Thursday Final Ratings: 'Glee' Adjusted Down, No 18-49 Adjustment for 'The X-Factor'

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September 14th, 2012

Glee was adjusted down two tenths of a ratings point vs  the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. The X Factor was not adjusted from the fast national ratings, however earlier we reported that X Factor had been adjusted up a tenth in time zone adjusted fast nationals. Unfortunately, those numbers still included the NFL game preemption which was stripped out in the finals.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, September 13, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX The X Factor 3.1 10 8.28
NBC America's Got Talent (8-10PM) 2.4 7 10.59
CBS The Big Bang Theory  -R 1.9 6 6.94
ABC Wipeout 1.1 4 3.52
CW The Vampire Diaries -R 0.4 1 0.96
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men -R 1.5 4 5.31
9:00PM FOX Glee 3.1 8 7.41
CBS Big Brother 2.0 5 5.75
ABC Grey's Anatomy -R 0.7 2 2.61
CW The Next 0.2 1 0.66
10:00 PM NBC Rock Center With Brian Williams 1.4 4 6.00
CBS Person of Interest 1.0 3 5.59
ABC Scandal -R 0.6 2 2.49

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  • DKD

    Glee’s ratings by 1/4 hour are VERY interesting. 3.4 in the first quarter hour. 2.9 in the last quarter hour.

  • salim

    god i hate glee and simon cowell

  • Stacey

    What about in the 2nd and 3rd quarters on Glee?

  • rob60990

    Well at least the X Factor didn’t adjust down. FOX better be praying it doesn’t drop anymore when the other networks come back but the chance of that happening is very slim.

    Shark Tank tonight. :D

  • DKD

    “What about in the 2nd and 3rd quarters on Glee?”
    3.1, 2.8

    Be wary of slight differences. They are often influenced by how many commercial breaks in the 1/4 hour. More commercial breaks=lower rating.

    But the numbers here hint at a sharp decline from the beginning of the show until the end.

  • Person of Interest – TV’S #1 NEW DRAMA
  • Person of Interest – TV’S #1 NEW DRAMA

    Football is big competition and now, so doubt other networks will hurt more than that your show. Well if you are not petty and count 0.2-0.3 margin.

  • Dr. TV

    I wish the posters here would have to list their age and their IQ. Then when I read these posts it would make more sense. Keep up the good work, people. I need the laughs each day.

  • Person of Interest – TV’S #1 NEW DRAMA

    I mean hurt, not ‘hert’ sorry. My bad.

  • Stacey

    Thanks. I was just trying to see what the trend was. I wonder if the AGT finale is responsible for some of the drop in the second half hour. It still premiered with better demo numbers than the Season 3 finale had and it’s not like it’s getting much help from X Factor. What were the X Factor quarters?

  • Clarke

    Never understood the appeal of Glee. A lot of people I know are obsessed with it, but I have always found it incredibly annoying. Come to think of it, I don’t regularly watch ANY show on Fox (and I watch a lot of network TV)

  • rob60990

    Monday’s shows never benefit when football ends so don’t expect the Thursday shows to.

  • bluejays

    I don’t get why CBS moved Men to thursday – giving Thursday a super strong line up against a weak and failing Fox – leaving their Monday comedies horribly exposed to a still strong Voice? If Partners flops Mondays could be in big trouble and Thursdays would have been fine with TBBT and a new comedy.

    Glee did much better than I expected. Maybe it will rally again this year. I hate the show but its good news for its fans. And it would be really good news for Fox who need anything they can get right now.

  • RyanCanada

    i wonder now that AGT’s viewers will jump to Xfactor

  • Eridapo

    @Person of Interest…

    The reasons I predict a 2 to 3 tenths ratings drop for broadcast are:

    1. Services like Tivo and OnDemand… I think the adoption and actual use of these devices in the home is accelerating. Most of us are becoming use to DVR our favorite shows and watch them whenever we have time. Our viewing habits are evolving beyond the 8PM to 11PM same day cycle.

    2. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and other websites have made easier for us to watch without commercial interruptions. For example, this summer I stumble upon Breaking Bad on Netflix. I watched the entire series, and guess what I got so use to watching all at once that I just decided to wait until the current season is complete before I watch it. Many friends of mine are doing the same thing.

    3. Reality overkill on broadcast TV has obliterated the lines that distinguish Cable from broadcast. Honestly during the summer if you tune into Fox on Monday night, all you could see was Master Chef. What is the difference between that and the same offerings on the Food Network.

    4. Cable itself is getting into producing and marketing its own shows which often times are better than broadcast. TNT, TBS, USA, and FX at any given time are airing shows which are more interesting than anything on the air in broadcast.

    5. The market itself is becoming increasingly fragmented. We should stop thinking of television in terms of Broadcast versus Cable. This distinction might be important in the industry but to the average consumer not so much. ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC may mean something different to those over 40, but to the younger generation they are no different than TNT, TBS, and the like.

  • Person of Interest – TV’S #1 NEW DRAMA

    I was thinking, if Eridapo is right and broadcast TV really drop a lot more than usual this year, is it possible in May this x factor ratings to look very good?

  • Rob R

    “Glee” is the least of FOX’s problems. I bet FOX is absolutely delighted “Glee” did so well (above 3.0) in its new time slot. And the critical reaction to the revamped “Glee” is quite good (see Matt Roush in TV GUIDE).

  • Kyle7

    @Survivor Fan

    I think CBS is the easiest to define- they deal exclusively in multi-cam sitcoms, which tend to be “broad.” Usually this means that the comedy comes from a setup->punchline structure to the jokes and there is little subtlety to the comedy. The effect of the laugh track can’t be ignored, as it emphasizes the punchlines and slows down the pace of the show. I’m not saying this is good or bad.

    I think most of ABC’s comedies could be defined as “family” comedies. Outside of the new Tuesday hour, all of the Wednesday and Friday comedies center around middle-class families (AFAIK; I only watch MF and gave up on Suburgatory, so any knowledge of the others is second-hand).

    I have a harder time describing NBC and Fox’s comedies. NBC I’d call highbrow, for whatever that description is worth. Subtler, character-driven humor, sometimes with some more obscure references (at least among the ones I watch, namely Community, P&R, 30 Rock). Or, at least, that describes their comedies prior to this year. They’re clearly now going for broader-appeal, less subtle comedies this year (it doesn’t get less subtle than “animals engaging in wacky hijinx”). Again, not passing judgment on whether this is good or bad, because wacky hijinx can be funny if done well.

    Fox is kind of all over the place. They also don’t have a large sample size over the past few years, making it harder to describe the ensemble. I think they’re aiming for a higher-viewed version of NBC.

  • Person of Interest – TV’S #1 NEW DRAMA


    My friend, i am not from USA, but when i read what you wrote… well first of all – congratulations. Great work there and reasons are logical, justified etc. and i start to think that broadcast tv is in big danger/trouble. And that is bad even for us in europe or whatever else. I mean if btoadcast tv stop spending money for good shows let say after 10 years, that is bad for everyone. Or if continue but like cable do – 10-13 ep max. Way to litle. I LOVE Game of thrones, but 10 episodes for a year is just a joke. And first episode from season 2 was like recap. Come on. Hope that big fat TV CEOs use their heads and think something smart, otherwise we are going in danger zone. And like sci fi fan, shows like the walking dead or GofT are rarity in cable. Most shows are cop or legal and very cheap. Ours cable tv in europe(not national one) buy most of the cable shows in US and difference is large. At least in my opinion.

  • Ram510

    I know those are just repeat episode numbers but I hope Scandal can keep that kind of retention out of Greys when the original episodes start

    No network is going to frown at a 3.0 in today’s landscape of broadcast tv, but I’m sure Fox hoped for more especially with having Britney Spears as a judge, boy that had to be expensive

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