CNN Leads Cable News TV Ratings During Democratic National Convention Final Night

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September 7th, 2012

CNN lead the cable news networks in total viewership and adults 25-54 during primetime and during President Obama's speech on Thursday's final night of the Democratic National Convention.

We should have combined numbers for all networks, as well as the broadcast final ratings for Thursday from Nielsen later today.

Primetime 8-11pm Viewers (million) Adults 25-54 (million)
CNN 4.105 1.557
MSNBC 3.611 1.290
FOX NEWS 2.659 0.673


 Obama Speech 10-11:15pm Viewers (million) Adults 25-54 (million)
CNN 5.555 2.207
MSNBC 4.564 1.777
FOX NEWS 2.914 0.831

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  • Ralph Hahn

    Word just in from a bank around New York’s Columbus Circle.

    CNN actually made a DEPOSIT into their account today, no withdrawl. LOL.

  • G

    oh politics. how we can’t get enough of you lately. Dems blaming Rep for lying. Rep blaming Dems for lying too. but how about a thrid party that isn’t a Republicans or Democrat. how about independent?

  • Ralph Hahn

    @G: Independent is independent. It’s not a party. You’re free to vote for any candidate on the ballot you want – or – write-in a candidate. People think they just have two choices. Of course, the majority of the voters are going to vote for either of the big parties because they feel theiry vote will be “wasted” on someone who doesn’t have a chance. Check out your ballot.

  • Rick

    @Ellen, Good points. We have rich Dems against rich Repubs. We have a lawyer that identifies who is making money and is trying to seperate their money from them so that he can redistribute the money to his friends against a financier who is trying to make it easier for his friends that have money or work in the financing industry continue to make money at someone elses expense that can’t afford it.

    At least the financiers take a risk as to whether they will make money. Lawyers only have to point out how much money someone has and say they have more than they need therefore they should be entitled to take the excess, pay themselves and redistribute the rest. Since lawyers wrote the rules they have an advantage. The financiers are just trying to improve their chances to offset the risks.

  • kfreels

    These comments kill me. So many accusations and so few facts. Obama is indeed doing well with the superPACs but that is still well short of what Romney is making. Check the reports that are all a matter of public record. Romney is getting fewer larger donations and more PAC support. Soros is not even a close comparison to the Koch’s. More of Obama’s support comes from small nickel and dime donations. This means each contributor has less sway over him. That’s just the way money in politics works. The Koch’s are trying to buy themselves a president.
    What I don’t understand is how anyone can rightfully support a plan to extend more tax cuts to the wealthy and claim that this will somehow balance the budget. It doesn’t work. The balancing part has to come from somewhere else and they won’t say what that something else is. They refuse to specify WHERE that savings will come from.
    They can’t say trickle down because that is proven not to work. Both Bush’s and Reagan’s economic growth was driven by deficit spending and not by supply side economics. I see all these people out there that don’t even come close the being able to benefit from such a tax cut yet they are out there howling about how their lives will be better if these other people get a tax cut. If I didn’t believe the same thing once, I would be completely mystified. As it is, I understand why they see it this way and it’s because they think that they will be at that point some day as well. Sadly, that’s not the case. The number of people who make over $250k per year is very small, it is not the majority of the republican base, and in the meantime, they will continue to suffer, paying a higher tax rate than their wealthy counterparts.

  • mretondo

    No one, not Dem and especially Rep have any idea how bad we were when Obama took office. The current GDP numbers said growth was -4.5%, twice the worst of the previous five recessions. Two years latter the final numbers came in and instead of adjusting the number up or down by .5% or less it doubled it to -9%.

    How bad is -9% after all? Well it equals the previous five recessions combined!!! The Great Depression had a GDP of -8.5% (adjusted) in 1930 for example. That’s right, we were in a depression and NOT a recession.

    Less then two years after Obama’s recovery act the economy grow by +13%!!! When was the last time the economy grow anywhere near those numbers… 1942 when the economy grow by +18% but it took a stimulus three times Obama’s ($2.5 Trillion adjusted for inflation).

    It makes me LOL when I hear Republicans say Obama’s stimulus didn’t work.

  • a p garcia

    Everwhere including this site was saying how FOX numbers were so much better than other networks-now this-is someone finger on the scale.

  • tom

    where’s the C-SPAN viewership numbers?

  • Bill Gorman

    “where’s the C-SPAN viewership numbers?”

    I don’t believe that C-SPAN is rated.

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