Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The Voice' 'The X Factor' & 'Big Brother' Adjusted Up, No Adjustments for 'America's Got Talent' or 'Guys With Kids'

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September 13th, 2012


We already noted the upward adjustment to The X Factor in the preliminary report, but now The Voice has been adjusted up as well, putting the two shows back at an adults 18-49 ratings tie. Big Brother was also adjusted up a tenth vs. the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, September 12, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 3.4 10 8.73
NBC The Voice 3.4 11 10.89
CBS Big Brother 2.1 6 6.19
ABC The Middle -R 0.9 3 3.61
CW Oh Sit! 0.4 1 0.88
8:30PM ABC Suburgatory -R 0.9 3 2.93
9:00 PM NBC America's Got Talent 2.9 8 11.05
ABC Modern Family -R 1.3 4 3.69
CBS Criminal Minds -R 1.2 3 5.54
CW Supernatural -R 0.3 1 0.71
9:30PM ABC Suburgatory -R 1.0 3 2.77
10:00PM NBC Guys With Kids 2.2 6 6.25
CBS CSI -R 1.3 4 6.49
ABC Revenge -R 0.6 2 2.48
10:30PM NBC The New Normal -R 1.3 4 3.8

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  • Silvio

    @Robert Seidman
    nonsense. If AMC had ten shows that rated as high as TWD they would of course make a lot more money, but on a per spot basis, the cost/thousand A18-49 (CPM) would *still* be much higher on the broadcast nets. How do you explain that it costs considerably more to advertise on Nikita than Burn Notice or Suits on a per spot basis? Are you going to regale me with all the high-rated CW shows?

    No, I won’t rebate, you’re absolutely correct here. Zinged. Embarassed.

    Thanks, now I see something was wrong with my line of thinking. I won’t lose any sleep finding where I’m mistaken, I’ll simply assume gap in prices comes as you said before:
    – partially because of legacy
    – partially because of belief that “people who watch cable shows watch more TV and are therefore easier to reach”

    Plus maybe some additional reasons.

  • John A

    @Dennis There is a unaired episode of Touch from Season 1 it airs tonight.

  • rooney72

    In other news…

    How bad is Guys with Kids?

  • Phil

    X Factor 3.1 10
    Glee 3.3 9

  • Larry

    Yeah! Going wild over Nielsen’s bogus numbers.

  • Person of Interest – TV’S #1 NEW DRAMA

    @John A
    And they will air it now? In the middle of nowhere? Fox really are going crazy.

  • John A

    It dont matter Touch will be dead after episode 13 of season 2.

  • Alex

    Why do you guys want The X Factor to fail like this? Have you actually watched it? The X Factor is way more entertaining and, in my opinion, edited/produced way better than The Voice. and hooray for BIG BROTHER holding its own against voice/x factor.

  • MJDB

    Wednesday Final Averages

    Million Viewers = 5.29 Million Viewers
    18-49 Demo Average = 1.6 Average

  • me

    I knew X Factor would tank and The Voice would win in the end.

    Simon just call up Christina to save your show sucka!

  • Dean_W

    When Criminal Minds, Supernatural and SVU will be back, FOX and NBC are going to fall (not just a little !).

  • Kaylie

    So, theres American Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, Americas Got Talent, The X Factor, Duets & SYTYCD. Technically American Idol will win the war.

  • jamie

    @fransfrank & @glue: LOL, Christina Aguilera has sold 50 million albums worldwide, won 5 Grammys, has 5 #1 singles, two ALMA awards, and starred in a Golden Globe winning movie. She’s an icon and legend in her own right and is one of the biggest stars on the planet. Not only that, she’s also been named one of the (if not, the only) greatest voices of our generation. You Britney stans are something else!

    “The X Factor” isn’t a flop, but it should’ve done higher than the 8.7 million it got considering all the hype and attention it’s gotten for months now and I certainly didn’t expect “The Voice” to beat it, but it did. Get over it.

  • geo pf

    Criminal Minds, why must they mess with the cast? It is not broke…. why – why do they break up the chemistry?

  • Paul

    I even said it the reason 10 million or more people were watching X-Factor was to see Simon And Paula together again! Now the fool fires her and gets a dingbat in there, who is going to watch this show? Season #2 will be the last! And you will see the same thing happen to American idol with that stupid lineup they have Carey and the rapper chick being the worst of it! If idol dipped to 15 million last year look for it to go to as low as 12 million this year. They were far better off with Tyler and Lopez who claims to have quit but in reality they were asked to quit! Everyone of these shows think’s their ratings will improve with all new judges, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    Jamie shows are cancelled for 8.7 ratings even as high as 10 sometimes cancelled!

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