood: renewed
    Hart of Dixie: renewed
    Emily Owens: depends on the remaining CW numbers, but I will say renewed, as I predict a lot of flops

  • Jared K

    ABC: I’m rooting for Happy Endings, but it’s only in a slightly better position (thanks to a better lead-in) than Cougar Town was last year. ABC clearly likes the show, but it’ll have to demonstrate some real steel to survive here. I see ABC’s comedy block finishing behind Fox’s and just ahead of NBC’s as they all get steamrolled by NCIS: LA.

    CBS: I’m intrigued by Vegas, but it’s so off-brand for CBS. It’ll win the hour, and probably hold enough of its lead-in to grab a full-season order, but could end up meeting the same fate as Unforgiveable (without the sudden Summer reprieve).

    CW: Hart of Dixie probably deserved to get the call over TSC last year, but it’ll have its work cut out for it if it wants to follow Nikita’s path to an unlikely 3rd season renewal, and it’ll have to do it without the benefit of airing on Friday. We’ll see.

    FOX: This looks like a very solid comedy line-up qualitatively, and New Girl/The Mindy Project should do fine in the 9:00 hour. Raising Hope/Ben and Kate have a much more difficult road. Raising Hope might by saved by the “in for three seasons, in for four and syndication” provision, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some sweating.

    NBC: From what I’ve seen of NBC’s comedy pilots, Go On looks the cream of the crop by far. Having The Voice as a lead-in and Matthew Perry for publicity purposes should be enough to get it a back-nine order. Of course, it’ll probably still finish fourth in the hour.

  • Tony JJ

    ABC – I’m hoping HE and Apt. 23 can make it in this slot. They are both hilarious shows and way underrated. I think Private Practice will end after its 13 episodes, Kate Walsh is exiting after 13 episodes and the show has already lost a couple of cast members, so let it end with the main reason this show was created: KATE WALSH because you know this show will flounder without Kate. Body of Proof or Red Widow take over the Tuesdays at 10 pm slot after PP ends its run.

  • JJ

    Go On pilot was amazing so really excited about that.

  • One eye

    Tuesday is zzzzz

  • Ames

    Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, NCIS: LA and New Girl for me.

  • addict

    will be watching all fox comedies EXCEPT ben and kate .. is it just me or does his teeth bother you ?? i feel like with money you’d get them fixed .. but off the subject of his teeth the show doesnt look funny. NEW GIRL !!!!

  • Adam

    Tuesday’s a hot damn mess

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