MSNBC, CNN Top Cable News During Democratic National Convention Night Two

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September 6th, 2012

MSNBC lead the cable news networks in viewership and adults 25-54 during primetime and in total viewership during the Bill Clinton speech, while CNN lead with adults 25-54 during the Clinton speech. on Wednesday's night two of the Democratic National Convention.

While Fox News was third in both measures in both time periods, they were the only cable news net to show an increase in primetime (8-11) from Tuesday to Wednesday night for DNC coverage.

  • Fox News up 7% in viewership and up 12% in the adults 25-54 demo.
  • CNN down 3% in viewership and down 4% in the adults 25-54 demo.
  • MSNBC flat in viewership and down 6% in the adults 25-54 demo.

We should have combined numbers, and the broadcast final ratings from Nielsen later today.

Primetime 8-11pm Viewers (million) Adults 25-54 (million)
MSNBC 3.308 1.003
CNN 2.919 0.962
FOX NEWS 2.699 0.629


 Clinton Speech 10-11:30pm Viewers (million) Adults 25-54 (million)
CNN 4.273 1.612
MSNBC 4.511 1.486
FOX NEWS 3.047 0.831

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  • davdude

    It’s time for the Obama love affair to end and time to choose a real leader with the business mind of Romney. It is great that Obama is a good Father,Husband and loves this Country. Romney is also a good Father and Husband and He loves this Country more. He will put us back to work.

  • 0megapart!cle

    He will put this country back to work by rolling back regulations designed to prevent the next financial catastrophe, giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires that will fail to trickle down just like every other time that was tried, increasing taxes and decreasing services to middle and low income households, and increasing military spending more than even the Pentagon wants and extending our commitment to an unwinnable war.

    Basically, Mitt Romney is is George W. Bush 2.0, but with less compassion and fiscal sense. He will turn the course of our economy, which is slowly recovering from the recession, right around into a full blown depression for middle and lower class households.

  • ThisJustin

    I want to read/see/hear the Republicans, Teapartiers, Conservitive, and Liberterians “Double Down on Trick Down”.

  • ThisJustin

    @davdude–u should run for office and show the Republicans how to do it. On another note the same ratings swing happened 4 years ago. Democrats/liberals/progressive do not usually pay attention to politics until the Presidential election and debates, thus when they do start to pay attention MSNBC & CNN start to win the ratings war.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Apparently, except for that so-called “two-thirds voice vote,” GOPers and conservatives tuned out because they’ve heard it all before…the past four years.

  • amanda

    Its funny how liberals and democrats always want more of everyones money to spend but i guess its not surprising coming from a president whom never held a job durning highschool or college.Ive talked to other people around his age and they can’t think of anyone who didn’t work in H.S -college.I guess its eaiser to spend other peoples money,because i haven’t seen the nation debt mentioned by the dems yet..


    More than 6 TRILLION in debt in 4 years. Less government is better.

  • Chuchin


    You should look the stadistics of the Bush administration.

  • ThisJustin

    @ Amanda–Are u Libertarian, Conservative, Teapartier or Republican?

  • G Canada

    Less than 11 million in total…Substantially lower than Paul Ryan’s night
    Americans are way smarter than democrats thinks.

  • Raz


    They can’t mention the national debt, health care or the war in Afganistan. Not the high lights of this presidency.

  • ThisJustin

    @ TVMAN–How do u know less govt. is better govt?

  • ThisJustin

    @ Raz–Why do people come to a tv ratings site, to discuss politics?

  • Steph

    When you add those to the networks, it’s over 19 million viewers in the 10 pm hour. Not bad considering it was up against NFL!


  • ThisJustin

    @ Steph–Thanks for talking about the ratings.

  • ThisJustin

    @ Steph–Those numbers are very good.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Omegaparticle: >>> Basically, Mitt Romney is is George W. Bush 2.0, <<<

    Wait a minute. I thought you libs and Dems crowned JOHN McCAIN as Bush 2.0.

    I guess the Dems will use that 2.0 monicker on every GOP candidate for the next 100 years.

    OBAMA: "The Buck Stopped…in 2008."

  • Mary Wetzel

    I would have watched FOX news but I cannot stomach the DNC convention.

  • Ralph Hahn

    CLINTON ABOVE PICTURE CAPTION: “What’s the percentage of truth and honesty in my 50-minute endorsement of Obama, you ask? “Zero.”

  • Raz

    Got the American Community Survey in the mail. What an intrusion into my privacy. Does the goverenment really need to know if I can clean my funky old hide or how much I make or where I work?

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