NBC Tops Democratic National Convention Night One 10pm Preliminary Viewership & Adults 25-54 Ratings

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September 5th, 2012

NBC lead the average viewership and adults 25-54 news demo target viewing in the preliminary fast affiliate cable ratings for the 10pm hour on Tuesday's night one of the Democratic National Convention. The final ratings (which I expect no later than sometime Thursday) may have adjustments to these numbers.

 10pm hour Viewers (million) Adults 25-54 (million)
NBC 5.002 1.929
MSNBC 4.107 1.432
CNN 3.888 1.368
CBS 3.269 1.057
ABC 3.237 1.143
FOX NEWS 2.398 0.55

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  • TheBoss1

    So, who exactly was that dumbass who said that Comcast is going to fire MSNBC’s primetime line-up after the election?

  • TheBoss1

    @Stan T … Michelle Obama’s speech blew Ann Romney’s speech out of the water, regardless of their “attair” (WTF?). But, that’s irrelevant. Neither is running for president.

  • USA

    Nice comment site about stats, frustrated guys talking to themselves! Breathe deep Thebossone!

  • TheBoss1

    @USA … “Breathe deep, the gathering gloom…..”

    Do you know the reference?

  • Ralph Hahn

    @TheBoss1: I think you’re being more extreme than you usually are. As a Fox News viewer, what was the big deal Tuesday night? AS First Lady speech? C.mon. I didn’t even watch Ann Romney’s speech.

    I did tune to Fox to watch Clinto last night. Man, I would have loved to spike his McDonald’s shake with truth serum and be honest with people of what he REALLY thinks of Obama. Oh, he has come clean in the past. And, please, no jokes about Monica’s dress, thank you.

    Tonight, I’ll watch Obama.

    ONE night does not make NBC/MSNBC the winner by a long shot. The first night is for the party faithful. THEY care about what Michelle Obama has to say, I don’t. What’s she gonna say? “My husband is great! Vote for him again. He needs more time to fix things?” LOL.

  • CountMeIn

    Many of the Democrats couldn’t get into vote because they didn’t have an ID.

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