Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Wednesday

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September 4th, 2012

Continuing our night by night look at the Fall 2012 schedule we move to Wednesday night.

Six new shows on Wednesdays (same as Tuesday night).  Three new comedies, and three new dramas.

After originally scheduling rookie sitcom The Neighbors in the post-Modern Family "We really don't want to cancel this show" slot, they perhaps thought "We really don't want to waste that slot on a loser show" and moved it to 8:30 after The Middle. Then new musical drama Nashville follows at 10pm.

Fox has sophomore The X Factor scheduled for two hours, instead of 90 minutes, with no 30 min "sitcom launch" slot. Perhaps Britney and Demi need that extra half hour, it certainly didn't do the sitcoms any good.

CBS goes with exactly the same line up as Fall 2011.

NBC puts two rookies into their 8pm comedy block, Animal Practice and Guys With Kids. New drama Chicago Fire follows Law & Order:SVU, which moves back to 9pm in a slot that didn't treat it particularly well in the past.

The CW pairs rookie drama Arrow with the relocated from Friday veteran Supernatural.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Wednesday Fall schedule:

  • MattM

    Oh and the Animal Practice pilot was surprisingly watchable, will probably DVR it until it gives me a reason not to.

  • Ultima

    3)When does TN get replaced? Before or after Feb sweeps?

    Swing and a miss on the over/under there…

    Should have been, when does The Neighbors get replaced – before or after November sweeps?

  • rob60990

    Will be watching The Middle, Modern Family & Suburgatory. Will sample Chicago Fire. I keep hearing so much hype and great stuff about Nashville so if it succeeds, I may tune in.

    I’ll also watch the 1st 2 weeks of X Factor to see Britney’s judging.

    “ABC all night, except for Nashville which looks atrocious. Sorry Reba.”

    Nashville isn’t Reba’s show. Her show is Malibu Country airing on Fridays.

  • Ram510

    The Middle/Modern Family for sure and I’ll try Guys with Kids until Arrow starts. 10 o’clock is trick cause I wanna try Nashville and Chicago Fire, but I can miss American Horror Story of course so I don’t know what I’m going to do come October, then when Psych returns (November?) I’ll really be in trouble.

    I think The Neighbors (again should’ve been Cougar Towns name) and Animal Practice will be quickly cancelled right along with The New Normal

  • Nick

    Wednesday has always been an ABC night for me, but I think The Neighbors and Nashville look terrible. So I will be watching The Middle, Arrow, Modern Family (BEST. SHOW. ON. TV. EVER.), Suburgatory, and Hot in Cleveland.

    Ratings Predictions time!
    (does not include premieres/finales)

    The Middle: 2.0-3.7
    The Neighbors: 1.3-1.7 (Note: Will have 3 episodes: 2.3, 1.7, 1.3)
    MF: 3.9-5.9
    Suburgatory: 3.2-3.8 (Note: Will most likely stay post- MF until Jan when it will be replaced by either How to Live With Your Parents or The Family Tools)
    Nashville: 2.0-2.9

    Survivor: 2.8-3.5
    CM: 3.0-4.1
    CSI: 2.8-3.7
    I repeat that CBS shows have a history of declining a lot Sept-May, so these shows are in no immediate danger, even though Survivor and CSI are on the decline.

    Arrow: 0.8-1.1
    Supernatural: 0.9-1.0
    I am not one of the rabid Arrow fans that are sure that it will beat Supernatural. It will do very good and might end up beating one of NBC’s comedies, but Supernatural will do better.

    The X Factor: 3.3-4.2
    The hype about “The Britney Spears Factor” will die down after a few weeks, as will the ratings.

    AP: 1.8-2.6
    GWK: 1.4-2.0
    L&O: SVU: 1.4-1.8
    CF: 1.2-1.7
    NBC Wednesdays will BOMB! AP will start strong but become bubbly as the season goes on. GWK and CF will fail. The last time SVU went to 9 pm (The Jay Leno catastrophe), the rating went down by around 35% (at least according to TV Guide, they may be some of the idiots only concerned with viewers).

    1. CBS: 3.3
    2. ABC: 2.9
    3. Fox: 2.8
    4. NBC: 1.7
    5. CW: 1.0
    The CW might hit 1.0 for a full night!!

  • Julie

    Survivor, then Supernatural. Will DVR Arrow and watch at 10pm or the next day (unless Survivor starts to drive me nuts or Arrow is too brilliant to wait, then I’ll switch them).

    May DVR X-Factor, haven’t decided yet. When I DVR I can watch the 2hrs in abt 45min total, but I’m not sure I want to watch it at all.
    Will also either DVR CSI or catch it earlier if it’s on (here in Canada the CTV network feed from Halifax was showing it at 8pm their time, which was 7pm ET for me).

  • Potato

    I’m guessing… The Voice has an elimination show Wednesdays at 8 by mid-October

  • Potato

    Oops, my bad they already have one on tuesday? Uh…….. well then they’re just screwed :p

  • Ozone

    Guys with Kids
    Chicago Fire

    That’s it!

  • Dan S

    After NBC gets the expected thrashing there going to get on Wed they’ll have wished they gave a 3rd season to Harry’s Law. With the exception of Neighbors ABC should do fine with the rest of the night & score big with Nashville.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “After NBC gets the expected thrashing there going to get on Wed they’ll have wished they gave a 3rd season to Harry’s Law.”

    There is no remotely possible outcome during 2012-13 that will make NBC regret canceling Harry’s Law.

  • Sid

    Modern Family, Criminal Minds and Nashville for me.

  • Sid

    Forgot to add that I’m a bit interested in checking out The X Factor.

  • Kevin

    Must watch: Chicago Fire, depending on how many episodes would last. I’ll only watch the premieres of Animal Practice, Guys with Kids and Law & Order: SVU on September 26th for one night only expect for CF which debuts on October 10th.

  • Kaylie

    The CW, X Factor & I’ll try Nashville – it looks good.

  • yeahboiii

    Survivor, Arrow & Modern Family. What a night, cannot wait for all three shows. NBC comedies look soooo bad! Animal Practise pilot was a nightmare.

  • Raf

    Well… i will watch Arrow and Suburgatory,and check Nashville.
    For me
    Arrow will start with a 1.3-1.6 18-49, and fall to a 0.9-1.2 for the rest of the season. Cleary an hit.
    Supernatural will do a 0.9-1.0 for all the season too.
    Nashville will premierè with a 3.3 like Revenge and stays at the level of the other abc show last year.
    I can see Animal Practice, Chicago fire, The Neighbours crash and burn.
    L&O svu is in danger too… it’s too old to survive.

  • Raf

    Xfactor will start with a 4.0-4.5 and then fall to a 3.3-3.5 for the rest of the season

  • Networkman

    Arrow for sure. But I will try and catch The Middle. Criminal Minds but will see how Law & Order:SVU is holding up. It is a show that I watch for nostalgic purposes. Also I really like Danny Pino. And Nashville really intrigues me. I’m ready for a strong performance from Connie Britton. This may be her Emmy winning role.

  • Justin121

    Nashville is expected to be the breakout hit of the season. If that happens, ABC will love Revenge even more.

    I’d like to believe Suburgatory will benifit the most from the Mod-Fam lead-in, like 4.5s-4.8s or even 5.3s out of Mod-Fam’s 5.8s-5.9s, but a more realistic prediction would be low 5s-high 4s for MF low 3s-mid 3s for SUB.

    The Middle will be consistent with high 2s, The Neighbours might “bomb” with 2.2s, which is just unacceptable in this slot. I wish it does better than that.

    NBC won’t be seeing any 2.0s or even 1.5s for this night…

    Arrow and SPN will improve the night for the CW. 0.8s-1.2s.

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