Soap Opera Ratings: 'General Hospital,' 'Days of Our Lives' Fall in Total Viewers and Women 18-49

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September 14th, 2012


via Soap Opera Network:

Week of September 3-7, 2012

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,298,000 (-41,000/-333,000)
2. B&B 3,198,000 (+87,000/+207,000)
3. GH 2,561,000 (-100,000/+66,000)
4. DAYS 2,458,000 (-113,000/-101,000)

1. Y&R 3.2/11 (-.2/-.2)
2. B&B 2.5/8 (+.1/+.3)
3. DAYS 1.9/6 (-.1/+.1)
3. GH 1.9/6 (-.1/same)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 812,000 (+8,000/-104,000)
2. GH 608,000 (-18,000/-121,000)
3. B&B 575,000 (-25,000/+23,000)
4. DAYS 479,000 (-52,000/-92,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3/9 (same/-.1)
2. GH 1.0/6 (same/-.1)
3. B&B 0.9/6 (same/same)
4. DAYS 0.7/5 (-.1/-.2) <—— ties low

Source: Soap Opera Network

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Richard

    It doesn’t matter what talent you have if you don’t write for them.

    Look at the talented people Y&R have hired in the last year but they still dropped I think almost a million viewers.

    GH last year had one of it’s most popular actresses return and married off one of its most popular couples. They got a short ratings spike around the marriage in February. But the story was so bad that people tuned out in droves shortly afterward.

    For way too long, the folks behind soaps have relied on stunt casting, big returns, and as Pat above put it — these big disasters and events — to bring in ratings. They get these spikes. Instead they should be relying on hiring talented people who can write for characters, drama, romance and be entertaining on a daily basis.

    B&B is the only true success story in the ratings in the last year. They have had little drops here and there but for the most part they stay consistent and up from the year before. They don’t do it with these stunts and stuff. From what I read and hear they do it with basic old fashioned story telling.

    I read a few comments yesterday on a few boards in regard to GH which were from folks have tuned in and enjoyed the toxic water story at the end. Basically they said well I didn’t enjoy the story and tuned out weeks ago, but the end of it was sure exciting. Glad I watched that, but now the show is back to talk, talk, talk. That is so boring. I guess I’ll tune out until something else exciting happens.

    The writers have done these stupid stunt stories so long, the viewers think that is what it should be day in and day out. These stunts and things do nothing to make them love the characters or the couples, etc.

    The writers and producers have got to quit relying on these stunts and concentrate on writing good stories about characters and couples and families that people want to tune in daily to see.

  • East

    Days and GH going head to head in alot of markets has hurt both shows ratings as they share alot of the same viewers.

  • Richard

    East — These ratings are for the old timeslot for GH. We will not see the final ratings for the first week of the new timeslot until next week. These are for Labor Day week before GH moved.


    Since the dailies have been good so far this week, and GH has done okay in the 25-54 demo — according to Berman — I wonder what the other demos will look like. Car/Val have had the hardest time with the 18-49 number since they arrived. Their high point in that demo occurred the last week of May. And then they dropped down to a loss of over 140,000 viewers. They have made up ground now just a little over 62,000 down.

    They have done well at for the most part attracting the men and older viewers. And have even corrected the 18-34 females.

    But for some reason they have had trouble holding on to those 35-49 female viewers.

    And then of course as already has been said by several, they have got to not make the mistake Days made and lose any gains they make.

  • Richard

    Wow the news out of Y&R keeps coming:

    ON Twitter it is saying Jennifer Landon is the next to be fired.

    And Billy Miller and Michael Graziadei (spelling?) have both chosen not to renew their contracts with the show.

    So 5 women (6 if Christel Khalil does end up being gone; haven’t figured out from reports if she is actually gone or not) and 2 men now.

  • Richard

    Phelps did say in the interview with TV Guide that she was brought in to make Y&R a cheaper show. She is doing that. So many have hit her firings on the head too — that is partly because as MBMom put it last week — she is so predictable.

    It looks like PHelps is going to take an opposite approach to cutting costs than say Valentini at GH. Some are saying she is going to try to keep production values up by trimming the cast.

    Valentini has not trimmed the cast. They have only lost McCullough but she was leaving anyway, and soon will be free of Burton — of his own choice. And he brought in other expensive actors and added them to the cast. He keeps saying in interviews when asked about certain performers that money isn’t there. Makes you wonder about what areas he has cut spending or if he has or not.

    I know that Phelps was quoted as saying many times back in December that she was angry with ABC for all the cuts they were making to the budget. And that is what supposedly led to her firing. And then Valentini said to Jackie Zeman that his budget was less than he expected it to be when they had Bobbie in the breakdowns.

    Makes you wonder if ABC is still cutting the budget and why he hasn’t made cuts in the cast.

  • Stacy

    Thanks Richard for the information on the ratings.

    I have to admit i am tired of the EJ Sami story on days. As for gh i didn’t watch it this week but once the Jerry Jacks and Sam’s baby stories are over they don’t have anything going on.

  • Matt

    SON listed this as a “bad week for GH”. How is this a bad week when not one epp of GH rated under 2.5M and placed 2nd in W18-49 viewers?!?! It was actually an excellent week compared to 3-5 weeks ago when GH’s highest average was 2.42M and individual epps were ranging from 2.1-2.4M. Now I think GH is safe since we’re Hittin low to high 2’s in the household and our range in viewers is now 2.5-2.9M rather than 2.1-2.4M. Also, the first three days of this current week average a 2.3 household with Mon. in particular scoring a 2.5 and most definitely in the 2.8-3.2M range.

  • Pinkle


    It’s not bad that GH is 2nd in 18-49 viewers. But, GH hit mostly high 1’s last week, and that is the problem. Also, the problem, is that the ratings went down during a stunt story (even though they’ll pick back up next week).

    GH needs to be hitting 2’s consistently for the next couple of months in order for them to be truly safe. One week of ratings isn’t going to save GH.

  • rob60990

    DAYS did terrible. .7 in W 18-49 is atrocious.

    GH was going to fall but that’s not all that bad. It held the 1.0 in W18-49 and beat The View season premiere week in that demo.

  • Elsa

    Stacy it is not the Ej and Sami story on Days, Gary Tomlin is back and it is once again the same lame and boring stories with Rafe and his sister Hernandez at the front with a writing who pimp like nobody else boring, awful pairings like Sami/Rafe and Jennifer/Daniel (poor Jack by the way, very quickly forgotten..ugh..) i have to add these same lame stories whick provoked his firing one year ago because ratings were bad..and now Tomlin once again does the same awful moves..Ej and Sami were together during daysasters and just before and ratings were up ! If you had a story with Ej and Sami as a couple who battle the Dimera Empire against or with folks like Stefano, John, Marlena and soon Kristen, add to the mix Kate (and Lucas as her sidekick like before) you would have a great embrella story who would draw viewers but these team of writers in charge are stupid and incompetent.

  • truth

    Big problem on Days : the Hernandezzzzzzzzzzzzzz (yep even i want to sleep when i name them), this show is boring because these Hernandez eat this show, even Bo will now be somewhat replaced by awful, smug, obnoxious and utterly boring ‘Rafe’ no wonder Reckell wanted to quit..Rafe has a promotion (for what exactly ?) and Bo is fired..puke !

  • Richard

    Why is it that when GH goes up in HH but down in 18-49 and you try to point that out — you are called a hater. Or you are reminded that at least they went up in male viewers, etc.

    But then the show loses 100,000 viewers in total viewers and drops in men and 18-49 viewers, and those same people who called someone a hater try to say the ratings aren’t that bad.

    But yet the “haters” are the only ones who are accused of trying to twist things to prove their point.

    SON was right in that compared to B&B & Y&R this was a bad week for both Days and GH. GH lost 18-49 female viewers, male viewers and total viewers. And as pointed out they had 3 days in the high 1’s for daily ratings. And that was during a big story — a story they pulled out the stops for bringing back 2 former stars. And these were all days following a big reveal promoted by the producer himself on Twitter. They had the big reveal as a cliffhanger, got a big rating the next day, and then 6 out of next 7 episodes dropped back down (one of them was a repeat so didn’t count).

    I am sure that next week the headline will read Great Week for GH like it did last week.

    But I guess some won’t be happy until SON and other sites never say a bad week for any soaps even if it is true.

    SON has always been consistent. If a soap drops in the key elements it will say down in that category. If they are down in more than one, they go with bad week. And it is. They leave it up to the rest of us to analyze the data.

    Of course if you analyze it one way you are of course a hater. But others can analyze it and spin it and they are just putting it into perspective.

  • Robert

    Monday was repeats. Very interesting to see how Days and GH did going up against each other this week.

  • Sophie

    I watched Days yesterday, and every time it’s the same thing. The Sami, EJ show.The only thing good was Sonny & Wilson. I didn’t finish it.
    I did watch GH and It’s on fire! Love that GH is doing well. A few months ago I wasn’t sure cuz of the OLTL gang, but I love Todd and McBain now. A little fresh energy! I also Love GH new time slot, I get to watch one hour sooner. It’s on the same times DAYS is, so it will be interesting to see
    the ratings, next week. GO GH!!!!!

  • Richard

    Pinkle, I will go so far to say that even if they hit 2.0’s in the dailies and HH’s that is still not enough to save them.

    They have got to get that 18-49 number back up. Last year ABC was going to cancel GH along with AMC and OLTL and the show was getting 1.2’s in the 18-49 then.

    They got their ad rates cut last year when that demo fell. And I will imagine if they don’t get it up they will get another this year.

    Most of the females that post online say they want couples and romance. JaSam sadly has been GH’s most popular couple the last couple of years. With Burton leaving soon, what couple are they going to have to bank on to take over that mantle.

    Sonny/Kate don’t have that many fans. Luke/Anna don’t. Starr/Michael hasn’t been a great romance. Most just say they are cute.

    I guess they are banking on John/Sam and the Todd/Carly/Johnny triangle to provide the great romance.

  • Richard

    If GH did as well as it did, and even The Talk at least had a great premiere, my bet is it is going to be sad news for Days next week too.

    I keep hearing more and more people say that Days and GH are airing opposite one another. A guy who lives in Los Angeles posted on SON that there GH now airs opposite Days.

    Some were saying it was only in the mid-west and on the East Coast, but several have posted on boards that it is happening on the West Coast too.

  • Greg

    Bring back AMC and OLTL pronto and get rid of all these new boring talk shows! I watched Jeff Probst’s new show (he was the only one I was actually interested in watching….Steve Harvey, no thank you…Katie, ugh)…and while Jeff is a good host his show is quite dull. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Soaps are far more entertaining. Hopefully the networks will wise up in the next year or two and bring back some of its most popular soaps and the soap genre will be revived as it should be!

  • sally

    I am tired to hear about the Ej and Sami show : IT IS NOT ! Already these writers put Rafe and Sami together and Ej will be just once again reduced to the ‘evil’ interloper, they are more scenes between Sami and Rafe than between Sami and Ej moreover there are far more other characters who are showcased as much like Daniel, Nicole,Jennifer, Gaby, Nick, Will, Sonny and of course Rafe.
    By the way Will is William not Wilson and his romance with Sonny is now boring ! When Sami and Ej for a very short time worked together without other party and without scheming against each others ratings were good ! It has to be said once and for all.

  • Charlie Sheen

    One of the problems I’ve had with DAYS in recent years is that the show can get hot for a minute then dull out pretty hard. This show is too inconsistent. They really need a good writer on that show to get things moving in a consistent direction.

    People can say what they want about GH but RC is a fantastic writer and obviously the best in the game, he’s been the best ever since he filled in for OLTL in 2007. RC may drag out storylines but he’s really consistent. GH has been good for a while b/c of his consistency. Look at how many people were raving about GH lately especially this past week on other sites. It’s probably the most positive response I’ve heard from a string of GH episodes in years.

    B&B is another consistent show it might be the same old stuff everyday but they know exactly what their doing over there and the ratings prove it. This upcoming week looks really good too.

    Y&R is just like DAYS very inconsistent like this week with Victor looks good but you know as soon as that is over just like Daisy/Ricky stuff it will go back into a bore fest. I’m still hoping the new direction helps things I think there’s a fundamental problem with the show in why they are so inconsistent.

  • samisaster

    from august after the olympics till now they’ve dropped 500,000 viewers.trouble.

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