BBC AMERICA'S 'Doctor Who' and 'Copper' Set Ratings Records

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September 5th, 2012

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Doctor Who’s season premiere and COPPER’s third episode deliver BBC AMERICA its highest-rated weekend ever

Doctor Who’s season premiere delivered BBC AMERICA’s highest-rated telecast ever in Live + Same Day and #1 in cable in its time slot on Saturday, September 1

COPPER’s series premiere delivered BBC AMERICA’s highest-rated telecast ever in Live +7 Day on Sunday, August 19

New York – September 5, 2012 – Before the summer officially came to a close, BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who and COPPER earned record ratings for the channel. The all-new season of BBC AMERICA’s hit sci-fi series Doctor Who, which premiered on Saturday, September 1, delivered the channel’s highest-rated, most-watched telecast ever in Live + Same Day. Doctor Who delivered 1.555 million viewers and 723,000 A25-54. The series ranked #1 in cable, excluding sports, among A25-54 in the Saturday 9:00pm-10:00pm time slot.* The Doctor Who premiere and the third episode of BBC AMERICA’s first original series COPPER helped BBC AMERICA achieve its highest-rated weekend ever.


Last month, the series premiere of COPPER delivered the channel’s highest-rated telecast ever in Live+7 Day total viewers. On Sunday, August 19 at 10:00pm ET, the premiere episode delivered 1.805 million total viewers and 859,000 among A25-54 in Live+7 Day. Based on Live+7 Day, COPPER’s first episode delivered a cumulative 2.754 million total viewers and 1.273 million A25-54.** COPPER continues to be BBC AMERICA’s highest rated drama ever, delivering over a million total viewers each week.


Perry Simon, General Manager, Channels, BBC Worldwide America commented: "The one-two punch of our returning hit series Doctor Who and our first original drama COPPER combined to set a new weekend ratings record and deliver our most watched telecasts in our history. Taken together with our most-ever Emmy® nominations and our increased distribution, it feels like BBC AMERICA is clearly a network on the move."


The new season of Doctor Who, from lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and executive producer Caroline Skinner, sees the Doctor (Matt Smith), his companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) and numerous friends on their latest escapades through space and time. The premiere sees them kidnapped by the Doctor's oldest foe, The Daleks, and in the coming episodes they’ll save a spaceship full of dinosaurs, don Stetsons in a Wild Wild West adventure, puzzle an unexpected invasion of Earth and, in the mid-season finale, race against time through the streets of Manhattan for Amy and Rory's heart-breaking farewell. Doctor Who is a BBC Cymru Wales Production for BBC One. Doctor Who premieres every Saturday, 9:00pm ET as part of Supernatural Saturday.


COPPER, from executive producers Academy Award®-winner Barry Levinson, Emmy®-winner Tom Fontana, Academy Award®-nominee Will Rokos and Cineflix Studios President, Christina Wayne, follows Detective Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones), a rugged Irish immigrant cop, as he seeks justice for the powerless in 1864 New York City. COPPER is a Cineflix (Copper) Inc. production in association with BBC AMERICA. COPPER is created by Tom Fontana and Will Rokos. Executive producers include Levinson, Fontana, Rokos, Wayne, Jim Finnerty, Sherri Rufh, Sam Berliner, Sally Catto and Katherine Buck. In this Sunday’s episode, Corcoran uncovers a new piece of evidence that provides clues about his daughter’s mysterious death and wife’s disappearance. As he investigates the trail behind this new discovery, he finds a tragic personal link to a current murder investigation of one of Five Points’ most infamous women. Copper premieres every Sunday, 10:00pm ET.


  • Eric_Philly

    Pretty good episode… except for re-writing the history of the Dalek race and the Time War.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I vote Jenna-Louise as better looking than Karen Gillan – but with shorter legs… :-)

    At WonderCon, I heard Neil Gaiman say TV sets would have to have much more vertical dimension to show all of Karen’s legs, :-) And Mark Sheppard said she sure could run… :-)

  • Zachary 19

    Regarding to the UK TV ratings system, just thought I’d say that final ratings in the UK also include time shift, repeats and on demand (streaming). So when the final rating for Doctor Who comes out, next week (I think) the 6 million viewers it had, will rise.

    I’m also glad to see the Americans like Doctor Who because it is an amazing show.

  • Eric

    Maybe now the BBCA will start showing more BBC shows and less ST:TNG?

    And maybe even show unmolested versions of those shows? They always cut the hell out of them so they fit in a one hour timeslot.

  • Steve

    The UK broadcast rating has just broken the 8m rating (not final) The final rating should be available on Monday. So the show seems to be going great both sides of the Atlantic!

  • Chris

    Hah! Copper killed ‘The Doctor’! That record sure didn’t last long. Honestly, neither show is great, but Doctor Faux is a bad joke. BBC, what the bloody hell happened to you? :D

  • Mark

    LOVE Copper. Can’t get into Dr. Who because I am years behind and could completely lost. Glad tht BBC has a new show to watch since they would not bring back Law and Order: UK

  • John A

    The ratings in UK are not that great. I remember Series 4 had 10 million for fast ratings in UK for its first episode. Seems to be down every year.

  • Ike

    @John A., it’s still one of the highest-rated shows of the entire week in the UK.

    @Mark, no need to “catch up” on Doctor Who, since most episodes are stand-alone and there isn’t an elaborate history that you are required to know about. Only season 6 had a complicated story arc, but there won’t be any more of that, as I understand it. and I don’t know what you are talking about regarding L&O: UK. Looks like its UK network (not the BBC, but that doesn’t matter to BBC America, which is separate) is bringing it back for a seventh season soon, and I’ve seen nothing indicating that BBC America won’t acquire those episodes — am I wrong?

  • John A

    Not really Eastenders gets the same if not better ratings. DW numbers are good just not great.

  • Chris

    Sadly, no.

    You know, I used to root for my cable provider to add on BBC America, so I could watch the REAL Dr. Who. But shortly after I could finally watch it, they yanked the original series from the schedule. Now they’re flogging this new crapola (and honestly, I’d hate it if I’d never seen one ep of the original) night and day, but you have to shell out a fortune for the overpriced DVD’s of the original series, or you can’t see it.

    I think they’re scared of the competition. The old Beeb made amazing television. Present-day Beeb is basically The Top Gear Channel. I ask again–what happened to Brit TV?

  • Holly


    If you have either of them, both Netflix and Amazon Prime offer a lot of the older Doctor Who episodes on streaming.

  • coolioni

    @ Holly

    Well yes both of them do have classic Dr. who , but very a very limited amount of episodes.

    they have like 10 complete shows from the first 5 doctors .

    Then they have all the new ones from doc 9 up until the 11th !

  • Elizabeth

    As a UK Doctor Who life time fan, behind cushions with little brother sometimes, I love the latest series. It has all the zany quirky madness, wobbly sets, and daftness, that we demand in the UK. The UK viewing figures are outstanding considering it’s not an Eastenders/Corrie soap.

  • Annie

    I love copper!!!!! This is one of those rare,rare shows that you could watch all day. The actors & storylines are so good, I forget I’m watching tv. This is like watching a mini movies every sunday. Please renew copper.
    Love 2 all the cast & crew. u guys rock!!!

  • lauren oliver

    I am hooked on Copper. Please, please renew. By the way, is that director our Clark Johnson from Homicide?

    Baltimore, Md.

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