Hilarity Ensues! Imagine If Variety Is Sold To Deadline.com Owner Penske Media

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September 12th, 2012

For those not keeping track, Reed Elsevier has been trying to unload Variety magazine for some time, and there have been stories during the process about several potential buyers who were deemed close to a deal, but it's still up in the air.

Today comes the story in the NY Post that Penske Media Corp, owner of (among other internet sites) Nikki Finke's Deadline.com, now has the inside track in the auction process.

Nikki seems to detest all the old line Hollywood media (Hollywood Reporter, Variety, LA Times) and they her in return, but slinging headlines and Tweets back and forth through the internet is all that's gone on so far.

The hilarity that would ensue if Nikki Finke's Deadline.com and Variety had the same corporate parent would be something to watch.

Make it happen!

  • Tommy

    For years I’ve been reading the tweets and even editorials about the bad blood between Nikki and the rest of the Industry’s News outlets – and when/if the sale goes through I’m sure it will be a very interesting/entertainment event to watch unfold. I just fear for Nikki’s blood pressure…

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