NBC Yanks 'Saving Hope' Off Its Schedule

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September 5th, 2012

NBC has removed the final two episodes of low rated drama Saving Hope from its schedule. The network had already planned to banish the show to television's basement of Saturday night. Now it has decided that it is not even worth burning off. The final two episodes will stream on-line at NBC.com. Repeats of America's Got Talent will continue to air on NBC Saturday nights. Canadian fans of the series are in luck. Not only will the show's final two episodes air as scheduled on CTV, but the Canadian network has picked up  a second season of the show. More details can be found on TVLine.

  • Michelle

    This Michael Shanks fan is sad and disappointed. NBC only promoted the pilot, which really was not great. The show got far better but never had another ad on NBC. Darn!

  • cc

    Never saw the show, but pulling the last two last episodes to air repeats of AGT? Not too smart. Let ’em air for anyone that was watching.

  • 0megapart!cle

    It’s really interesting that the Canadian and American audiences responded so differently to the show. I’m sure CTV promoted it more than NBC, but still, that can’t completely account for the difference.

  • were123

    So Saving Hope will survive in Canada? Well then US audience can download it and see it, right? It could have been much worse, surely fans from the US can still find a way to see the show, and that’s good for them. It could have been really much worse

  • Michael

    I couldn’t even finish the pilot episode, that’s how bad it was. However, I feel bad for the fans that stuck right by it. Especially considering, the show only has 2 more episodes.


    Repeats of AGT. What else is new on NBC?

  • ChuckieChk

    Not happy about this, why pull the final two epsidoes for the fans who have been watching it on television!

  • cc


    Probably next it’ll be repeats of the The Voice, over and over and over….

  • Julie


    Not all Canadians reacted differently – I’m Canadian, tried watching it twice (the pilot and another ep a few weeks later) and was bored to tears both times.

  • Observer

    I know it’s been renewed for a second season in Canada, but does this cancellation affect the budget for the new season in any way? Wonder if they will make fewer episodes or make some other changes.

  • Carrie

    @Observer The Listner suffered a similar fate (yanked by NBC after a few episodes in its first season) and received the same amount of episodes.

  • Jared

    Regardless if Saving Hope was good or bad..lack of promotion is the reason why this series failed. Scrapping the final 2 episodes is exactly the reason why viewers wont give NBC shows a fighting chance. NBC loves to pull a show mid season..only to replace it with something that does just as good..or worse then what was airing to begin with.

  • Anna

    YES!!!! More Elijah on TVD! :)

  • JayTN

    “Saving Hope” (according to TVShowsonDVD.com) is slated for a spring 2013 release on DVD in the U.S., so fans could get to see the final 2 episodes then, if they don’t want to watch it on their computers.

    As has been said above, why pull the final 2 episodes? If nothing else, NBC could easily have still aired “Hope” and had it replace the nine-millionth repeat airings of “Law & Order: SVU” which were scheduled to air at 9:00 AND 10:00 p.m. on Sept. 8 & 15 after “Hope”.

  • Max

    Never even heard of this show. Shows how bad NBC’s PR campaign is.

  • DryedMangoez

    Another Canadian production that American audiences just didn’t care to watch.

  • John


    probably not, Canada is getting another season of the show. Though I do want more Elijah on TVD.

  • cj west

    NBC has done it again. I didn’t watch a single episode of the Firm until all 22 episodes were aired. I feared the same for Saving Hope but figured since it had a shorter run that the episodes would at least air on Saturday.
    I had been a fan of AGT in the previous years but haven’t watched a single episode this year. NBC just can’t understand where their fanbase has gone. Not airing final episodes of a series that fans have put an investment into is just not good PR even if the third or fourth airing of a reality show in its place will gather a few more ratings points or make a few more dollars.

  • Eli the Elite

    Canadian networks handle their shows much better than these lame American networks like NBC.

  • Nick

    I wonder if it would have gotten better ratings if NBC had decided not to show it at the exact same time as Canada did. They should have delayed it a few days and had it behind AGT or Ninja Warrior.

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