Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Wednesday

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September 4th, 2012

Continuing our night by night look at the Fall 2012 schedule we move to Wednesday night.

Six new shows on Wednesdays (same as Tuesday night).  Three new comedies, and three new dramas.

After originally scheduling rookie sitcom The Neighbors in the post-Modern Family "We really don't want to cancel this show" slot, they perhaps thought "We really don't want to waste that slot on a loser show" and moved it to 8:30 after The Middle. Then new musical drama Nashville follows at 10pm.

Fox has sophomore The X Factor scheduled for two hours, instead of 90 minutes, with no 30 min "sitcom launch" slot. Perhaps Britney and Demi need that extra half hour, it certainly didn't do the sitcoms any good.

CBS goes with exactly the same line up as Fall 2011.

NBC puts two rookies into their 8pm comedy block, Animal Practice and Guys With Kids. New drama Chicago Fire follows Law & Order:SVU, which moves back to 9pm in a slot that didn't treat it particularly well in the past.

The CW pairs rookie drama Arrow with the relocated from Friday veteran Supernatural.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Wednesday Fall schedule:

  • TomSFBay

    My Predictions:

    Middle – 3.0
    Neighbors – 1.9 (cancelled by November – Tim Allen’s sitcom put here)
    MF – 4.8
    Suburgatory – 3.5
    Nashville – 2.2

    Survivor – 2.8
    Criminal Minds – 2.8
    CSI – 2.6

    Animal Practice – 1.3
    Guys with Kids – 1.3
    SVU – 1.8
    Chicago Fire – 1.5

    The X Factor – 3.3

  • david

    CW for me. I am looking forward to Arrow and the new season of Super Natural.

  • Flame

    Animal Practice and Nashville will both get 4 week trials. Jury is still out on Panettiere’s vocal prowess.

  • buffnbeefy

    Don’t know about Chicago Fire making it past the first 13 episodes. Rescue Me did ok on cable, but several on prime time commercial TV just never made it. There’s always a first time.

  • Mae

    Supernatural and Nashville for sure.

    I’m considering giving Arrow a shot too. I really only like doing around 2 shows a night though. 3 is a lot for me. Especially if I DVR Modern Family like I have done in the past.

    No more SVU for me. I’m missing Stabler!

  • Nick

    All ABC, dvr CSI & X Factor

  • capslocke

    The Middle- 3.4
    The Neighbours- 2.8
    Modern Family- 5.3
    Suburgatory- 3.9
    Nashville- 3.4

    Survivor- 3.1
    Criminal Minds- 3.8
    CSI- 2.9

    Animal Practice- 2.4
    Guys With Kids- 1.8
    SVU- 2.4
    Chicago Fire- 2.3

    The X- Factor- 5.3

    Arrow- 1.4
    Supernatural- 0.9

  • Nora

    Torn between Supernatural and Criminal Minds… Ok Supernatural wins. I’ve lost interest in the X-Factor.

  • Networkman

    The Middle 3.0
    The Neighbors 2.1
    Modern Family 4.3
    Suburgatory 3.5
    Nashville 2.5

    Survivor 2.8
    Criminal Minds 3.3
    CSI 2.7 This 13 year old drama should still win the hour

    X-Factor 4.7

    Animal Practice 1.4
    Guys with Kids 1.7
    Law & Order:SVU 2.2
    Chicago Fire 2.0

  • TomKH

    Survivor will reign supreme at 8. X Factor dips below 3.0 by November.

  • Hades

    shocked at how many folks think SPN will be up next season. I predict 0.7 and 1.8 million viewer premier and then it’ll hover around the 0.6 mark for 2/3 of the season and hit lows of 0.5 in the last third. It’ll average 0.9/1.0 with DVR Live +7.

    Arrow to premier with anywhere between 1.4-1.8 and around 4 million viewers. Averaging around 1.3 and 3 million viewers for the season.

  • snoot

    ABC for me

  • Dima

    Ratings Predictions for the season:

    The Middle – 2.5
    The Neighbors – 2.3
    Modern Family – 4.8
    Suburgatory – 3.2
    Nashville – 2.5

    Survivor – 3.0 (for the fall season)
    Criminal Minds – 3.3
    CSI – 2.7

    X-Factor – 4.0

    Animal Practice – 1.7
    Guys with Kids – 1.4
    Law & Order:SVU – 1.7
    Chicago Fire – 1.6

  • Roberta Cissell

    Love watching supernatural

  • Rebecca

    I’m caught up with SPN now so I’ll have to watch the new season live or else a day or two later on hulu or CW’s site or my DroidTV app (because the household watches Modern Family). I’ll continue watching The Middle (best comedy on ABC) and will try Guys With Kids and see if AP gets better (the pilot was okay to me, with the crazy female vet tech being the funniest character…plus I normally like Tyler Labine and the guy from Weeds and Jack&Jill).

  • Mark

    Premiere Ratings Guess:

    The Middle – 2.9
    The Neighbors – 2.6 (post Mod Fam)
    Modern Family – 5.9
    Suburgatory – 3.8
    Nashville – 3.4

    Survivor – 3.0
    Criminal Minds – 3.8
    CSI – 3.0

    The X Factor – 5.8

    Animal Practice – 2.3
    Guys with Kids – 1.8
    Law and Order SVU – 2.2
    Chicago Fire – 2.1

    Arrow – 2.1
    Supernatural – 1.1

  • omabin

    Will watch:
    Arrow, Supernatural (if I finish catching up on time, I am new to the series), Modern Family (big maybes for Nashville and Chicago Fire)

    Returning Shows Rating Directions Predictions:
    Criminal Minds: on par with last season
    CSI: lower than last season
    Supernatural: higher than last season
    SVU: lower than last season
    The Middle: lower than last season
    Modern Family: on par with last season
    Suburgatory: higher than last season

    Renewals Predictions:
    Arrow: Renewed
    Supernatural: Renewed
    Criminal Minds: Renewed
    CSI: Renewed (even if it is reallocated again)
    The Middle: Renewed
    The Neighbours: Canceled
    Modern Family: Renewed
    Suburgatory: Renewed
    Nashville: Renewed
    Animal Practice: Canceled
    Guys With Kids: Canceled
    SVU: Renewed
    Chicago Fire: Canceled

  • Jared K

    ABC: Glad to see that the scheduling department came to their senses and gave the promising Suburgatory the post-Modern Family slot over the creative abomination that the Neighbors promises to be. If TN isn’t gone before February sweeps, I’ll be stunned. Nashville, on the other hand, has the potential to be a bigger hit than Revenge was last year in terms of ratings, if not buzz.

    CBS: Nothing new here. Aging though it may be, this lineup will still crush everything that isn’t Modern Family.

    CW: I probably won’t watch it live, but Arrow has the potential to be the first CW show I’ve kept up with in quite some time. While I don’t watch Supernatural, I was glad to see that the devotion of its fans was strong enough to bring it back from the Friday graveyard. The show’s got life yet.

    FOX: Britney and Demi aside, I expect the X Factor to slip in the ratings this year after the initial curiosity wears off. The law of diminishing returns.

    NBC: I already made a case for the Mob Doctor as a sleeper, but Animal Practice and Guys With Kids are the ‘safe’ bets to be the first new show cancelled. Chicago Code would be up there as well, except it doesn’t debut until October 10th. Why NBC continues to think L&O: SVU will ever succeed at 9:00 is beyond me.

  • david

    Ratings predictions
    Arrow 1.6:1.9
    Super Natural .9:1.3
    SVU 1.6:1.8
    Chicago Fire 1.5:1.7
    the Middle 2.5:2.8
    Moddern Family 4.8:5.2
    saburgatory 3.2:3.5
    CBS will be around the same
    Fox i dont care about and wont be watching

  • William

    ill check out arrow but only modern family is definite

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