Guess the Ratings: 'Glee' Season 4 Premiere

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September 13th, 2012


Updated: Looks like many of you were right, as Glee premiered to a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating Thursday night. For more on last night's ratings, click here.

Glee comes back tonight for its fourth season, so it's time to guess the ratings! Will The X Factor lead in help or hurt the series? Is the series waning in popularity or about to come back? Let us know in the comments and cast your vote!

Handicapping info: Last season Glee premiered to a 4.0, saw a season low rating of 2.5, and the finale earned a 2.9 adults 18-49 rating.

  • Jon23812

    @Kill0, I say > 4.0, because I think X-Factor will have high ratings. If Glee aired on it’s own, I’d say 3.7.

  • Jon23812

    Scratch that, I just saw last night ratings.

    X-Factor: 4.1
    Glee: 3.5

  • Bee

    most likely..

    x-factor: 3.2-3.6
    glee: 2.8-3.2

  • Mark

    The X Factor – 4.2
    Glee – 3.2

  • Darcy

    Glee only scored OVER a 3.0 eight times in Season 3 in the OVERNIGHTS. Glee always increased their ratings very significantly in the +3 and +7 ratings (in both the key demo and total viewers too). Once the crappy ratings come in tomorrow, everyone will say how far Glee has fallen as they said last year, and I will roll my eyes as I did last year, as the +3 and +7 significant increases are ignored and which show that it hasn’t fallen as far as they thought. These competition shows (like the X-Factor and AGT) don’t have the same type of increases with the +3 and +7.

  • Tyler

    It’d make me really happy to see Glee beat The X Factor. Like…really happy. I don’t really care for Glee too much but I support it’s originality and I like scripted TV and I want it to be the hit it once was. I know that’s almost impossible, but still.

  • Joe

    Around a 3.0, but maybe not quite there. 2.8/2.9 wouldn’t shock me.

  • Nick

    A 3.0 premiere, below the X Factor’s mediocre 3.5.

    AGT will beat it and Big Brother with 3.6.

  • SJ

    Mid 2-s, probably around 2.6. It’ll be in the 1s by Christmas and a cancellation, ahem… “ending” announcement will come by late January. This show will not make it to season 5.

  • I_do_not_like_kittens

    Glee will get a 2.7

  • cas127


    A long standing debate on this site is the relative worth of 18-49 viewers vs. older ones.

    Well, BusinessWeek just put out a piece (referencing Nielsen) that says CBS is charging $35 CPMs for the 18-49 demo and $30.50 CPMs for the 25-54 demo.

    I think a TVByThe#s post discussing this would make a nice change of pace from the avalanche of network press releases…

  • Networkman

    With X-Factor not doing as well as expected for its premiere, I really do think FOX is going to have a rough season this year. With Go On gaining alot of traction, the Tuesday Night comedy block on FOX will also face an uphill battle. So below is my prediction and this is being optimistic.

    X-Factor 3.3
    Glee 3.0

  • forg

    X Factor – 3.3
    Glee – 3.0

  • senor chang

    If X-Factor holds up it will too. That said, a premiere in the high 2s wouldn’t be too surprising.

    X-Factor: 3.2-3.5
    Glee: 2.9-3.2

  • Mark Wood

    My God, Glee was surprisingly good. Now if it could just be consistent (one of Glee’s biggest issues). I think upper 2. to very, but I expect it to hold a lot of the audience of the 8pm hour. Remember Glee is the only program that Fox has aired that actually tied and rarely exceeded the ratings of Idol in women and adults 18-34.

    Will be very curious on those two demos for Glee and X-Factor.

  • Jamie


  • Mark Wood


    I don’t expect to see this site cover that report, as Robert (or Bill) have stated in response to some of my posts that adults 18-49 aren’t just driving the TV industry (which is true, and something I never argued) but that TV shows don’t earn revenue from 25-54 during prime time.

    Of course it is possible that they are paying not off general 25-54 demo, but strictly off of the income index, something we rarely see, and one that I argued has a significant impact on ad revenue (but of course we see so very little evidence of it, its extremely difficult to judge how important that subset of demos are.

    Hopefully I am wrong and they do actually post a story about it. Would love to hear what their take is.

  • Glue

    i just watched episode 1. and let me say it was amazing! IT HAD THAT SEASON 1 FEEL

  • noro

    i really only watch glee for finchel but with all the spoilers comming out about them lately i refuse to watch the show

  • Desperate Houseboy

    i think it will crack 3 and it will rise at the second episode because it is britney episode.but britney is right before so it could effect them ina good or bad way we will se it next’s scenario has been going bad for the last seasons they did manage to pull it off later tough last episodes was good.and i think a lot of people will tune in because of wondering new cast and what did change after they won nationals.

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