New HISTORY Series 'The Men Who Built America' to Premiere Tuesday, October 16

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September 5th, 2012

via press release:


Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Ford …


Meet the titans who forged the foundation of modern America

and created the American Dream

Event Series Premieres Tuesday, October 16 at 9 p.m. on HISTORY®

Features Exclusive Interviews with Mark Cuban, Alan Greenspan, Charles Schwab, Jack Welch, Steve Wozniak among others


September 5, 2012, New York, NYCornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford. Their names are synonymous with innovation, big business and the American Dream. They built empires. They created incredible advances in technology. They changed the world. HISTORY chronicles the lives of these visionary men in THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA, an eight-hour event series premiering Tuesday, October 16 at 9 p.m. on HISTORY.


THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA chronicles how these five self-made men shaped the future of this country, transforming the U.S. into a global superpower in a span of just 50 years, and how they affected the lives of every person in the world. Vanderbilt was one of the first to see how railroads could change how goods are shipped, creating the model for our modern railroads. Carnegie created the process for mass-producing steel, which allowed large buildings to become a reality. Rockefeller discovered a way to refine oil that set the worldwide standard. Morgan created the modern financial system. Ford made the car accessible to the masses.


These men were not born of great privilege. They came from meager means. Yet they saw opportunities where no one else had and they turned their dreams into reality. In so doing, they created the very concept of the American Dream, an idea now deeply woven into the fabric of our country – the notion that hard work, dedication and ingenuity can make your life better.


THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA is the story of colossal American growth, during the chapter of our history following the Civil War and leading up to World War I, told from the point of view of these five charismatic individuals. Most people today still know their names, but they know little about their lives. Meanwhile, an assortment of other iconic Americans – from Abraham Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison to Nikola Tesla, even Mark Twain – play supporting and at times unlikely roles in this grand story.


Contributing insights and perspective in exclusive interviews include such contemporary business giants as Steve Case, Mark Cuban, Donny Deutsch, Carly Fiorina, Alan Greenspan, Dick Parsons, Ron Perelman, T. Boone Pickens, Charles Schwab, Jack Welch and Steve Wozniak.


THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA is produced by Stephen David Entertainment in association with HISTORY. Executive Producers for HISTORY are Russ McCarroll and Paul Cabana. Stephen David is Executive Producer for Stephen David Entertainment.



HISTORY® is the leading destination for factual entertainment, including award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across multiple platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate, including scripted event programming, features a litany of hits including American Pickers®, American Restoration™, Ax Men™, Ice Road Truckers®, Pawn Stars®, Swamp People® and Top Shot® as well as epic mini-series and specials such as the Emmy® Award-winning Gettysburg, America The Story of Us, Hatfields & McCoys, Vietnam in HD and 102 Minutes That Changed America. The HISTORY website is the leading online resource for all things history, and in 2011, the United States Library of Congress selected HISTORY’s Civil War 150 site for inclusion in the historic collection of Internet materials related to the American Civil War sesquicentennial.


  • buffnbeefy

    This series should be eye opening. Sometimes we need to be reminded of both how guys like these got rich off the backs of poor skilled destitute workers and how government had to reign in their powers, starting with Teddy Roosevelt.
    Yep, those robber barons get their turn in the spotlight once again.

    Big business isn’t always best business, It can be the big elephant in the room.

  • Dave

    Shhh…don’t tell Obama!

  • Ralph Hahn

    These guys didn’t build that. :)

  • cra

    I hope the series also show how government helped each of these men become rich – from low mineral leases, to troops to bust strikes, to the building of infrastructure for automobilies and ceeding of right of ways for railroads.

  • Jamie H

    What a bunch of liberal BS comments! Jealous I believe is the word to describe your reactions! Without these men the technology they created wouldn’t have been realized until way later, if at all! Just because mediocrity is acceptable now doesn’t mean it always was… Ungrateful Robin Hoods!

  • Genkeshi the Phantom Knight

    I find it incredibly hard to buy this bs about how liberals down play these men who changed America and provided us their grandchildren the income to defeat hunger, disease, and made us the strongest nation on earth. We still produce more than the top 5 countries of Europe and Japan combined. Even when you consider how the commies Chinese and those purple skinned Indians who have over a billion people still cant create a fraction what we produce with only 300~ million says a lot from these men. I personally hate the Rockefeller Foundation and most everyone of John D’s descendants for being liberal communists but I will give him this. Before he came on the world stage kerosene was over 8x the price it was before he helped make Standard Oil a national presence. It saved the whales for cutting the need for whale oil being too expensive and at that moment Americans who lived like stone aged native people from Africa who still live there now, finally had light to illuminate their homes after sunset and be able to afford it thanks to John D. That right there is the greatest gift that all the Presidents of the US could never match or compare to with the exceptions of Jackson, Jefferson, or Cleveland 2x, who for the most part didn’t rob from our right pocket to give to our left hand but gave us Liberty and defended it.

  • Linda Jones

    Oh Yes! these great men really did a lot of good for the common people who had the best public transit system in the world in the early 1900’s these common folk are the ones that built America

    Those great guys systematically destroyed the public trolley systems that took thousands of people who couldn’t afford cars to their jobs everyday

    They did it by getting together in an American “Cartel” with all their moolah to buy up the trolley lines so they could tear them down to build roads for their oil sucking cars

    And they still have a hold on the public transit systems today by getting huge tax breaks for their big oil companies while Public Transit systems are woefully neglected and running in the red.

    Now these great guys say 47% of the common people are victims etc. etc. etc.

    Oh Yes! you great guys did it to them

    Give them back the damn public transit systems so they can find their own jobs it’s pocket change for you great guys throw a few bucks at the transit systems cut a ribbon or two that’s a job you great guys do so well

    Oh Yes! you great guys go back to “working” with the “Chamber of Commerce” let the 47% of common people get down to the real business of working for a living

    Oh Yes!!!

  • Hooker Jay

    I wonder if this will detail out Andrew Carnegie begged his mother to never send him to school because the primary movers and shakers behind the schooling effort literally lifted it wholesale from the Prussians (who themselves lifted it from India’s Brahmins) for the sole purpose of dumbing the populace down so that revolutions and insurrections would be a thing of the past while war, commerce, and wage-slavery would be the only alternatives. I highly doubt it considering how dangerous and deadly children could be. David Farragut started slitting throats for economic hitmen by age 13; long before Gen. Smedley Butler would set up shop across three continents.

  • Lance Simons

    Maybe several of those commenting should read the introduction rather than focusing on continued politics and division……

    “These men were not born of great privilege. They came from meager means. Yet they saw opportunities where no one else had and they turned their dreams into reality. In so doing, they created the very concept of the American Dream, an idea now deeply woven into the fabric of our country – the notion that hard work, dedication and ingenuity can make your life better.”

    We should encourage hard work,ingenuity and opportunity rather than painting everything as gllom & doom. We ALL need to stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for others to do for us.

    Personally, my family and I are looking forward to the series. we will leave the Reality Shows to someone else.

  • Nonyadamnbuissness

    Anyone know the song used in the intro for this show?

  • Cindy

    The Main Title song is called “Save My Soul” according to iTunes. There is no band listed, but if you type in The Men Who Built America the music will come up.

  • Johnny rotten

    why does everything turn into a fight?
    this was a great show. the folks depicted were scoundrels and exploited every thing they could. why we have laws today against such practices.but some of you are to stupid to see that just oh obama sucks ect get a life learn to comprehend what you see before speaking.

  • Mar Bromarl

    I really enjoyed the first 2 I have seen!!! Americans need to see this to remember how things were done in years gone by. Unions and members contributed to things we now enjoy and take for granted. I hate government intervention but when you see how it was before rules and laws were made to protect us, it makes sense. Yes, money and power did talk, but early Americans did the work to get those great things completed. Let us re learn how and what we have and protect the next generation from not making any more mistakes. God Bless America

  • Patrick Sullivan

    GREAT show. It’s easy for documentaries with actors to go wrong, but this show gets it right. What I found particularly interesting are the relationships between the players. History lessons often tend to focus in on individual biographies. Seeing them together adds intrigue and helps put their actions into meaningful context. Only suggestion I would have… provide more timeline, ex. flash the date up on the bottom of the screen once in a while… because sometimes it’s easy to lose the order of events.

  • kyle

    Blues Saraceno – Save My Soul artist and name of the theme song

  • Bobby

    Great show

  • Sue

    Will this mini series reair? I loved it but missed the end. I want to see it again.

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