NFL Football To Sack More Entertainment Show Ratings Than Ever This Fall!

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September 5th, 2012

NFL football giveth TV ratings to those who pay handsomely to carry it, and it taketh away TV ratings from those who do not.

Beginning with the Cowboys-Giants kickoff game tonight* (featuring two of the NFL's biggest ratings magnets), the 2012-13 NFL season will be doing more of both than ever before!

Bad news for most, a tiny sliver of good news for NBC:

Good news for CBS, Fox, bad news for everybody else:

  • Late Sunday afternoon national doubleheader NFL games on Fox and CBS will start at 4:25pm Eastern (vs. 4:15pm in the past). That will mean 10 minutes more NFL overrun in primetime on alternating weeks between Fox and CBS. Good news for the Fox and CBS ratings averages. Bad news for the fans of CBS Sunday night shows, who'll have even more reason whine about their shows start times getting pushed back. And of course bad news for everybody else, who'll have more NFL to compete with during early Sunday primetime.
Of course, better or worse primetime game matchups than last season can push things slightly one way or the other, but its hard to judge those effects before the season begins.


*that leads to the interesting question of what's worse for your political convention ratings, a hurricane, or the ratings hurricane that will be Cowboys/Giants?

  • Obveeus

    As the football TV season plays out, I think the average increase in timeshift will be more than the 10 minutes indicated by the change in start time for the games. The NFL has new replay rules in effect this season that will mean every single scoring play or turnover play will be ‘reviewed’. That is going to make the games longer. Additionally, the overtime scoring rules and the kickoff rules have been changed in a way that will make the games longer.

  • Tony Homo

    Cowboys-Giants going to dominate tonight and Bears-Packers next Thursday is going to dominate as well.

  • Bill Gorman

    @Obveeus, I think you’re right about those rules changes. Will be interesting to see the time effects.

  • Douglas from Brazil


    You read my mind!
    If CBS was smart they should air 60 minutes until 9pm,it’s a good strategy instead they text people to tell them when the show will start because of the delays.But I insist that they have to move back The Mentalist to Thursday again and The Good Wife to Tuesday.The 10pm timeslot works for CBS in any day of the week but Sunday doesn’t.We all know the 9pm timeslot is full of programming either broadcast or cable.When they move a show to a dead time that’s because that show will be getting the ax soon.

  • TomSFBay

    I wonder when the point of saturation for the NFL will take place.

  • Holly


    Were those new rules in effect for last night’s game? I know that games rarely follow a simply schedule, but did they make it noticeably longer?

  • Bill Gorman

    “Were those new rules in effect for last night’s game? I know that games rarely follow a simply schedule, but did they make it noticeably longer?”

    They were. And having said that, I don’t remember how long the game took.

    And I had the game paused at the start to get the kids in bed and was 30 sec. skipping between plays through almost the entire game, so I’d have missed any review delays.

  • Holly

    Bill, we need to talk about your priorities. What’s more important, being able to answer silly questions of mine regarding how long a football game lasts or your kids? Obviously you’re paying far too much attention to your children.

  • brutony

    All CBS has to do is what Fox does-DONT schedule any weekly shows for 7PM-they dont start their Prime Time schedule til 8! If a game ends a little early, they have a show called NFL Overtime, which is just basically a wrap-up hilight show. CBS always has to havce 60 Quaaludes on afterwards, which pushed the rest of the lineup back ALL THE TIME! Enough of that old dinosaur already!

  • jp

    NBC & CBS will be battling for number 1 on sundays. ABC and FOX……good luck.

  • Mark Wood

    How is airing 60 minutes for a longer period of time a smart move. There are very few programs on primetime that have an older audience, if anything as a business choice you should want a shorter 60 minutes and jumping into TAR as fast as possible, as it typically isCBS best performer in adults 18-49 for Sunday.

    I can’t imagine how low the ratings for the rest of Sunday would be with an even longer 60 minutes.

    As for CBS its a win, win. Football keeps props up the season average of 60 minutes like no bodies business, and gives TAR a modest bump as well, the 9pm hour typically close to a wash, and the ten pm program takes a dive (last year was one of the exceptions, surprisingly to this rule out of the last 6 years).

    But CBS does get data from the Pacific time zone, not to mention the weeks without an overrun to actually accurately gauge how the full lineup actually works without the benefit or burden of the overrun.

    And with each year more and more people having viewing options to allow them to not miss overrun shows, fewer and fewer fans or put into a position where they would miss their shows (if they paid attention).

    Though I admit leaving TAR ( a show that historically does significantly better then its lead in, and by a very significant margin) between the two oldest adults shows currently on the air (I think) its a terrible waste in the programming, I mean seriously who here doesn’t think Mentalist would outperform Goodwife at 9pm?

    Seeing how well CBS did the one year with TAR and the other reality show really helped them on Sunday, though clearly that reality show didn’t show the lifespan that a TAR or Survivor does, I would have stilled tried to get something besides the Good Wife (which based on its audience’s age really should be a ten pm show).

  • Bill Gorman

    “NBC & CBS will be battling for number 1 on sundays. ABC and FOX……good luck.”


    During the NFL season there is no battle. NBC wins while SNF is on. Whoever has a primetime playoff game on Sunday wins the remainder of the NFL Sundays.

    After the NFL season there are a couple months with lots of Sunday specials (Oscars, Grammys, etc.) where the winner is typically whoever has the special. On “non-special” Sundays ABC and Fox could easily top CBS’s weak line up among adults 18-49, and, as always, total viewership is irrelevant.

  • Petar

    @Bill Gorman

    Wich shows will take post Super Bowl and AFC Championship slots? Will you put question for guessing. Will be interesting topic i think. 2BG and POI are frontrunners here, but CBS can go with litle old TBBT/TAHM also.

  • Bill Gorman

    @Petar, We’ll definitely have a poll. Not sure when.

  • a p garcia

    That means I will be using my recorder more. How I would love to see 60 minutes go to 75 minutes and CBS broadcast just 2 hours after 75 minutes. I just may stop viewing CBS on Sunday, but I like The Mentalist.

  • Petar

    @Bill Gorman

    Well will be good to be before CBS to inform. By the way is it normal so late network like CBS still not to say nothing? I mean even NBC was ready with their selection in May when they pick The voice. And now we are september.

  • alffan

    I think CBS should address the Sunday night issue. With the age of the 60 Minutes audience and the fact it generally gets under a 2.0 18-49 most of the time, I think they should run it on alternate weeks in the fall and simply pre-empt it the weeks they have overrun.

    It’s one of CBS’s lowest rated Sunday night shows.

    I also suggested they move the demo friendly Big Brother into the Spring…

  • aaron

    CBS sucks. Sunday is a death trap for television shows. CSI:Miami was #1 b4 it was moved to Sundays and after just two years it was cancelled. I have never watched The Good Wife but I hear it is great and The Mentalist is one of my favorite shows. I fear both are doomed!

  • Holly


    CSI:Miami was #1 b4 it was moved to Sundays

    It was number one at what? It wasn’t the highest rated show on the network, not by far. I don’t think it was even the highest rated 10:00 show. And the move didn’t cause any dramatic drops beyond the general year-to-year erosion.

    The Good Wife got very similar numbers on Sunday as it was getting on Tuesday.

  • Stan T

    Bill Gorman
    Posted September 5, 2012 at 10:49 AM
    “Its good to be on the west coast where the football games don’t over run into primetime.”

    Not being a watcher of much non-sports primetime, that matters not to me, but I do like having NFL football begin at 10am!

    yeah, besides Football I don’t watch broadcast tv anyway, except for Last Man Standing…I like Tim Allen…he’s a lot like me LOL

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