'CBS This Morning' Posts Week-to-Week Gains in Household Ratings and Viewers for Week Ending August 31

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September 7th, 2012

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“CBS This Morning” Posts Best Household Delivery Since the Week of May 7, 2012


CBS THIS MORNING posted week-to-week ratings gains in households and viewers for the week ending August 31, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings.


This week’s household rating for CBS THIS MORNING is the best the broadcast has delivered since the week of May 7, 2012.



Week Ending August 31, 2012 Week Ending August 24, 2012 % Change


1.9/07 1.8/07 +6%



2.34m 2.29m +2%


  • Pat Bymak

    I am a Canadian and watch your show. I’ve been a Charlie Rose fan for years. I very much appreciate his serious facial expressions as a newsman. It’s a relief to see news taken that seriously. When he does smile and the camera leaves his face, as soon as he speaks news when the camera comes back, he immediately goes back to his serious news facial expression. I really appreciate how he asks questions and the many variables he expresses when he does ask them.

    Gayle provides a different approach and does that very well. She knows how to balance the lighter side with the more serious nature of her interviews.

    As for Nora, she is a force to be reckoned with. It makes for serious in depth journalism and her facial expressions deem it as such.

    Pat Bymak
    Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

  • Elena

    Please get rid of Gayle!!! Impossible to watch! Horrible make-up, eye-lashes… good for anot-very-expensive Las-Vegas show.
    Energy is not there in this group. Do thry hate eache other? I do not want to watch this channel at all – morning is destroyed by Gayle!!

  • Marlan

    What does CBS want from their morning show? Loyal viewership? Higher ratings? The only consistency I have observed over the years is that CBS could care less about viewer loyalty and is a slave to the numbers game. Well just as we viewers tune in to see who is staffing the show from one week to the next, maybe CBS should look out from behind the TV screen to see if anyone is still out there in “viewship land”, I for one won’t be! Legends like Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Edward R Murrow would not survive long with today’s execs who only concern themselves with the numbers game of today’s world. If Harry Smith and Erica Hill are still keeping up with this topic, know that we miss you two and only hope that your talents are being appreciated elsewhere by those who are pursuing talent and not a popularity contest…so much for serious news reporting that WAS a hallmark of CBS….RIP CBS news…thank goodness you still have Bob Shieffer and the excellent Sunday Morning show…the only 2.5 hours of time I will be watching CBS.

  • Rob

    News these days seem to be all about celebrities and their previledged lives. And often the news involves the newscasters themselves. While CBS does do a celebrity segment, they do have more serious coverage than other morning news programs. No stupid cooking segments that they don’t have time to actually do. I hate the way the morning shows talk about a making a dish and they have moved to the swap out before they even crack an egg.

    I love Nora and her unabashed ability to ask tough questions without flinching. I think Mr. Rose is also good. I’m not a Gayle fan, although it is fun to watch her in a car wreck kind of way. I also think they need more experts than the one they always use. How can this guy be an expert on everything?

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