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September 10th, 2012

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Season Four Open Casting Calls Begin in San Diego on October 6

Tonight, Season Three of MASTERCHEF came to an unforgettable conclusion as judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot named Christine Ha the winner of FOX’s hit home cooking competition series. Ha, 32, is a graduate student from Houston, TX, and the series’ first-ever blind contestant. In addition to earning the MASTERCHEF title, Ha walked away with a cookbook deal and the $250,000 grand prize.


“Winning MASTERCHEF is the biggest accomplishment of my life,” said Christine Ha.  “It has taught me to believe in myself and trust my intuition.  I am incredibly humbled to have shared this experience with all the other talented home cooks who tried out, especially those in the Top 18 who cooked alongside me for so many challenges.”


“Christine has the most extraordinary palate, and she really elevated the competition by conceptualizing and executing the most stunning dishes,” said judge and executive producer Gordon Ramsay.  “Next season's competition has quite an act to follow!"


Ha became an instant fan favorite after her first audition, when she wowed the judges with her signature dish – catfish braised in a clay pot – and touched viewers both with her inspirational story and immense passion for cooking. Ha began to lose her vision in 1999 as a result of neuromyelitis optica (NMO), a rare autoimmune disorder. But she cooked her way through the auditions round and earned a coveted spot in the Top 18. Each week, she competed in a series of grueling challenges and intense elimination rounds, winning four Team Challenges and one Mystery Box Challenge, and ultimately advancing to the Final Two last week.


In tonight’s sensational season finale episode, Ha competed head-to-head against Josh Marks, a U.S. Army Contract Specialist from Jackson, MS, who was eliminated earlier in the season and made a striking comeback. For the final challenge, Ha created a cohesive, Asian-Influenced three-course meal: an appetizer of Thai Papaya Salad with Crab and Mixed Vegetables; a main course of Braised Pork Belly with Rice, Crispy Kale and Maitake Mushrooms; and a refreshing Coconut Lime Sorbet Ginger Tuile for dessert. In the end, it was Ha’s refreshing flavors and elevated comfort food that won over the judges and earned her the MASTERCHEF title.


“Entering the competition as a talented, yet somewhat uncertain home cook, it was Christine’s fierce determination, exceptional palate and passion for food that led her to inspire the fans across the country and become America’s next MASTERCHEF,” noted judge Joe Bastianich.


“From her very first audition, Christine moved us with her ability to tell a story and connect with her roots through her distinct flavors,” added judge Graham Elliot. “Christine grew leaps and bounds this season, and I couldn’t be more proud that she is America’s MASTERCHEF.”


Nearly 30,000 hopefuls auditioned for Season Three, and MASTERCHEF will once again travel across the country and give talented home cooks the chance to prove they have what it takes to make their mark on the culinary world. Open casting calls for Season Four of MASTERCHEF will be held on the following dates:

Cities Dates
San Diego, CA Saturday, Oct. 6
Minneapolis, MN Saturday, Oct. 13
Nashville, TN Saturday, Oct. 13
Chicago, IL Saturday, Oct. 20
Miami, FL Saturday, Oct. 20
Dallas, TX Saturday, Oct. 27
Cleveland, OH Saturday, Oct. 27
Los Angeles, CA Saturday, Nov. 3
Boston, MA Saturday, Nov. 3
New York, NY Saturday, Nov. 10
Portland, OR Saturday, Nov. 10


Additional details, including venues and times, will be announced soon. Visit www.masterchefcasting.com for the most up-to-date audition information.


MASTERCHEF is produced by Shine America and One Potato Two Potato and is based on the format created by Franc Roddam and Shine. Shine International handles distribution for the MASTERCHEF format. Elisabeth Murdoch, Eden Gaha, Robin Ashbrook, Gordon Ramsay, Adeline Ramage Rooney, Patricia Llewellyn and Ben Adler serve as executive producers.


“Like” MASTERCHEF on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MasterChef. Follow the series on Twitter @MASTERCHEFonFOX and join the discussion at #masterchef.


About Shine America:

Shine America is a world leader in producing and distributing compelling scripted and unscripted television and digital content, building brands through the leveraging of its intellectual property and creating integrated marketing opportunities for advertisers. Shine America is known for popular and award-winning original series including “The Biggest Loser”, “Tabatha Takes Over” and upcoming seriesThe Face”; adaptations of Shine Group formats MASTERCHEF, “Minute to Win It,” “One Born Every Minute” and “Parental Control”; long-running scripted hits “The Office,” “Ugly Betty” and “The Tudors”; and over 20 ground-breaking original online series on MSN, Yahoo!, YouTube premium channels and other platforms, many of these produced in partnership with global brands such as Walmart, Toyota, Kraft Foods, Subway and Microsoft. Through its distribution arm, Shine International, Shine America distributes its extensive library of programming and formats to more than 150 countries.


About One Potato Two Potato:

One Potato Two Potato was co-founded by Gordon Ramsay and Optomen Television in 2008 to exclusively create and produce worldwide content for Ramsay ventures across all media, including television, digital and publishing. Renowned for award-winning original programming, the company produces high-quality TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic, including the smash-hit HOTEL HELL, which is the highest-rated new network show of summer 2012; and MASTERCHEF, both for FOX; as well as massive U.K. hit “Gordon Ramsay Behind Bars” and “Gordon’s Great Escape” for Channel 4.; and “My Kitchen,” for UKTV’s Good Food Channel. Ramsay’s groundbreaking and hugely popular Channel 4 series, “Cookalong LIVE,” aired as a special on FOX and has since become a successful format around the world. OPTP is also currently in development on several exciting unscripted and scripted projects, within and beyond the food genre, for network, cable and digital platforms in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. OPTP distributes its hugely popular TV programming and formats to more than 200 territories via Optomen International. The company became part of the All3Media group in 2010. Find out more about One Potato Two Potato at www.onepotatotwopotato.tv.

  • olivia

    I have been watching the show all season, and have been pulling for Christina all the way. I am so glad she won she deserved too.

  • Joseph

    Major gratz out there to Christine !
    Josh was able to do a lot with technique , but he did not not have a cohesive menu, and after all the task present a complete meal with 3 courses.
    Very happy that Christine was able to over come the challenges of the last test that included equipment malfunctions that were not shown on camera, and a new cooking area !

  • Lee Murphy

    I was thrilled when she won. She has been my favourite for much of the series and even blind she has been able to surpass what others put forward without any additional plating time which I thought she might have needed due to her blindness

  • Andrea

    Christine totally deserved to win! I couldn’t be happier for such a wonderful person with a HUGE talent and love for cooking. Congrats! I will for sure be buying her cookbook!

  • cimmer

    I really liked Master Chef this year and it was a great match up, yay Christine. I wish all the reality shows were more like Master Chef or maybe the Amazing Race, something that kind of elevates people.

  • Ellen in NYC

    I almost thought Josh would pull it off and was very relieved when Christine came out on top. She’s been an inspiration throughout the show.

    For the most part, the cast was very likable. Seems like every season, they throw in a few stinkers just to add drama.

  • leticia

    I loved masterchef and the judges, i knew that it was going to be a great showdown between josh and christine, and the one that i wanted to win did, congrats to you christine, and josh was a heck of a chef, i pray for his continued success.

  • Tanya

    Josh should have won!!!!!!!!!!!! her presentation was very off. Christine dishes were to safe. Josh more than re-earned his spot and took risk that worked. :(

  • RG-X

    Congrats to Christina of Master Chef & Christine of Hell’s Kitchen – wow almost the same first names –

    love this show – I’m liking it more than HK now – looking forward to next season already!

  • sipawitz

    the show is a joke….no way a blind person wins IRL

  • Doug in CA

    Kudos to Christine.

  • Kev

    Josh’s dishes were risky and hard. His downfall was the undercooked lobster. Had he pulled it off he would have won the trophy hands down. Christine’s dish while simple and plain, had great complex taste. ultimately it was just a matter of which plates were edible and which presenter had a cohesiveness among their dishes and that was Christine.

  • Nina

    For those say Christine’s dishes were too safe, do you ever think presenting Asian cuisine to 3 American/European masterchefs is a big risk too? You should know that Asian food is very much opposite to European food. And what Christine cooked were real authentic Asian food, not those Asian food you found in restaurants (which already blended), I am sure the judges have not yet tried them before. So they may like or hate them so much. It was not very safe at all.

  • Dondi Smith

    I think they let the blind girl win for the rating and no other reasons!!! I’ve watched all three seasons women won them all!! That’s nice and all, but you cant tell me the Mondays last episode wasn’t for the ratings to bad there are no do over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dusty

    I am so happy for Christine, she deserved to win! Although I liked all of the contestants, I especially liked Christine all the way through the competition. Her recipes were exquisite. Josh’s dishes were good but were way out there though interesting. I love listening to Elliott Graham’s voice and watch him viewing the contestants with a critical eye. Thank you. Dusty

  • Patty

    I feel both the judges and the contestants were extremely dramatical this season and the drama continued with Christine, a blind women winning. Kudos to the TV ratings. Most of Christine’s dishes were simple Chinese that she was comfortable making because of her handicap. Not much risk taking especially winning with a braised pork belly dish!!!

  • Alex

    Amazing how some people can take the time to criticize a blind person for winning a competition which is based on merit. Jealousy seems to be alive and well.

    Perhaps those who feel the need to taint the accomplishments of Christina should trade their eyesight with her for the title of Masterchef. I’m sure she would gladly accept.

  • Jack

    They are Vietnamese dishes. It’s already a risk to cook without eyesight. Present authentic Southeast Asian dishes to Westen judges is another risk.Using simple dishes to make a cohesive, and a complete 3 -course menu is another dishes. And those dishes C made is not that simple to nail to perfection. Stop using “Pity” card to throw a person’s talent under the bus.

  • Supermario

    I watched the show and I’m sorry, Christine did not deserve to win. It was obvious for some time that it was her crown to lose. I remember one episode where she was an absolute disaster, yet her team voted for “immunity” for her just because she’s blind. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

    Another time, the bald guy spit her food out, threw David’s food in the garbage, and later insulted another contestant… yet the kicked out a chef that they had no ill things to say about!

    Honestly, this show came across as a gimmick and I don’t plan on wasting hours of my life watching a scripted show. And before any of you idiots jump on the “scripted” part of my comment, you know exactly what I mean so stfu.

  • Dewi Joris

    Congrats Christine, very proud of you! Southeast Asian dishes are not simple. It might look simple but the way to cook it is not as simple as people think.

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