TBS is Number One in Cable Primetime Adults 18-49, USA on Top in Primetime Total Viewers, Nickelodeon Ends Disney's Total Day Reign For Week Ending September 9, 2012

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September 11th, 2012

 TBS won the week among adults 18-49 during primetime beating out USA and  MTV

USA was  the top network among total viewers during primetime, beating Disney and History.

Nickelodeon was the top network in total day viewing, giving them a rare victory against second-place Disney

Prime-time Average Viewers (Live+SD) Week  Ending September 9, 2012:

Network (000s)
USA 2781
DSNY 2188
HIST 2112
FOXN 1989
MSNB 1916
TNT 1900
CNN 1847
TBSC 1837
ESPN 1832
MTV 1490
ESP2 1429
HGTV 1406
A&E 1337
LIFE 1277
SYFY 1267
TLC 1246
DISC 1161
FOOD 1140
TRU 1106
AMC 1062
DSE 130
ADSM 1116
FAM 1059
VH1 988
FX 987


Prime-time Adults 18-49 (Live+SD)

Network (000s)
TBSC 981
USA 949
MTV 866
HIST 818
ESPN 796
DSE 88
VH1 636
TNT 613
ESP2 611
DISC 589
TLC 578
CNN 560
LIFE 553
FX 542
TRU 540
CMDY 536
MSNB 534
A&E 533
SYFY 532
ADSM 522
FAM 509
FOOD 503
HGTV 472
DSNY 438
EN 397


Total Day Average Viewers (Live+SD)

Network (000s)
NICK 1635
DSNY 1505
USA 1266
ADSM 1206
FOXN 1179
TNT 1036
TOON 1004
HIST 988
ESPN 970
NAN 925
TBSC 798
A&E 789
MSNB 777
HGTV 746
CNN 683
FOOD 641
FX 636
MTV 634
ID 624
AMC 573
NKJR 512
TLC 600
TVLD 592
ESP2 576
FAM 570

-Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.Cable Channel Abbreviations: NICK = Nickelodeon, NAN = Nick At Nite, TOON = Cartoon Network, ADSM = Adult Swim, TRU = truTV, LIFE = Lifetime, NKJR - Nick Jr., FAM = ABC Family, TVLD = TV Land, FOXN = Fox News, TBSC = TBS, DISC = Discovery

  • Ryan Stoppable

    @Twist Of Fate 2.0:

    “You Disney fans make a lot of excuses, for example:
    Nickelodeon Fan: Why are Ant Farm’s numbers so bad
    Disney Fan: Uhhhh… it has a.. bad time slot”

    “One week doesn’t prove anything, not only did Spongebob have a terrible time slot BOTH times”

    So which is it – an excuse, or a justifiable reason? :P

  • tune

    you gotta admit that 3 months is impessive but it should not be compared to 17 and a half years

  • Twist Of Fate 2.0

    @Ryan Stoppable I was waiting for you to point that out. Let me explain. For some dumb reason, Nickelodeon thoughtit would be a good idea to air a new episode on Labor Day. Who STAYS HOME on Labor Day. It’s a day for families to enjoy the last taste of Summer. Despite this, Spongebob scored a decent 3.4 million viewers. Ant Farm, however, was aired at 8:00 which is primetime. If it really was a timeslot issue, than how did it score a season high 2 weeks before.

  • what

    Wait. How come nick loses when they had all new programming daily in the summer. How come they win when it’s all been repeats?

  • ok

    Nickelodeon fans are annoying. STOP acting like your network is so much better because it’s not. Not all of disney’s programming is good but most of it is. Not all nickelodeon shows are fantastic. They get their good ratings from victorious and icarly which are now being cancelled and to be replaced by ‘Sam & cat’ and ‘gibby’ which will both completely tank. So count your blessings because you’re going to see a dramatic drop in ratings over at Nickelodeon once again. Trust me.

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