Democratic National Convention Final Night Draws 35.7 Million Viewers, Down 2.7 Million From 2008

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September 7th, 2012

via nielsenwire

An estimated 35.7 million people watched the third and final night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention on Thursday, September 6. [...]

While coverage varied by network, all thirteen aired live coverage from approximately 10:00 p.m. to 11:15 p.m. The chart below highlights the sum of the average audience for these networks during common coverage.

While noted in the "Networks Included" lists, it's worth calling out the fact that PBS was not rated during the 2008 conventions, as it is now, and any PBS viewership in 2008 was not counted.

  • Billy

    Very good ratings for Obama. These convention ratings for both parties were way down from 2008. To lose only 2.7 million is really good. Romney only had about 30 million viewers.

  • AppleStinx

    If my calculator is working well, 8.086 million (22.6%) of the audience was delivered by the “other networks” (BET, CRTV, CNBC, MUN2, PBS, TV One and UNI). That’s more than any single network did. CNBC didn’t contribute much, CRTV most likely didn’t either. So who was responsible for that number?
    (I didn’t check how it was with the RNC final day, when neither BET nor TV One had a viewing to be counted).

  • Tony

    I agree with you Billy, 35.7M viewers is very good. Down 7% from 2008.

    RNC last night was viewed by 30.3M viewers, 8.6 million less than the last night of the 2008 RNC – down 22%.

    In 2008 RNC beat DNC. It’s strange how DNC now can pull in more viewers despite losing most of the enthusiasm from 2008.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Why in 2012 DNC had only 3 nights of Convention and then in 2008 had 4?

  • Tyson

    Monday was Labor Day, a holiday in the U.S.

  • AppleStinx

    @Douglas from Brazil

    The democrats planned it that way, although on day -1 there was some kind of outdoor festival.

  • PreciousCat

    Although down 2.7, the numbers is still flipping amazing. Remember, there was more hysteria in 2008 because it was historical with the first african american man accepting the nomination.. But all in all, that is incredible numbers. The GOP should be very worried, extremely worried

  • Voltron

    @ Tony
    In 2008 RNC beat DNC. It’s strange how DNC now can pull in more viewers despite losing most of the enthusiasm from 2008.

    I think this is a sign that the enthusiasm for the Obama ticket is returning, since the RNC was so drastically down from 4 years ago. If not for the 25 million watching NFL instead of Bill Clinton, the overall viewership for the 2012 DNC might’ve been greater than 2008!

  • Cbear


    I don’t think the Republicans are worried, if anything they’re ready to pounce on Obama’s policies after the August Jobs report.

    People want not jobs, not apologies for unfulfilled expectations from 4-years ago.

  • Cbear

    Want jobs, excuse me.

  • PreciousCat

    @Cbear, pounce on Obama with what? What plan Romney has to create jobs? Has he truly said what his plan is? You know why he has not? Cause it would scare people off. His plan is to stick it to the middle class and give the rich people a tax break. if you aint making 250,000 a year, you gotta be crazy to vote for Romney. Romney’s job at Bain was firing people not giving people jobs.. Plus, in debates, you think he is gonna win when it comes to foreign policies and women issues?? Yeah, it’s over for Romney

  • Female Voter

    Most of the DNC viewers are most likely Republicans or Mitt Romney voters. I watched just to see what he had to say like most others. I will no be voting for Obama nor did I ever vote for Him! I just loved the fact that He wants votes yet has no PLAN for anything, or at least he didn’t voice it. I can’t wait for election day so We can vote Him out! and finally get America restored!

  • Billy

    @Female Voter

    Totally wrong. The Republicans watched the RNC, while more Democrats watched the DNC. That is why the right leaning FOX News Channel put up much bigger numbers for the RNC while the left leaning MSNBC put up bigger numbers for the DNC. The Republicans watch FOX News Channel while the Democrats watch MSNBC and the NBC network coverage.

  • Mark2

    Not bad at all…they beat the RNC by over 5 Million viewers.

  • Mark2

    ^Considering how many people watched it online and that it was competing against the VMAs, these numbers are exceptional.

  • Jack

    @Female Voter-

    It is obvious from the ratings difference that Republicans watched the RNC and Democrats watched the DNC. FOX news had by far the best ratings for the RNC and they finished way behind on the DNC.

    Even PBS beat Fox news by 1 million viewers for the Obama speech!

  • Jack

    Yes and the 35.7 million is very impressive. 5 million more than Romney got this year and only 3 million fewer than Obama got 4 years ago.

    I hope it is a sign that the Democrats are at least as enthusiastic about voting this year as the Republicans.

  • Cbear

    @Precious Cat

    I must respectfully disagree. Romney has a plan that includes placing an importance on domestic energy sources, thus creating more jobs. Increased foreign trade agreements and an improved education system to get kids better prepared for the world.

    He has already pledged not to raise taxes on the middle class. Whether or not you take Romney’s promise at face value is up to you. To me, the President seemed to be apologizing for not living up to all his promises in 2008. Before you jump all over the Republicans, remember for the first two years of Obama’s administration, the democrats controlled both the house and senate. Meaning, Obama could pass bills with little opposition.

    Personally, my family and I are not ‘wealthy’ but we’re doing just fine. I don’t hate the ‘evil’ rich people, if anything some became wealthy through hard work and I think we can all agree hard work should be rewarded. Also don’t assume all Republicans are rich and Democrats are poor.

    Precious Cat, you and I are obviously on opposite sides of the fence and that’s cool. I have friends and co-workers on both sides of the political party. I guess it makes for some great water cooler talk every election cycle.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Do you americans really think that Romney is the best for America?
    For me,as I’ve been watching from outside,Obama is still the best for your country and of course to manage foreign politics.Here, in Brazil I think Romney if he been elected could be a big disaster.

  • AppleStinx

    @Douglas from Brazil

    Interesting. Why do you think that Obama is the best for the U.S.?

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