'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' Presents 'Celebrity Week' to Benefit The Alzheimer's Association, Airing September 17-21

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September 12th, 2012

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Mo’Nique, Paula Deen, Cheech Marin,

Jackée and Tony Dovolani Are Featured


“Celebrity Week” Airs During World Alzheimer’s Month in

Conjunction with Alzheimer’s Action Day on September 21


NEW YORK (September 12, 2012) – For the third consecutive year, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” with Emmy Award-winning host Meredith Vieira, joins forces with the Alzheimer’s Association (ALZ) to present “Celebrity Week,” airing September 17-21 in recognition of World Alzheimer’s Month. “Millionaire” money raised throughout the week will all be donated to ALZ. Check local listings or go to http://www.millionairetv.com for time and channel.


Meredith Vieira said that being able to donate to ALZ each year means the world to her because of her personal connection to the disease. “My dad passed away from Alzheimer’s and my brother, Steve, developed early onset Alzheimer’s, so it’s a very personal issue to me,” she said. “I realize, sharing my story, how many other people have similar stories. So to do anything to help get rid of this disease – I’m on board,” she concluded.


This year’s celebrities include OSCAR® and Golden Globe Award-winning actress Mo’Nique (airing 9/17), America’s favorite cook and best-selling author Paula Deen (airing 9/18 & 9/19), comedian and actor Cheech Marin (airing 9/19 & 9/20), television icon Jackée (airing 9/20) and Tony Dovolani from “Dancing with the Stars” (airing 9/21). In the past two years, celebrities who have appeared on “Millionaire” helped raise almost $600,000 for ALZ, including “Law & Order’s” Anthony Anderson who single-handedly won $250,000 in 2011. Each participating celebrity is guaranteed to win at least $10,000 for ALZ.


All week host Meredith Vieira, participating celebrities and the studio audiences will wear purple, the official color of ALZ. Friday, September 21 is Alzheimer’s Action Day, and people are being encouraged to “go purple” that day and show support for the 35-million people worldwide and their families who are affected by dementia. Go to alz.org/wam for more information.


Highlights from “Celebrity Week” include:


? OSCAR winner Mo’Nique was unexpectedly confronted by a fan in the studio audience (Brenda Charles from Staten Island, NY) whom she had met years ago at the Apollo and to whom owed $5.00. Not only did Mo’Nique make good on her promise, but Brenda ended up winning $1,000 on the show by correctly answering one “Millionaire” question at the end of Monday’s episode (9/17).


? Paula Deen kept host Meredith Vieira in stitches with her witty Southern charm. She also proved to be a “gambler” by taking chances on questions she was not completely sure of. Paula told Meredith that “Millionaire” was one of her favorite game shows. Despite her familiarity with the show, however, Meredith repeatedly had to remind Paula that she was not allowed to “Ask The Audience” on every single question.


? Previous “Jeopardy” champion Cheech Marin didn’t come to the “Millionaire” set empty-handed. He brought Meredith Vieira a plate full of brownies ... “the kind brownies,” as he described them. Not willing to test them out herself, Meredith kindly shared the brownies with the studio audience.


? TV icon Jackée came to “Millionaire” prepared with her very own theme song and broke out in dance every time she won big. Always up for a challenge, Meredith Vieira joined in the dance party, impressing Jackée with some dance moves of her own!


? “Dancing with the Stars” pro Tony Dovolani literally swept Meredith Vieira off her feet with a sexy salsa dance on the “Millionaire” set. Even though the dip at the end of the dance didn’t go exactly as planned, Tony said he “would love to be her partner” on “Dancing with the Stars.” Meredith wasn’t exactly convinced, saying “I think I’m so competitive and I know I would never win ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ so I don’t know that I would want to.” “But being in his arms,” she added, “that wouldn’t be bad!



Artwork from “Celebrity Week” has been posted at “Millionaire’s” press site at www.dadtmedianet.com.



About “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”:

“Millionaire” premiered its eleventh season on September 3, 2012. Meredith Vieira has hosted the game show since it premiered in 2002. Throughout the last ten seasons, Vieira has hosted over 1,800 episodes and given away more than $70 million to “Millionaire” contestants. Each weekday, contestants are given the extraordinary chance to turn their lives around and win $1-million by answering 14 general knowledge trivia questions. As America’s richest game show, “Millionaire” continues to be the only game show to offer a $1-million prize to each and every contestant.

  • Ross

    Those aren’t Celebs. Good cause though.

  • Steven Leitner

    @Ross How are they not celebs? They are famous.

  • unhappy camper

    i see you `cheech Marin ‘ on wwtbam,,(who wants to be a millionaire ) trying for money for Alzheimer`s for research was just wondering how much of your own millions have you put up? I mean your parents need the research eh .

  • Melissa Howard

    I’ve watched the show for years and Meredith always wore clothing colors and styles that were flattering to for her and she looked radiant. But this season they’ve obviously got some neophyte wardrobe person who has put her in the worst colors possible for her complexion leaving her looking like a clothing victim. A ghost. Ill. It really seems like someone is trying to make her look bad on purpose this season. How could anyone choose those colors and such unflattering design lines? If you take one look at her you know she has a warm complexion and needs warm colors. Bring back our beautiful Meredith. Get rid of whoever is doing her wardrobe now!!

  • Caline

    I concur with the remarks about the horrible wardrode for Meredith. I used to watch and be impressed and inspired by how gorgeous and fashionable M.V. looked on the show. The past few months I have been wondering is she having a late life pregnancy? Is she ill? What is with these potato sack shapeless garments, some days almost yoga wear, and dreadful colours. Somebody save this amazing woman from fashion diaster!

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