MSNBC, CNN Top Cable News During Democratic National Convention Night Two

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September 6th, 2012

MSNBC lead the cable news networks in viewership and adults 25-54 during primetime and in total viewership during the Bill Clinton speech, while CNN lead with adults 25-54 during the Clinton speech. on Wednesday's night two of the Democratic National Convention.

While Fox News was third in both measures in both time periods, they were the only cable news net to show an increase in primetime (8-11) from Tuesday to Wednesday night for DNC coverage.

  • Fox News up 7% in viewership and up 12% in the adults 25-54 demo.
  • CNN down 3% in viewership and down 4% in the adults 25-54 demo.
  • MSNBC flat in viewership and down 6% in the adults 25-54 demo.

We should have combined numbers, and the broadcast final ratings from Nielsen later today.

Primetime 8-11pm Viewers (million) Adults 25-54 (million)
MSNBC 3.308 1.003
CNN 2.919 0.962
FOX NEWS 2.699 0.629


 Clinton Speech 10-11:30pm Viewers (million) Adults 25-54 (million)
CNN 4.273 1.612
MSNBC 4.511 1.486
FOX NEWS 3.047 0.831

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  • Former CNN Fan

    @amanda and @raz
    You clearly didn’t watch Clinton’s speech. He did speak about the national debt – at considerable length. Clinton said we must get our debt under control, we must use a balanced approach and he talked about how he achieved that in the 90s. In fact, Clinton talked about the national debt more than GW Bush did in all his convention speeches.

    You won’t hear about the debt if you aren’t interested in listening.

  • Raz


    Good question…one can discuss politics and not have it show up on a google search, unlike if you post to the Huffy. But it looks like the Dems got shown up by Honey Boo Boo just the Reps.

  • Diane Marchman

    Having lived thru Clinton for 8 years, Bush for 8 and O for 4 – I think last night would have been great if Clinton was running – but sadly, it doesn’t make up for the fact that Obama altho probably a smart guy – didn’t manage the 4 years he had, at all well! I think his priority should have been the economy – seriously – and then hit on Healthcare – people in his party and people he owed that to should just have waited. Clinton we must remember, is quite a good fibber – listen to the transcripts from the MLewinsky period – he’s good – but not so truthful. Let’s all remember Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica – he has a troubled side AND a huge ego…..
    He’s good at the podium – but who will keep O in line on becoming more centrist? We would be lucky to elect Mitt Romney – I don’t need a president to be my friend or have a beer (Coca Cola..!) with – I just want good leadership and FISCAL prudence. I think we need to take Clintons speech last night with a grain of salt…………

  • Robbie

    Since the year 2000, generally speaking, we have had more government spending, and debt, than ever before. Yet those past twelve years have seen the most anemic job and GDP growth!

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Diane Marchman: >>> Let’s all remember Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica – he has a troubled side AND a huge ego….. <<<

    Rightfully, Diane, I think the names of Gennifer and Monica should be removed from the above if you are thinking of them as 'victims'. Each of them were having affairs with Clinton, which makes him 50% his fault. For what we have learned and of Bill's out-of-court settlement with Ms. Jones, Paula was apparently the victim of sexual harassment. He is said to have exposed himself to Paula Jones an Arkansas state employee while he was Governor. Escorted up to his room by state troopers, no less.

    But, I agree than Clinton is the ultimate salesman. He would be the top earner at a Toyota dealership.

  • Mark2

    I can’t believe that MSNBC and CNN drew that many viewers even when competing with NBC’s NFL game.

  • 0megapart!cle

    People need to keep in mind that Romney’s current plans are far more likely to balloon the deficit than reduce it, since the parts of it that reduce the deficit (cutting all non-military spending drastically, cutting all tax deductions for lower and middle class (mortgage interest, employer healthcare, college, etc.), drastically cutting the federal workforce even more than it already has) would not be able to pass even a Republican controlled house and senate (these people want to get re-elected). So all that’s left are the parts that balloon the deficit.

  • SG

    DNC higher viewership than RNC. Obama 2012 sure thing, glad.

  • Katherine

    @ SG Nothing is a sure thing, so make sure you get out there and vote! :)

  • Watching in Awe

    Kind of pathetic that Mr. Obama had to bring in his big brother to help him out. Can’t wait to hear the excuse/promises marathon tonight.

  • Sia

    It’s time we let this president go and why would listen to the rapist/pervert Bill Clinton ? Makes me question if half of Americans need therapy !

  • Drew Stromberg

    Sia, YOU need therapy as well as an ENGLISH lesson!

  • larry kreinbrink

    Obama is no Bill Clinton First and Foremost! MSNBC is a joke! I am a registered democrat and voted for President Obama once and only once! No tingles down my leg like Chris Matthews has, but that could be a personal problem, not that there is anything wrong with that! Keep your hands on your wallet, because until America’s younger generation is smart enough to know that free is not free ” YOU ” are paying for your neighbors birth control, his food stamps, his student loans in default, his bar bills and believe it or not his lap dance where allowed!!! Wake up the educated youth of America! odds are you will get a real job and your views will change overnight!! There is still hope for America, it may not be Mitt Romney, but it sure the hell is not The Blamer and Chief in the White House! Has he EVER, EVER, EVER taken blame for his reckless spending and divisive attitude? His” My way or the highway” attitude will cost him the election!!

  • 0megapart!cle

    Obama is divisive and a reckless spender?!? Than you apparently haven’t paid attention to the plans and attitude of Mitt Romney.

  • DMB

    My fellow voters,
    All of us that looked at The Democratic Convention heard former President Clinton go over form A to Z everthing that President Obama had accomplished durning his short time in office. Yes I said short time,after all it took us 8 years to get here on Bushes watch or was he watching every time I saw him on TV he was boarding his plane waving at the camera holding his dogs.
    Mr.Clinton also explained to us in great detail WHY some very important issues pertaining to us as a people had not been taken care of was due to the REPUBLICANS TRYING TO MAKE PRESIDENT OBAMA LOOK LIKE A FAILURE AS OUR PRESIDENT BY VOTING NO NO NO NO, on each and every thing that he put on the table, which in turn stopped what he wanted to do in it’s tracks. Come on people we could not have forgotten what we learned in grammar school pertaining to how the White House system works,and that some things need to be voted on in order for them to go through,the Republicans had a pack to stick together with the NO vote in order to make our President A ONE TERM PRESIDENT.Is there anyone on this planet that has’nt heard that, I think not.Yet, people keep saying, President Obama has’t fixed this and has’nt fixed that, the Republican media keeps saying,well he said he would do this and that in 4 years. Well first of all it has not been 4 years,close but not yet. and secondly President Obama did not have a clue that he was being PLOTTED AGAIST BY THE REPUBLICANS when he made those promises but the REPUBLICANS KNEW THAT THEY CARRIED THE MAJORITY OF THE VOTES SO WHEN EVER HE WOULD TRY AND PUT SOMETHING THROUGH IT WOULD BE STOPPED BY BLOCKING HIM WITH THE NO,NO,NO VOTE. The things that he was able to put into place, IS NOW A DONE DEAL. Even tho 9/11 was on Bushes so called watch.he went after Hussian,instead of who he should have went afer which as we all know WAS BIN LADDIN. Who did it take to make us safe? Who studied and gave the order to after BIN LADDIN? THAT’S RIGHT PRESIDENT OBAMA.
    This election is not that hard,to me it is a very simple choice if you are not a MILLIONAIRE OR BILLIONAIRE you vote for President Obama because as we all should know by now he is for All of the people. Perhaps some what more for the lower and middle class working people that has had NO VOICE and had not been able to stand up to the people in the White House and speak for themselves. The struggling working class people who had to take what ever the White House dished out to them. Excepting the RICH MAN’S HAND IN THEIR POCKETS. The struggling working class people paying the HIGER TAXES while the RICH GET RICHER THE POOR GET POORER.
    Those of you that vote for Romney for president for what ever reason that you may have if he wins I hope that you are one of the MILLIONAIRES OR BILLIONAIRES because those are HIS PEOPLE, he even slipped on an interview and said that he would be cutting taxes for the Rich and then he caught himself and tried to correct that slip of the lip. Remember people what comes out of your mouth is in your head, at that time.slip or not.
    Another thing to consider is Why do you think all of those RICH GUYS ARE THROWING THEIR MONEY AT ROMNEYS CAMPAIGN? Do you really think they love him that much or like me do you think that it is for a much deeper reason that they want him in the White HOUSE? I really don’t think that that’s a hard question to figure out.
    Last but not least if Romney was in office as we speak and Bin Laddin was still alive, do you really think that he could have done what President Obama did to go after BIN LADDIN which is called MAKING THE TOUGH CALLS,and taking the responsibiliy if all does not go according to plan. AGAIN I THINK NOT.

  • DMB

    Mr Romney
    I don’t want NO STINKEN VOCHERS FOR MY MEDICAL CARE. I am going to use the Republicans NO vote on that one.

  • DMB


  • 1966

    your a moron obama had the house and senate for the first two years he could’ve gotten anything he wanted passed.

  • Mark


  • Mark

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