'The Chew' Kicks Off Its Season Two Premiere on Monday, September 10 With Guest Katie Couric

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September 7th, 2012

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Katie Leclerc (ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth”) and John Henson (ABC’s “Wipeout”)

Make Their First Appearances on the Show


A Weeklong Series Featuring the Co-Hosts’ Favorite Summer Recipes


ABC’s “The Chew” kicks off its Season Two premiere on Monday, September 10 with featured guest Katie Couric. Who is her secret childhood crush? What are her most un-favorite foods? And what actress would Katie have portray her in a movie about her life? Tune in Monday as Katie reveals the answers to those questions and more when she stops by to talk with the co-hosts of “The Chew” and puts on her dancing shoes to boogie with Chef Carla Hall.


Also among the featured guests SEPTEMBER 10-14 (weekdays, 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET; broadcast in stereo) will be Katie Leclerc (ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth”), Questlove (“The Roots”), Chef Michael Lomanaco and John Henson (ABC’s “Wipeout”):


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 – Katie Couric (“Katie”); the co-hosts share some of their favorite recipes from summer vacation… First up, a mouthwatering pappardelle pasta dish from Clinton Kelly.


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 – Chef Michael Lomanaco; Chef Carla Hall makes a delicious banana and vanilla wafer shake; Chef Mario Batali shares a recipe from his summer vacation.


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 – Questlove (“The Roots”); Daphne Oz shares a recipe from her summer vacation; Chef Carla Hall shares quick and easy snack ideas.


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 – John Henson (ABC’s “Wipeout”); Chef Carla Hall shares a favorite dish from her summer vacation.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 – Katie Leclerc (ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth”); money saving tips for storing and extending the life of fresh herbs; Chef Michael Symon shares one of his favorite summer vacation recipes; “Chew Crew” correspondent Jason Roberts visits “Sticky Fingers Joint” in NYC.


About “The Chew”:

Celebrating and exploring life through food, “The Chew” is an innovative and groundbreaking daytime series co-hosted by a dynamic group of engaging, fun, relatable experts in food, lifestyle and entertaining. Produced by Gordon Elliott’s Chew Productions for the ABC Television Network, “The Chew” serves up everything food -- from cooking and home entertaining to food trends, restaurants, holidays and more -- all aimed at making life better, fuller and more fun. Featuring celebrity chefs Mario Batali, Michael Symon, and Carla Hall, entertaining expert Clinton Kelly and health and wellness enthusiast Daphne Oz, “The Chew” is a leap forward into a delicious new kind of lifestyle series.


Follow “The Chew” (@thechew) and hosts Mario Batali (@mariobatali); Michael Symon (@chefsymon); Clinton Kelly (@clinton_kelly); Carla Hall (@carlahall) and Daphne Oz (@DaphneOz) on Twitter ™

  • TimsDale4ever

    Double gag!

  • Cath

    I agreee. Have to remember that General Hospital switches times. :(

  • Sean


  • Ralph Hahn

    With Katie Couric’s appearance on “The Chew,” (sounds like a love story between a dog and his bone), hosts and other guests should start jotting down the newspapers they read because Katie will be loaded for bear!

  • cc

    At least General Hospital will break up the gagfest. Only show I’ll watch.

  • Matt

    I think I’ll be watching Steve Harvey at 2p, GH at 3p and Ricki or Judge Judy at 4p instead of Katie on Monday. And even if GH and Katie were gonna be on an hour earlier in my market like in most other ABC markets, I’d probably watch Dr. Phil over Katie as well.

  • MBmomof3


  • Jan

    I started watching “The Chew” when it first broadcast…I cannot watch it any longer thanks to Carla Hall. She competes with the other hosts and even tries to compete with the guests…Not sure where her energy is coming from, but she needs to tone it down and let the others shine…Just cannot stand to watch it any longer..

  • Mary

    Double Gag indeed! I tried to watch “The Chew” one day and had to turn the channel after about 5 minutes. I couldn’t stand the cast, all of them talking over each other was more than I could stomach. ABC cancelled my favorite soap, One Life To Live, for a show that they thought would be much more profitable. GOOD CALL! The show tanked after just a few months. They continue to make lousy decisions and continue to ignore their customers. That being said, I will continue to watch General Hospital and ONLY General Hospital. Other than that, ABC is dead to me. Someone at ABC needs to start listening to the FANS and show Ms. Sweeney and Mr. Iger the door!

  • Johnnie

    Matt says, “I think I’ll be watching Steve Harvey at 2p, GH at 3p and Ricki or Judge Judy at 4p instead of Katie on Monday.”

    Are you an unemployable idiot?
    You plan your entire afternoon around watching TV?
    Read a book.
    Get a job.
    Dude, you’re wasting your life.

  • Yvette

    She will be on her way out just like she did on channel 4. Also very slick of ABC to change the time of GH so we the viewers of GH forget to change the channel and keep her on I don’t think so I will be watching the Steve Harvey or anything but Katie’s talk show

  • Jewell

    ABC is so desperate, they are pimping Katie on GMA, The noon news,The Chew.
    Pisses me iff they said soaps are too expensive to produce yet she is getting 80 million. Get a clue ABC we won’t watch it, people that are not soap fans are sick of Katie..

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