Will Cable's 'Sons of Anarchy' Ride All Over Broadcast's 'Parenthood' at 10pm Tonight?

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September 11th, 2012

After doing separate guess the ratings posts for both the Sons of Anarchy (poll post here) and Parenthood (poll post here) premieres, I realized I'd missed out on a more fun poll. So, here it is:

And here are the earlier guess the ratings polls for those who don't want to bother clicking around to vote:


  • Greg

    Sadly, Sons of Anarchy will rate higher. Half a point higher, I suspect.

    I hope people who watch both shows prioritize Parenthood. Sons of Anarchy has a sixth season guaranteed already.

  • Survivor Fan

    @ Greg

    I watch neither show, but I can say that the average TV viewer does not think like that when watching TV.

  • John

    As much as I love both shows, Parenthood gets my live viewing as it needs it more than SOA to get a 5th season

  • Austin

    Parenthood is the best show on TV. When I read that they were broadcasting at the same time, I realized this really will be Parenthood’s last season. Sons of Anarchy will get a sixth season but Parenthood won’t. So, if any of you read this comment and like both shows DVR SOA if you have DVR. Please. :(

  • Alex

    I’d be incredibly surprised if Sons of Anarchy doesn’t beat Parenthood but at the same time you’d expect Parenthood should be noticeably up on last year given that Sons of Anarchy is basically its own competition. So it should be close.

    The more interesting question might be whether or not Sons of Anarchy is still winning 10PM 4 or 5 weeks from now.

  • DougF


    Are you a Nielsen household?

  • Tom

    Oh yeah, SoA should win handily, like 0.5-0.7 more.

    Parenthood is in a weird spot for next season. They’re at 68 episodes after their current order, but all signs point to the show being expensive, and it seems like every day I see a press release about NBC picking up another pilot for next year.

    I guess Parenthood crawls to 88, possibly on Fridays, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

  • Tommy

    I always think of “Parenthood” as a utility player. Initially I was surprised it wasn’t a bigger hit out of the gate, but by the second season it became very obvious that it was never going to be a blockbuster like NBC had hoped (and allowed a budget for), it’s a subtle show and one that’s sadly easy to loose among the crowd to “catch up on DVD”.

  • SJ

    Of course it will.

    SOA – 2.3-2.4, PH – 1.7-1.8.

  • Greg


    That was just me thinking out loud. Obviously, they don’t.


    Where were you on 2011? Parenthood aired opposite Sons of Anarchy last season and it managed to keep its ratings steady and get renewed. Sons of Anarchy doesn’t have that much power over Parenthood’s ratings.

  • Tom

    @Alex: “The more interesting question might be whether or not Sons of Anarchy is still winning 10PM 4 or 5 weeks from now.”

    And that all boils down to what demo Vegas gets. Tuesday Practice averaged only 1.8 or so (and that was with a DWTSR lead-in; I don’t think now Apt 23 helps); Parenthood did slightly worse (and I don’t think the new comedy lead-ins give it a boost).

    Whereas Vegas… you got me. I think Vegas absolutely dominates in total viewers, but I have no clue what demo it gets. Further complicating matters is that if any network show will take ratings from SoA (SoA getting progressively worse hasn’t hurt its ratings yet), its Vegas.

    My gut says Vegas relatively fizzles in the demo, averaging in high 1s, and SoA takes the crown.


    Cable gave the nets a hard time last year & see no end to the trend

    2.5> for SOA, 1.7 to 1.9 for Parenthood

  • Richard

    I love parenthood. Hope it gets a last 5th season of 22 episodes. Haven’t seens sons of narchy but I will probably watch it at some point.

  • Nick

    SOA- 2.3
    Parenthood- 2.3

    Parenthood will get a boost from its much bigger lead-in. SOA will be a bit down.

  • Polar Bear

    The New Normal? It only got a 2.5 yesterday after the Voice premiere.

  • Mark

    The new normal looks terrible! Another flop by nbc i bet. Parenthood and the office are the only good things on thae CW oopps i mean NBC!(ratings joke). And neither will get another season after this

  • Tony JJ

    SOA – 2.5-2.6
    Parenthood – 2.0

    SOA is a show I’ve heard so much great buzz and I’ve always wanted to catch up, but never got around to it. Same as Parenthood. They’re both on Netflix. Maybe I should get busy? Anyone wanna talk me into why I should check out these shows?

  • Aces N 8s

    You mean The New Flop or The New Failure

  • Bennett

    Any guesses on how Covert Affairs (Haven’t watched yet but will sometime this week) will do against SOA (Which was an awesome season premiere IMO!!) and Parenthood (Haven’t watched yet but will 2nite)?

  • senor chang

    Go On 3.4
    New Normal 2.5
    Parenthood 1.9

    Guesses for Parenthood were dead on. I guessed way too high :(

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