TV Fan Excuse Bingo: Time To Remake The Card!

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September 12th, 2012

As the start of the 2012-13 broadcast television season approaches, so too does the beginning of the 2012-13 Fan Excuse Bingo season where our readers can peruse our comments section and play along!

Sadly, our current Fan Excuse Bingo card above is several years old and is getting s bit long in the tooth. When it was created, DirecTV was still in the business of saving failed shows. Now Netflix and other streaming companies have picked up the mantle of being pelted with desperate fan pleas. Broadcast primetime ratings have fallen even further, and DVR use continues to edge upwards.

It's a new season, and it requires some new bingo squares!

We'll remake the Fan Excuse Bingo card in a two step process.

Step 1: (this post) Leave your suggestions for *new* squares in the comments section. Feel free to second others' suggestions. Don't bother re-suggesting any of the old squares above.

Step 2: (next week) I will create a poll including the most popular new suggestions from this post *plus* all the old favorites in the card above and we'll vote to determine which squares will be included in the new card to debut on September 24, the first day of the new season.

For the nostalgic, historically minded excuse fanatics, do not fear, if you'd like to regale your friends with the many past fan excuse bingo cards they're still here.

Start the suggestions!

  • DKD


    “Why don’t they count online viewers?”

  • joss

    IT TOOK TO LONG OF HIATUS is pretty legitimate! Modern Family ,Greys, HIMYM … they all fell after their brakes last season

    Its about damn time Networks to air their shows without big hiatus I know that sounds abstract and the idea of ??more than 25 episodes per year sounds crazy but they should do something or they will surely suffer

  • EatMorePez

    “That show aired in the Death Slot”

    “It would have done better on a cable network”

    “Viewers over 50 should count too” (See: Harry’s Law)

    “It was really popular overseas” (See: Pan Am)

  • Steve

    The network does not own the show and didn’t want to pay for another season.

  • cromi

    10 pm shows are lower rated

  • Joecup14

    “It does great Internationaly” and ” It didn’t air in Utah!”

  • Valerie

    The show is too complicated for ordinary people, they are not able to understand all the dificulities, and that’s why not enough people watched it. In short, viewers are stupid.


    They went to see “the hot new movie” (ie) Breaking Dawn, etc
    (Aside) I have dibs on Part 2, Nov 16

    There was a full moon

    The weather was too nice

    Gamma rays interfered with satellite transmissions

  • Ultima

    “Sports shouldn’t be on network television!” ;)

  • senor chang

    It premiered too early!

  • The Original J

    It was on NBC!

  • Justin121

    I second most of the above suggestions.

    “It has a big fan base”

    “It is the most watched show in China”

    “It airs on Friday”

    “It airs in a competitive timeslot”

    “It has a low liscensing fee”

    “It doesn’t cost much”

    “It wasn’t treated well”

    “They won’t upset producer X” / “It is produced by…”

    “It comes as a package”

    “A final season to wrap thing up”

  • Ultima

    In short, viewers are stupid.

    That’s already on there – B2 “People are too stupid to get it”

    Along with my favorite one about stupid people – 03 “Nobody knew it was on” :roll:

  • Mary

    It won’t get cancelled. it wins its timeslot in total viewers.

  • Bob

    This chart was created for us Fringe fans, which low rated scripted show fans will TVBTN lure next to get page hits?

  • Ultima

    @senor chang
    It premiered too early!


    Possibly in a more general form of “It’s being overexposed!”

  • Valerie

    Ooops, overlooked that :D

  • Ultima

    it wins its timeslot in total viewers

    Yes! :)

  • Holly

    Critics love it!

    Everyone I know watches it

    It wins its time slot

    The CEO/producers/wife of someone important loves the show, so they’ll keep it regardless of the ratings.

  • Valerie

    But this is not there: It is all fault of one actor/actress, no one watches it because of him/her

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