Soap Opera Ratings: 'General Hospital's' Ratings Rise in Households, Total Viewers, and Women 18-49

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September 7th, 2012


via Soap Opera Network:

Week of August 27-31, 2012

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,339,000 (-166,000/-86,000)
2. B&B 3,111,000 (-173,000/+384,000)
3. GH 2,661,000 (+215,000/+175,000)
4. DAYS 2,571,000 (-200,000/+208,000)

1. Y&R 3.4/11 (+.1/+.1)
2. B&B 2.4/8 (same/+.3)
3. DAYS 2.0/6 (same/+.2)
3. GH 2.0/6 (+.2/+.2)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 804,000 (-46,000/-27,000)
2. GH 626,000 (+52,000/-102,000)
3. B&B 600,000 (-45,000/+68,000)
4. DAYS 531,000 (-87,000/-113,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3/8 (same/same)
2. GH 1.0/6 (+.1/-.1)
3. B&B 0.9/6 (-.1/+.1)
4. DAYS 0.8/5 (-.2/-.2)


Source: Soap Opera Network

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • MBmomof3

    Our Fox affiliate is starting a new, local “lifestyle” show that will feature wives of the Green Bay Packers. It premieres today at 2 pm CST and will compete with Katie. I believe they used to have a lame syndicated court show in that timeslot. Anyway, for anyone interested here is a link to the article about the show from today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


    For those of you unfamiliar with Wisconsin culture, let’s just say that the Packers are a big deal. Last night’s Packers v. Da Bears pulled in a 48.2 household rating, which was more than half the area households. By the way we won and it was awesome:)!

  • MBmomof3

    Well, disregard my previous statement about the Packer Wives lifestyle show going up against Katie. JSonline reported it airs at 2pm but the Fox website says noon. I guess Katie is safe from Packer Fever.

  • JayTN

    TimsDale4Ever…the reason that Y&R may be keeping the characters of Gloria and Jeffrey is because they tend to be used as comic relief. Personally, I think soaps need a go-to character(s) that can be used to lighten the situation and bring a few laughs – even if some of those laughs are not always intentional.

    That is a role that, at least in my opinion, was filled by the talented Darlene Conley on B&B. During her later years on the soap before she unexpectedly passed away, she tended to portray her character as larger-than-life and over-the-top…a mixture of serious and comic at the same time.

    I know I’ve mentioned this before, but since we are talking about the Y&R cast, it seems relevant. I wonder why the writers/producers opted to recast and age the roles of Summer Newman and Fen Baldwin when the new actors are barely visible on screen. Prior to this week, the new actor playing Fen, had only appeared once or twice. One would have thought that the newly recast younger (teenaged) characters would have been featured more this past summer, otherwise, why go thru the process of recasting and aging the characters? Further proof that the writers seemed to introduce characters – such as those played by Genie Francis, Debbi Morgan, and Julie Pace Mitchell – only to have them standing around doing nothing.

  • Chrisann

    MBmom, I was born in Minnie-So-Tah lol big rivelry between Vikings fans and Packers fans. Me….Raiders fan but only because if I wasn’t my Husband would leave me…so if I ever want to get rid of him I guess I will root for the Broncos!(He has a real dislike for them)

    I was just wondering for the GH fans or occasional watchers what cast member would you be the most upset if they left the show? For me I would hate to see Luke or Anna leave. I am actually pretty happy with the cast they have now. Wish Tracy would make better man choices though. I would kind of like Tracy to be bi-sexual…would be and interesting storyline. Expecially considering her bad history with choosing men.

  • JayTN

    Chrisann…I too dislike the Broncos, but more due to Peyton Manning than anything else. I’ve never liked Manning, even when he played QB for the University of Tennessee Volunteers.

    Back to the potential trimming of the Y&R cast, producers could also bump Tracey Bregman to recurring since her character, Lauren Fenmore, doesn’t seem to be doing anything lately. Lauren hasn’t even had a good storyline since she was kidnapped by crazy Daisy a couple years ago, has she? I know I suggested this a few weeks ago, but Bregman could stay in the Bell family by having her character transplanted to B&B. That would not be totally outrageous as Y&R and B&B have a history of trading characters and Bregman’s Lauren has already appeared off-and-on on B&B for many years.

    Since Lauren owns an upscale chain of department stores, have Fenmore’s (the store’s name) become the exclusive home to a new design line from B&B’s Forrester Creations. Lauren, as company CEO, would need to go to Los Angeles to oversee the design and then integrate herself into the L.A. scene. Lauren could also fill the void left the impending departure of Susan Flannery’s Stephanie Forrester.

  • MBmomof3

    Chrisann, one of the saddest days of my life was watching Brett Favre run onto Lambeau Field wearing a Vikings jersey. Now, I’m like Brett who? My inlaws live in MN and Dallas and I’m originally from Chicago, so we get pretty worked up over football season, but all in good fun.

    I am really loving the GH cast right now. Even Trey and Joe Jr. have grown on me. I guess my favorite character right now is Todd and it wouldn’t be as fun if he were gone. I think this regime is doing a great job of making this show an ensemble cast once again and not just focusing almost entirely on 3 or 4 characters. I think Steve Burton/Jason will be missed, but I’ll get over it. I think my least favorite is probably nuKristina only because her acting skills aren’t up to par, but she had big shoes to fill as I was a big fan of oldKristina.

  • MBmomof3

    JayTN, I like your idea for Lauren to go to B&B. I really like Tracy Bregman and her character. They should ship Fen & Summer off to boarding school. Talk about a waste of airtime! At first when I saw them this week I was like who is that? Then I remembered the SORAS, and thought they were awful. With all the unemployed talent out there this was the best they could do? Sorry to those 2 young actors but they should stick to modeling and take more acting classes.

    Personally I love Jeffrey and Gloria, but I get what you’re saying TimsDale. I can’t stand Cane and Lilly, but I know they have their fanbase. I think if Dru were to return Lilly might have some compelling story, but I don’t think that will happen. Cane should be transferred to Japan and take Lilly and the twins with him. Love the Winters clan, but not this version of Lilly.

  • Lynne

    I am really enjoying GH right now. I actually look forward to watching it. And for all you football fans out there, I just have to say GO PATS!

  • Richard

    Jay, Bregman from looking at several online sources has been recurring for many years. One report says she didn’t want a contract due to her family. And she wanted the freedom to do outside projects when she desired — a contract would have prevented that.

    Chrisann, As to your question — even though I still watch the eppys online — right now I am so detached from all the characters that if any of them left it would not upset me. Last year I was one of those that felt that way about Elizabeth, but if even she left right now it wouldn’t bother me.

    I used to would have felt that way about Anna or Luke but not anymore. The relationship between the 2 has ruined me on both characters. I am not sure why from reading online comments — even among Cartini fans and supporters — that they feel the pairing is so successful. Pretty much everyone hates them online — thus why they gave them the online name of AnaL. Everyone seems to like them better as friends.

    But then again so much of the online GH group has hated Luke for several years now — right up there with Sonny and Jason.

    Before someone says it is all because of my dislike for Cartini, I will just say the growing unattachment to GH and the characters did not begin with them for me. It began about 5 years ago and has just increased. Guza and Phelps started it, Wolfe continued it, and Cartini just made it stronger.

    I guess the closest characters that I really seem a bit of an attachment to anymore are Monica, Epiphany and Patrick.

    But my attachment to Patrick just grows weaker just because I feel what they have done with his character with making Robin alive just makes the character stuck. Rumors are that McCullough won’t commit to full term to the show, just periodic appearances. Due to her new career as a director. that just leaves Patrick in limbo to me. I mean fans know Robin is alive so they aren’t going to accept him moving on with anyone else. So why even get involved with a new pairing when you know it is just all going to end. I just wish they would go ahead find Robin and let them reunite and if McCullough truly isn’t going to commit to a contract — then just have them leave together as a family. I would miss them but I would rather that than the way they treat the character now. I mean we didn’t even really get to watch him grieve much for months. So if his life is going to go on offscreen anyway — at least him be with Robin and Emma together.

  • Richard

    Oh as to Jax being alive and it happening off screen. For me that is one I didn’t care about one way or the other. Soaps have made such a mockery of death for years. I never believed either of them were dead anyway. I don’t even believe Ewin is dead.

    If Carlavati wants him alive next week, he will make it happen — even if it is the stupidest and dumbest resurrection ever. And most soap fans will buy it and go on. Why don’t you think they do it — because they know soap fans will watch it and won’t demand any better.

    It doesn’t matter if you believe Jax helped save Jerry or not. He is alive at any point Ron c. wants him to be.

    What I don’t really understand is why even make Jax alive at this point anyway. Ingo has already tweeted he is through filming at GH. So anyone who follows him on Twitter already knows. So not even sure where they are going with his story at this point anyway. Carly and Jax have been over for so long now — not sure why they just didn’t let her believe he was dead and end it there.

    Used to be a point where if you avoided the spoilers section of message boards you could avoid things, but now so much of the world has Twitter and the actors tweet filming schedules and stuff so much.

  • Mike

    Chrisann, I would have to say Steve Burton. I stopped watching GH due to the unending mob focus and was curious to see if we’d see new directions for Jason. I was hoping he’d regain his memories from before his accident and see him struggle with his choices over the last decade or so. I don’t have a problem with Anna and Luke and have seen a vulnerable side I haven’t seen in Luke’s character in quite a while. I would love to see them get very involved and then have Laura return. Who knows what may happen after the Y&R revamp. She may be available to come back. Guess we’ll wait and see. You didn’t ask this but if anyone had to go, I would say recast the character of Kate. Although I don’t have a problem with her acting, she has no chemistry with Maurice Bernard. If the original actress returned, I think I could warm up to this couple.

  • Ally Sheedy in WarGames

    Good to see GH have a great first week in its new timeslot.

    Katie keeps sliding not a good sign for her.

    DAYS and GH in my area was interrupted by the national news, I hope their repeated in their entirety late tonight I hope this doesn’t effect the ratings for this particular week.

  • Mike

    Wow, also had not been on the blog for a few days and just caught up after my last post. Didn’t know Genie Francis had already been let go. I have 4 episodes of GH to watch this weekend, looks like I’m going to have a good time based on 99% of your comments. The other 1%, oh well you know. Time is causing me to fall behind on Y&R again. Will try to catch up with that soon too. I want to be able to compare Arena-Bell’s semi-mess to what JFP brings.

  • Chrisann

    Mike, I agree Steve Burton is going to be missed. I think your scenario of having Jason regain his memories would be such good viewing. Can you imagine the old Jason having to deal with all the things he has done? Such a good idea!Would Sam still love Jason? Monica would be “over the moon” to have Jason back like he was. I wasn’t watching GH when they had the original Kate so I don’t have personal knowledge of her and Sonnys chemistry together. I do know I agree with you and don’t think this Kate has great chemistry with Sonny. I know Brenda and Sonny were so fun to watch together. I wouldn’t mind seeing Trey go…or his Dad.

  • Brad

    I read the article on daytime confidential about GH averaging a 2.3 in Households over the past three days. It stated GH was beating The Chew by 15% in households and whopping 80% in Women 25-54!!! Also, Vannessa Marcil may be bringing Brenda back to Port Charles. That was another daytime confidential story. I hope Laura Spencer comes back so we can all have a very merry spencer Christmas. lol. Also, it’s wierd how everything in ABC’s lineup is crumbling except for GH. The Chew isn’t pulling numbers a bit better than it was, GH is holding steady and made BIG gains this week (go GH!!!) and Katie dropped to a 1.7/5 in households yesterday, she’s slowly losing her audience. Just some things to think about.

  • Richard

    Chrisann, The other Kate (Megan Ward) was wonderful but I am not sure I could see her playing the altars and from spoilers and previews the altar is probably coming back soon. I just can’t see Megan Ward as Connie — not saying that Sullivan does that good of a job with her.

    The biggest problem I have with Sullivan is even heavily made up she does not look anywhere near the same age as Sonny and Joe Jr. And from the writing they are supposed to be.

  • Richard

    New ratings are out. Bad week of Labor Day for Days and GH both. Days has lost all of the gain it made in those 2 weeks. GH lost 18-49 viewers but held on the 1.0 18-49 rating and it’s 18-34, but down 100,000 in total viewers. Friday was their best day.

  • JayTN

    Some perspective…”The Chew” had its best viewership for the week of September 3 since the week of April 23. Also, “Good Afternoon America” went out with near record viewership, just 50,000 fewer viewers than it had in its first week (1.75 million vs. 1.80 million).

    GH had a 2.0 rating on Friday, September 7. Although it is possible that it could have jumped half a ratings point the following Monday, I will remain skeptical until the final ratings are released next week.

    Overall, for the week of September 3, it looks like this year’s Labor Day bucked the recent trend of better ratings, as only B&B saw a week-to-week increase. “Days” has also given back all of its post-Olympics gains, as it is the viewers for the week of Sept. 3 are lower than they were for the week of July 23, the last week that “Days” aired prior to the beginning of the Olympic Games.

  • Jack

    General Hospital should be grateful they have OLTL’s timeslot. Let’s see if the slight ratings gain hold up for the rest of the year. I think ABC needs to save one soap, even though it was the wrong one.

  • Richard

    Jay, Thanks for the perspective.

    As to the ratings, Days bump was what is typical of soap operas today but yet if you say anything you get labeled a hater.

    People tune in for the stunts and then tune right back out again. The writers have done this for so long now. They write exciting stuff for a few days or a week and they get the casual viewer.

    And then you have soap fans heralding it and praising it. It was this couple or that couple as to why the ratings were up. And many times the writers and producers buy into it that such and such are popular so we will write for them.

    Days and GH have both had this problem for so long now. I was skeptical as to GH’s big rise this week but it would fit the pattern too. The pattern that Guza set of writing for the stunts and then nothing from day to day. Guza got bumps too — not as big as a half a rating point — but my guess is that it will go back down.

    From looking at the ratings Cartini had at OLTL they would fluctuate too — even last year they couldn’t maintain high ratings. They went up and then back down and then back up again for the finale.

    The writers don’t know how to write stories everyday and not just stories but to make fans truly care about the characters. Or to even build suspense. Or to even create drama. Or longing. I mean what did this big story really do to affect things. No one really died of importance. It seemed the Jacks brothers did but they have already resurrected one of them.

    And since they got good ratings for this stunt, if Cartini stay then we will just get more and more of the same. Because fans have proven they will watch it — no matter what.

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