BBC AMERICA'S 'Doctor Who' and 'Copper' Set Ratings Records

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September 5th, 2012

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Doctor Who’s season premiere and COPPER’s third episode deliver BBC AMERICA its highest-rated weekend ever

Doctor Who’s season premiere delivered BBC AMERICA’s highest-rated telecast ever in Live + Same Day and #1 in cable in its time slot on Saturday, September 1

COPPER’s series premiere delivered BBC AMERICA’s highest-rated telecast ever in Live +7 Day on Sunday, August 19

New York – September 5, 2012 – Before the summer officially came to a close, BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who and COPPER earned record ratings for the channel. The all-new season of BBC AMERICA’s hit sci-fi series Doctor Who, which premiered on Saturday, September 1, delivered the channel’s highest-rated, most-watched telecast ever in Live + Same Day. Doctor Who delivered 1.555 million viewers and 723,000 A25-54. The series ranked #1 in cable, excluding sports, among A25-54 in the Saturday 9:00pm-10:00pm time slot.* The Doctor Who premiere and the third episode of BBC AMERICA’s first original series COPPER helped BBC AMERICA achieve its highest-rated weekend ever.


Last month, the series premiere of COPPER delivered the channel’s highest-rated telecast ever in Live+7 Day total viewers. On Sunday, August 19 at 10:00pm ET, the premiere episode delivered 1.805 million total viewers and 859,000 among A25-54 in Live+7 Day. Based on Live+7 Day, COPPER’s first episode delivered a cumulative 2.754 million total viewers and 1.273 million A25-54.** COPPER continues to be BBC AMERICA’s highest rated drama ever, delivering over a million total viewers each week.


Perry Simon, General Manager, Channels, BBC Worldwide America commented: "The one-two punch of our returning hit series Doctor Who and our first original drama COPPER combined to set a new weekend ratings record and deliver our most watched telecasts in our history. Taken together with our most-ever Emmy® nominations and our increased distribution, it feels like BBC AMERICA is clearly a network on the move."


The new season of Doctor Who, from lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and executive producer Caroline Skinner, sees the Doctor (Matt Smith), his companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) and numerous friends on their latest escapades through space and time. The premiere sees them kidnapped by the Doctor's oldest foe, The Daleks, and in the coming episodes they’ll save a spaceship full of dinosaurs, don Stetsons in a Wild Wild West adventure, puzzle an unexpected invasion of Earth and, in the mid-season finale, race against time through the streets of Manhattan for Amy and Rory's heart-breaking farewell. Doctor Who is a BBC Cymru Wales Production for BBC One. Doctor Who premieres every Saturday, 9:00pm ET as part of Supernatural Saturday.


COPPER, from executive producers Academy Award®-winner Barry Levinson, Emmy®-winner Tom Fontana, Academy Award®-nominee Will Rokos and Cineflix Studios President, Christina Wayne, follows Detective Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones), a rugged Irish immigrant cop, as he seeks justice for the powerless in 1864 New York City. COPPER is a Cineflix (Copper) Inc. production in association with BBC AMERICA. COPPER is created by Tom Fontana and Will Rokos. Executive producers include Levinson, Fontana, Rokos, Wayne, Jim Finnerty, Sherri Rufh, Sam Berliner, Sally Catto and Katherine Buck. In this Sunday’s episode, Corcoran uncovers a new piece of evidence that provides clues about his daughter’s mysterious death and wife’s disappearance. As he investigates the trail behind this new discovery, he finds a tragic personal link to a current murder investigation of one of Five Points’ most infamous women. Copper premieres every Sunday, 10:00pm ET.


  • The End

    The Jenna Louise Coleman era starts off well. Granted we’l have to wait till Christmas for her proper debut but she’s impressed and thats a good thing.

    Her fake Oswin Oswald name was kinda funny. Though her real name is meant to be Clara Oswald.

  • Andrea

    So, when is BBBA going to announce the renewal of Copper?

  • Alex

    @The End. I’d like to see your source. The only source for her name being Clara are fans who overheard the name out of context during location filming and tabloids. The character’s name is Oswin Oswald unless the BBC announces differently.

    Meanwhile, it’s nice to see BBC America trumpeting Emmy nominations for Copper, but how about they throw some Emmy support Doctor Who’s way? Last season had at least 3 episodes that would have earned Emmys had the network sponsored nominations for the series.

  • The End


    Ah. The old source game that uninformed people play when they haven’t heard the latest news. Made a slight mistake with the name anyway(My bad). Meant to say Clara Oswin.

    As reported well everywhere. Here’s one example.

    If you want to call Clara Oswin, Oswin Oswald you are welcome too. But you are about a month behind the rest of the Doctor Who fanbase. If you need anymore sources feel free to ask, there’s about a 100 other places reporting the news you haven’t heard yet.

  • The End

    Also, forgot to add this. The majority of Doctor Who stories reported do have basis in reality.

    Anyone who believes that the character Oswin Oswald was being honest about her name is clearly new to Doctor Who. It was clearly a pseudonym, used to hide her real indentity from The Doctor.

    The names Amy Pond and Rory Williams were reported by the press and by fans before they were announced by the BBC.

    River Songs real name was also reported by the press and fans before the BBC announced, and the reveal about who her mother actually was.

    Thought il’d point this out before commenting further.

  • Kev

    @Alex: I doubt they’ll trumpet Doctor Who mainly for the fact that they don’t “produce” Doctor Who, but Copper on the other hand is an original series by them that they’ve produced so of course they’re gonna trumpet that instead.

    What I find curious about this press release is they never once mention the specific ratings for Copper’s 3rd episode…

  • GARebelman

    That’s up vs last year’s April premiere for Who which was 1.3 million vs a rounded 1.6. Pretty good for that low rated network. The UK programs Saturday unlike us. It got over 6 million over there.

  • Julie

    I’d like to add that in Canada, the Doctor Who premiere was also a ratings hit on Saturday. Their press release said:

    He did it again! The Season 7 premiere of DOCTOR WHO drew an earth-shattering 620,000 viewers, making it the second-highest rated episode in series history on SPACE and the most-watched program on Canadian television in its timeslot Saturday night. Featuring zombies, break-ups, make-ups, and more Daleks than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at, Asylum of the Daleks made SPACE the #1 network – conventional or specialty – Saturday night at 9 p.m. ET with total viewers and in the key demos A25-54 and A18-49. Peaking with 746,000 viewers, in all 1.1 million Canadians watched some or all of the episode.


  • The End


    Also worth noting the UK numbers are ACTUAL viewers, not make believe numbers created by the Nielsen boxes which are in around 20,000 households in America.

  • Andrea

    The End: So you never heard of statistics?

  • USAmerica1st

    The saga continues with great ratings. Great show! I brake for Daleks.

  • Oliver

    Approx. 0.6 in 25-54 for Doctor Who.

  • The End


    Sure, and I could break down how exactly the Nielsen system works too. I’ve never been a keen supporter of it, and many people be it fans, actors, random network people aren’t great fans of it either, especially when it results in their show being cancelled. But hey, enlighten me with the no doubt colorful point you want to make.

    But as there isn’t anything better around, we just have to accept it. Doesn’t mean that we all love it.

    Fully expect an explanation for that comment, or I’ll just have you down as a mindless troll trying to provoke a reaction from me.

  • tjw

    @The End,

    The Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (the UK’s version of Nielsen) samples 5,100 households for its ratings so, you’re wrong.

    That said, representative sampling is a well-established method of collecting statistical data.

  • The End


    Oh right. I stand corrected. Sorry about that.

    Thought the other person was speaking about Nielsen, as their comment was so vague and didn’t really mean anything at all.

  • EatMorePez


    According to commenter Nick on the Sunday cable post Copper got 901,000 total viewers and ~0.3 A18-49 rating for its 10:00 PM airing.

  • M. Daly

    I agree with Andrea, so when is BBCA going to announce the renewal of Copper.

  • coolioni

    Awesome to see Dr. Who getting more popular than ever. I have been a show since I was a small child back in the 80s.

    I was hoping it would get over 2 million Live +Same Day being that they advertising the hell out of the show this summer.

    I hope the ratings stay high!

    Great Job BBC !

  • Stephen Judson

    Nice to see BBCA getting good ratings. Lets hope it continues with other shows they put out.

  • Lindyb

    To echo Andrea & M. Daly, I’m anxious for BBC America to announce season 2 of Copper as well. Also love that Dr. Who had such a great debut.

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